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  1. You look beautiful 😍😍 How does your belly feel in your clothes on the way back home?
  2. Belly is so big! Do you wear bikini at the beach?
  3. You look so big and beautiful! Do you feel and heavier and clothes harder to fit?
  4. Jo77

    Holiday finds

    That restaurant at the bottom looks so familiar! Where is that? The one with the waitress in green
  5. Hey you’re so beautiful. I’m sorry if your bf broke up with you:( He doesn’t understand what he’s missing and that everyone should be accepted for who they are and what makes them happy, not what they look like.
  6. Do they ever mention anything about gaining?
  7. Do you spend a lot of time at the beach in a bikini?
  8. You look amazing! Throw on a big shirt and you’re all set to wear those all out
  9. Is this lady still around? Anything else of her
  10. Does she ever wear any pants or shirts that are just way too tight and show a lot more?
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