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    Kitty Piggy is getting so very soft and fat with Aliss seemingly not far behind but being taller and more tanned she’s nowhere near the fluffy white dumpling that Kitty’s become! I loved the comparisons and the playfulness of two plumped up beauties especially with the pats of each others big bellies and Kitty’s outstanding bottom!!
    Kitty doesn’t disappoint, she’s back as big and beautiful as ever! Although a little bit sad somehow the fattening and decadent meal seems to soften the mood as well as Kitty Piggy’s bulging body! ❤️❤️❤️🐷🐷🐷❤️❤️❤️
    Unbelievably creamy and yummy! Breasts Like warm and melting big fat ice cream cones laying on top a bulging well fattened belly!!!
    I really loved this “action” video! Seeing Kitty moving and jiggling around the room while trying on various outfits was so wonderful! Best $5 I’ve spent yet!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷
    Such a wonderful and intimate look at Kitty’s biggest Assets! So many more soft and fleshy rolls of fat on her legs and belly, bunching up and clapping together as Ms. Piggy slowly reveals her growing body. I loved this video and went looking for Bouncing Booty II but couldn’t find it but did get another great video from a couple of years ago “Stretch Marks and Showing Off” and my how Kitty has grown! Her gorgeous face is so much rounder and fully fattened with double chins flowing into her fleshy neck and well defined cleavage. The back view of her bouncing belly, through those enormous thighs has got to be seen to be believed! A glimpse of a fat and fluffy paradise! Wow just Wow❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I loved this video! Once again Kitty almost has a continual organism with food and her own growing belly. Wonderful moments of rising up to remove shorts that are too tight on a big fluffy body, giving us a brief glimpse of some gorgeous and generously dimpled fat thighs, chubby legs, plumped out love handles and that huge ass! Don’t miss this invitation for breakfast with Kitty!
    Kitty Piggy continues to grow more gorgeous as her fat and fleshy body plumps itself up in another addictive video. The sensual sounds she makes while stuffing an amazing amount of fatty food into her mouth arouse and excite the viewer as much as it seems to really pleasure Kitty herself. Her belly seems to expand before your eyes as she reaches over to grab another onion ring, flowing slowly over her meaty legs, rising like a tide, rolling across the nearly hidden lap, while dipping the fried treat into another pint of Mayo. It’s so sexual to hear someone so enjoying every mouthful of food as an organism of delight! Gorging on a giant burger is an incredible finish to a fabulous meal with Kitty Piggy, how did she fit that all into her mouth?
    Loved watching you eat and the big belly reveal! Need to see more including that fat and bulging backside:) Tattoo a Prime AAA Grade code on your well fleshed out and porky body and it’s off to market for this piggy!!
    Watching Kitty eating her way through this wonderful video while looking so much fatter than she did two years ago is so amazing and satisfying. The sounds Ms. Piggy makes as she gobbles down an incredible amount of food are as exciting as viewing her bigger and fleshier body! Moaning with pleasure while stuffing more and more calories into her beautiful and fatter face is just unbelievable! My favorite moment is when she sticks four cheese sticks into her mouth and then reaches around to adjust her panties while the camera pans back to reveal her well dimpled bottom and adorable bulge of back fat while she rises up slowly, jiggling over to the mini fridge for a pie and then plopping her big body back down on the bench with an audible and meaty thud, revealing just how heavy KittyPiggy has become! Wow and thank you for this incredible video!
    Such an amazing way to spend time with the biggest and most gorgeous girl of your dreams! This video is as close to actually crawling into bed with Kitty as you can come…plumper than ever and really inviting She’s so soft and sexual with her body bulging out of her sexy lingerie and jiggling constantly as her sweet voice works on arousing you! I loved every minute of this video and recommend joining and laying down with KittyPiggy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Loved watching you enjoying the fast food, knowing how much fatter you’re going to grow and not letting a drop of sauce get wasted, licking up every calorie from your plump mounds! I felt you were already reaching for more food and pounds of flesh to pour into your gorgeous body! You’ve gotten much rounder since this video!! Yummy look at a wonderfully wide woman (you spill out if the frame with your full hips)
    So much fat, fluffy fleshed out belly, a big bubble butt and enormous breast meat on full display! Well oiled and jiggling in all directions-loved the battle of the pasties! Please keep plumping yourself up!!!’ A true porker--loved this video!!
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