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  1. Only thing you need to lose about 130 lbs of boyfriend.
  2. @curvypotchi anyone ever tell you, you look like zendaya?😘
  3. Wow i hope you keep that piggy costume. You should wear it again later every now and then to show how you fill it out
  4. What fo you like most about you growing body? Where do you want to fat the most?
  5. That’s enough for a meat lover to go vegan.
  6. My god... its hot when you know a girl gains weight. Its so much more hotter when their clothes shows it. Your ass is an unstoppable force that yoda is jealous.
  7. You should become a professional food taster if thats a thing or maybe become a cook?
  8. OMG 😱 wow she looks so perfectly plump!
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