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  1. She says here she can't stand the diets and have a food addiction. All diets lead to yo-yo effects and she ends up bigger than ever. It takes a little longer this time, but she is in gaining mode for sure now and fingers crossed at this rate she'll be nice and fat again by the summertime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHSIO8Txz18
  2. Quarreling with Semenovich about boobs
  3. I recommend you to add some tags like толстая (thick) жирная (fat) полная (plump) набрала вес \ поправилась (put on weight) etc. Some vids close to her biggest. Lurk this thread for more
  4. From yesterday. Like I said, Anfisa is one of the hosts of the TV show Model XL. New episode comes out every Saturday. So just type "Модель XL 1 сезон 6 серия" (Model XL season 1 ep 6) next Saturday. Here is the 5 ep. I did not want to give the link initially, because it's dumb af. Well, fine, who cares. Anfisa from 48 min till the end.
  5. thicc thighs save lives
  6. Well she is closer to her peak than you think
  7. Anfisa is one of the hosts of MODEL XL tv show the show is SUPER hot And she gained some weight back herself
  8. and some folks say WE are weird LOL
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