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  1. mmm that juicy jiggling fat sparetire above waistband right from beginning... simply delicious
  2. Wow, it`s been a while. I`m glad you`re back. A nice addition to your classics.
  3. but weight is slowly creeping back... 😄
  4. She was MUCH BIGGER some time ago. chubby cheeks, double chin, large belly mmmm Then she slimmed down and looks like her weight is unstable since then
  5. hexxus

    Gal Gadot

    This thread is rediculous, she's scrawny af. But cahabent https://www.deviantart.com/cahabent/art/Gal-Gadot-Fatland-806440667 made a nice morph
  6. Hey, I checked out your stories on ff, and they are great. Especially "In for a penny, in for a pound".
  7. 2:50 "on this fat curvy yummy cellulite filled dimple having stretch mark wearing body of mine"
  8. Hey, Latecia, if you read this - we love you
  9. "a girl loses that ideal feminine body" Well I think her body closer to ideal and definately much more feminine than before. "Little does she know, she looks better with the extra weight" Perhaps she does know, she is very confident
  10. hexxus

    Lilli Luxe

    Her post on twitter today. Love pronounced pot belly and beginnings of double chin, she is so cute
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