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  1. but weight is slowly creeping back... 😄
  2. She was MUCH BIGGER some time ago. chubby cheeks, double chin, large belly mmmm Then she slimmed down and looks like her weight is unstable since then
  3. hexxus

    Gal Gadot

    This thread is rediculous, she's scrawny af. But cahabent https://www.deviantart.com/cahabent/art/Gal-Gadot-Fatland-806440667 made a nice morph
  4. Hey, I checked out your stories on ff, and they are great. Especially "In for a penny, in for a pound".
  5. 2:50 "on this fat curvy yummy cellulite filled dimple having stretch mark wearing body of mine"
  6. Hey, Latecia, if you read this - we love you
  7. "a girl loses that ideal feminine body" Well I think her body closer to ideal and definately much more feminine than before. "Little does she know, she looks better with the extra weight" Perhaps she does know, she is very confident
  8. hexxus

    Lilli Luxe

    Her post on twitter today. Love pronounced pot belly and beginnings of double chin, she is so cute
  9. It`s hard to choose, I like almost all your stories 💪 (for exception of Schlaraffenland maybe, I am more into realistic wg). I want to tell what makes your stories so great in my opinion in general. Some authors focus on gain only, and even if descriptions are good (which is rare) they treat their protagonist like piece of meat. Others, on the contrary, drowning in the tons of unnesessary dialogue and plenty of story sidelines. As a result it becomes more like ordinary prose (very boring in most cases) than an actual wg story. But you always got the exactly right balance between descriptions and characters development. Your protagonist is not just piece of meat, not a dumb doll even, but a classy young woman. I love characters too. You know, not the total bitch, but a slightly bitchy attitude with a bit of taming of the shrew thing. Not only your descriptions of figure are good, your descriptions of appetite are vivid as well. For example idea of Chocolate Palace in The restaraunt was brilliant, when you stick to the very same dish in comparisons it gives a full sensation of how capacity improving. Love your dialogue too. "Yeah, but look," I said, deciding to show him the surprise after all. I gave him a picture of myself in the bikini that had been taken at the party. "That was a month ago." I gave him another photo, of me in the same bikini. "That was yesterday. Can you see the difference?"He couldn't help himself. He looked."Well, yes, of course," he said. "You've gained, what about ten pounds?""Ten pounds exactly. What do you think?" I said. *************** "Sam? I've put on another five pounds since the other day--can you tell?""Hmmm," I said, pretending I hadn't already looked,"yes, I can.""Am I plump yet?""Probably. Can you suck in your belly? That's the test. If you can suck your belly in all the way, when you're standing up, you're not plump yet.""Well, I'm sure I can't suck it in now," she chuckled, feeling it experimentally,"since I just had that big lunch an hour ago. And three truffles just now. But I'll have to try that tomorrow morning. I bet I can't." Some great examples, very seductive. I wish your stories were longer though. In the Bet, for example, The twins ate better than ever, and were happy as clams. The month was over. or It was a little over a year later. Ashley waddled up to the scale look like gaps and missed opportinities to describe a thorough feeding. And The Restoraunt, Spoiled and The Sculptor are screaming for sequels, since the protagonists put on not so much amount weight at the end. A very few authors can compete you in quality, you kinda remind me Salinger, who retired after publishing his masterpieces and stayed reclusive for decades. So if you resume writing I'd be overjoyed.
  10. So if storylines are not a problem, could you post a story without illustrations, please? And add illustrations later? Your wg stories are all time classics, they are divine even without illustrations. Please write more. I would be glad to read some new masterpiece of yours.
  11. C`mon, we've seen how she outrun Trex on high heels already. So she at any weight surely can outwaddle any dinosaur obviously. She is completely safe, no need for slimming down at all. Moreover, the fatter she is, the more desirable she is as a feast for the dinosaurs; their eager and fruitless efforts to outwaddle her would make the movie more dynamic and funny
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