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  1. hexxus

    Hunter McGrady

  2. hexxus

    Lilli Luxe

  3. hexxus

    Sophie Hall

  4. hexxus

    Sophie Hall

  5. hexxus

    Latecia Thomas

    mmmmm her belly looks so big here. Seriously, close to her biggest. She is not so far away from those nice morphs actually lol Is this recent?
  6. hexxus

    Danielle Carbonari (Dani DMC)

    OMG she looks so stunning in the recent video Seems she really enjoyed herself during holidays. She is probably at her biggest since she started her channel. I mean her belly in the skin-tight dress looks SO FREAKING BIG with outlines panties cutting in her fat deeply like never before, AMAZING. M, delicious. And shocking waves through her thunder thighs when she slaps them in the beginning Thicker and wider overall and sporting some lovehandles in comparison with vid in undies from October Watch her stuffing her pretty face with a vegan burger and fries also
  7. hexxus

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    Lol she should eat chocolate more often and wear tops instead of coats. Lovely comments by the way "Omg she put on some weight. Looks stunning anyway any weight, but makes me think shes doing a new proyect" "To anyone criticizing her weight...exactly what makes YOU think you're so damned perfect? She gained 35 pounds for her role in Black Mirror and it's taking some time to return to her usual weight. She's a human being. Leave her the hell alone." More about that gain for the role: http://toofab.com/2016/10/27/bryce-dallas-howard-black-mirror/ https://pagesix.com/2017/01/18/bryce-dallas-howard-gained-35-pounds-for-black-mirror/ And some outtakes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtF2rm5DlmkA She mentioned there is a scene where she can`t zip up tight dress so there is a reason to seek out for the full episode, but I am too lazy. Anybody? Also, this was about two years ago, so her recent weight gain is completely independent. And perhaps it is more than 35 pounds because she did not develop such luscious double chin back than. Yay
  8. hexxus

    Stephanie Viada

  9. hexxus

    Caterina Moda

  10. hexxus

    Lilli Luxe

  11. hexxus

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    It would be great if the rest of her body matches this magnificent double chin I love how even turtleneck can't hide it. And it embellishes her face so much and looks so natural. You know, it is always cool of course when girl or woman gains weight, but some of them have a talent carry the pounds especially well, not just get nicer and plumper, but achieve dat content, mature and well-fed look and develop flawlessly proportioned figure. It is like they were born to become gorgeous BBWs. And she is definitely one of them, glad to see that she realized the potential at least partly. I was pleased in the same way with Emily Deschanel's weight gain, for example.