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  1. Gorgeous blond started a try on YT channel a couple years ago. She was quite thin, a typical minus size model. Then she started to gain weight, especially in the butt, and got more pear shaped. Made some vid about losing weight, but graduated in plus size category eventually some b a
  2. Checkmate by Owl100 https://www.deviantart.com/theowl100/art/Checkmate-201160643
  3. must be pretty hot there. 3:22 rubbing back - THIGH JIGGLES
  4. Glad you`re back in business
  5. yeah, but this vid was not posted before also soon after wedding she gained almost all weight back (up to 85 kg, arond 190 lbs) and participated in another weight loss show watch first couple minutes, the way she eats is SO sexy
  6. lossing weight for her second wedding from size 16 to size 12 0:23 - 0:54 "I LOVE food. It is not about fueling my body to live. It`s about finding the nastiest, tastiest food and enjoing it." 3:44 - 4:38
  7. until... THIS IS THE SEXIEST VID I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. IT'S SO HOT IT'S THERMONUCLEAR Right from beginning... And 8:17... And 12:25 (0.25 speed)... 15:06 too.... 17:33... oh my goodness
  8. 4:43 (0.25 speed) 10:15 her vids keeps getting better and better...
  9. and it shows... 4:16 some first class rolls
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