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    😳 wow. Wow wow wow wow, wow wow wow. Wow wow wow wow, holy crap, wow wow, holy crap. you really outdid yourself this time GGG, what an amazing piece of content, your best yet, hands down.
    Excellent!! I LOVE these types of videos, and you’re looking AMAZING 😊😊😁😁
    She’s bigger all over, you can definitely tell!!! Def my favorite from you Mistress...you feel it in your SOUL!!! (Lol).
    One of her best vids yet! Getting so big and jiggling everywhere, a MUST have
    Your shirt is way too short, way too tight, and your burping like a total piggy...I wanna see MORE 🥰🥰
    Definitely getting bigger! Love watching you burst out of all your clothes before my eyes!!
    Between her body stuffed tight into her shirt, her burps, and her bra barely fitting her these days..only one word describes her...Perfection 🥰🥰😍😍 what a sexy video!!
    Piggy finished all her food, and she def deserves a belly rub 😉excellent video as usual. Beautiful smile 😍
  1. Time to revive this post (with permission from The Mistress of course) Someone’s Blowing Up a bit..don’t you think? 😉
    Tiny black tank top + milkshake chugging = sexy thick goddess 🥰🥰 amazing!!!
    Your ass, those panties 🥰🥰 truly your best video to date. Your shirt showed off your size and piercings perfectly, don’t stop!!!
    Watching drinks spill onto your chin and boobs is so hot!!! Such an awesome video!! Perfect video right here 👀🥰😁
    Dat ass tho. Your panties are getting tighter and tighter, and that belly is sticking out more and more these days..can’t wait for the day you post that you had to buy all new bra and panties 😉 Excellent video!!
  2. Struggling to keep the button on your jeans from popping, and your belly swaying from side to side
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