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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! Very cute tum. Also, privet! (I think)
  2. Getting a little difficult to suck that tum in huh? I also appreciate the slo-mo tummy jiggles! Thank you!
  3. That time when you accidentally say "feedee" instead of "foodie" in front of a friend and sigh in relief when they don't notice.

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Translation: "When you said 'Imma Spiderman!' instead of 'I'm hungry' front to Aunt May and she sigh in relief because she had no idea what the hell you're talking about as no one know the vigileant yet."


      spiderman creeping GIF

  4. Do you, by chance, leave random snacks around the house for her to find? Might be a fun gesture for your lady. Also I hear that melted ice cream makes a delicious ice cream topping lol
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