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  1. I just had a look at your topic, as most smaller bellies, you are a (BCD), but I am sure it will evolve into a double belly as you get softer, so keep going!
  2. You are definitely a (BCD), the big round soft belly type 😋
  3. I'm glad you like it 😁 Right now, I'd say you are a (BCD), but as you gain more weight, you will probably have more rolls. There's only one way to find out 😉
  4. @stang0909 Thanks! Sure, here are some examples of chubby girls that are likely to develop a double belly if they gain more. But it is not always this obvious, as I said in my last post, girls tend mostly to have a (BCD) type before rolls appear, and it is rather unpredictable from the start.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm glad you enjoy this as much as I do! For the moment, I only focused on bellies because they are easier to separate in discrete categories. For breasts and butts, however, I could not figure out how to characterize them other than with subjective terms like "big" "medium" and small". It would be indeed interesting to use them to further classify the bodies, so if you have any idea, I would love to hear it. Another interesting thing I noticed is that one body type can evolve into another one as the girl gains, usually starting with a (BCD) before rolls appear and sometimes get fused together when more weight is added. @extra_m13 My favorite one is the (B/C)/D type, but everybody has its own preference and I hope that I can help people to word them better with this classification. Beside genetics, maybe the way women wear their pants could have an impact? A fun experiment would be for someone thin to start gaining weight wearing a tight string around their stomach all the time to see if it makes them gain into a double belly or not.
  6. Well, I had a lot of fun carrying out this small research. Even though this is a first try, I am sure it can be refined, so please tell me what you think about all of this!
  7. And finally, the B/(C/D) type, a variation of the previous one with a slight separation between the abdominal rolls.
  8. The B/(CD) type, with a fold separating thoracic fat from the abdominal rolls fused together.
  9. A variation of the previous one, the (B/C)/D type, which shows a slight separation in the upper roll.
  10. Now, the double bellies, with the (BC)/D type, with a real fold around the navel separating the belly in two full rolls.
  11. The (B/C/D), showing slight folds between the three areas of the belly.
  12. The (B/CD) type, with a slight roll marking the boundary between thorax and abdomen.
  13. The (BC/D) type, with no full roll but with a hint of one separating the lower belly from the rest.
  14. First, the (BCD) type, which covers the round bellies with no clearly defined rolls.
  15. Hi everyone! I am not sure if this topic has already been covered and if this is the right section to post it, so feel free to move it where appropriate. IRL, I am a scientist, and as my job requires, I like to organize things to get a better understanding of the world. You all know that there is an almost infinite range of body types, depending on where the fat is stored on the body, but I wondered if it was possible to group bbw body types in categories based on shared features. I noticed that fat is almost always found in the same areas but in varying quantity. I have identified 7 of them (see on the drawing attached): A: Breasts B: Lower thorax (over the last ribs) C : Upper abdomen (above the navel) D : Lower abdomen (under the navel) E: FUPA F: Hips and butt G: Thighs So, I focused on bellies and could identify 8 main belly types, depending on how the rolls are formed, and I made my own naming system (see next posts)
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