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  1. This is probably gonna be a long shot, but you wouldn’t happen to have a story called something like, Spoiled Wife, would you? It’s kind of similar to this one, only without the traveling.
  2. If Raiza Costa can have a thread in the celebrity section than this chick certainly can, as well.
  3. Where’d you find this? I thought it was lost forever! lol.
  4. Why gain it all back again when she can just gain more now?
  5. novasteller

    Who is she?

    She was on tumblr in 2013-2014. Her name was LovePistolsInWonderland. She had great gain. She went from really skinny to about the size she is in the pic in like, a year. I wish she would resurface.
  6. 600 or whatever Luna Love’s max weight is gonna be.
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