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  1. On an old, external hard drive. I saved it off quite a while ago.
  2. I've seen requests for this story a couple of places. I don't remember who wrote it (I should have noted it when I copied it), but hopefully someone can fill that in. The last time I checked, the author said they'd lost the story as well, so hopefully they're okay with me reposting it. Anyway, here it is: Chapter 1 Life had been good for Jean, from the populer head cheerleader standing on display at the top of the pyramid on high school she had now grown into a college graduate with a bachelor's in English, despite this accomplishment she really wasn't sure of what her path was going to be. She knew what she wanted and somethings she knew for sure she would have, during her senior year Steven had proposed marriage and now, one month after graduating, Jean was now a newly-wed wife on her honeymoon so Jean knew she would have things to nurture in her future. One of the things that had brought Steven and Jean together was their mutual love for road trips so for their honeymoon they decided they were going to RV across the entire country. They started in Ithica and headed south to Miami, where they had family they stayed with them, but for the most part they would stay at an RV camp. Taking their time to see all the points of interest along the way. This was entirely possible given that Steven was making a killing with his Dot Com business. He had a great deal for someone his age. He started the business while in college and now he could do his job from anywhere given his sattelite internet connection. Jean had the most expensive engagement ring Steven could find, her closet was lined with designer clothing, even her sunglasses were designer. Steven could work while Jean drove the fanciest RV the world has ever seen, and Jean could keep her travel blog updated while Steven drove. When they came to a point of interest they enjoyed each other's company, took photos, would grab a bite to eat, and head on their way. When they parked for the night one or the other would cook dinner if they weren't near a restaurant the food guides said they absolutely had to try. Tonight was monday. Steven was hooking the RV up to all the external connections while Jean was preparing a light dinner with the T.V. on. She had noticed while going through her travel blog that the photos of her were telling her a dirty tale. Gradually throughout the trip Jean had slowly started to gain weight. Not much, but she could tell her clothes were obviously getting tighter. Tell-tale signs of fat on her belly under her shirt, pants getting tigher in her thighs and rear, panties not covering her rear entirely, bras getting slightly tighter, the subtle hints of lovehandles under her shirt, and the most miniscule sliver of fat under her chin. Because of this she decided they would be having a light dinner, a California Style salad with California wine. Both she and Steven loved food and sampling new foods so everywhere they went their dinners reflected the region. She was wearing black yoga pants that had become increasingly tighter as she had been neglecting the practice of yoga, and a green tank that revealed her softened midriff. They were in San Diego getting ready to head up the coast to Los Angeles and then back east toward Tennessee, and the months on the road and all the food and softened her up. Dinner was ready just in time for the new episode of 'Chuck' to start. She handed Steven is plate then snuggled next to him with hers. They ate, watched the show and gave each other significant glances while chit-chatting. After their meal Steven wrapped his arm around his wife resting his hand on her newly forming love handle. She laid her head on his shoulder, lit her American Spirit cigarette and took a long drag blowing the smoke out very slowly. Steven kissed her on the forehead secretly wishing his wife would never quit smoking, the truth was Steven loved the fact that his wife smoked so much and he knew that Jean loved smoking. They both quit once when they were Sophomores and Jean thought she might be pregnant; it wasn't hard for either to quit and they could have contined smoke-free, but their mutual love for Jeans smoking got her back to her usual pack-a-day habit. He glanced at his wife, she was so beautiful. Her black hair and yellow-tinted brown eyes, she was so unique and pretty almost like a wolf with her yellow eyes and angular face, and so sexy now that she had become curvy. "I love it when you smoke", he whispered during a commercial. "I know," she smiled, "it's not healthy though." "That's half the fun." he kissed her, "you just look so sexy when you smoke." Jean knew what he meant by that and she pressed her body up to him closer, then stood up and motioned for him to follow her to bed. Steven laid on the bed while jean took his clothes off of him. While smoking she began to strip first revealing her slightly protruding abdomen and that enticing small handful of fat under her belly button. Steven was now standing at attention in bed. She then revealed her thicker thighs with the barely noticable beginnings of cellulite, she spun rotating her hips, when she came back around her swollen c-cups were freed from her bra. She then slid her panties to the floor sensually blowing smoke out of her mouth. Sitting on the bed she stubbed the cigarette out in the ashtray and reached for another. Steven was gently stroking her softened belly with his fingers. She straddled him and slid down with him gliding inside of her. She rotated her hips as she lit the new cigarette, she smiled and blew the smoke out like the vixens of old movies. Steven was throbbing inside her and she was heating up, she began to rotate her hips faster and faster. Steven had his hands on her hips his fingers digging into her flesh, he kept glancing wide eyed from her bouncing belly and breasts to the cigarette in her mouth as Jean closed her eyes and moaned breathing out the dirty air of the cigarette. Four cigarettes later Jean and Steven lay in each others arms breathing in the sweat of each other. "I'm getting fat", Jean quietly stated. "I know." Steven squeezed her hip. "What? You're not supposed to agree with me." "Sorry, it's just well you're not fat, but," he stumbled through the words, "you have gained some weight, don't get offended, but I actually love that you are getting fat." Jean was silent for a moment. She sat up, her naked belly touching her bare thighs lightly. She lit another cigarette, "You 'love' me getting fat?" She glanced back at the man she loves. "Yes." Steven nodded reaching out to stroke her back, "honey, I love it as much as I love your smoking." She took a long drag letting it out slowly then reached behind her taking his hand and pulling him closer to her. "It's not healthy though," she leaned against his chest and put her head on his. "That's half the fun," he rubbed her soft belly, "you just look so sexy getting fat." Chapter 2 Jean slipped into a nice red dress, patting her obvious belly with a smile. Her dress fit her before they started their elongated honeymoon and now her widened rear, prominant love handles, thickened thighs, plump chest and fattened belly were very obvious beneath the straining crimson fabric. She glanced herself over in the full length mirror, her arms were looking soft, as were her legs, her angular face seemed to be softening out the sharp angles of it as well and she smiled. She was feeling like she knew exactly where her path was leading her now. Earlier that day as Steven drove down the highway, Jean sat in bed blogging. She was wearing a bikini top and a wrap around her waist. Since San Diego a month ago she hadn't had a light dinner once and she had over-indulged at the fast food places they stopped at along the way. Each new meal was the heaviest, most filling, most fattening meal of her life. She continued to neglect her yoga practice. In the middle of her blog she looked down at her swollen breasts and softened belly which now stuck out in two places, at her stomach and under her belly button. She looked at her thick thighs beneath the wrap and Jean felt incredably sensual and sexual looking at her plump body, and she was happy. That nagging thing in the back of her mind telling her that she was missing something even though she had it all was gone. She got up and went to the kitchen to snack for a bit. Steven could see his beautiful plump wife snacking in the kitchen as he drove. "What are you doing?" he asked grinning. "Just snacking a little." she teased between bites. "Just a little?" Jean giggled at that. "You're so sexy when you eat to get fatter." He continued "Save it for Memphis." she played. Now in Memphis they strolled down Beall St toward some venue Johnny Cash and Elvis played once. Jean clung to Stevens arm, her plump body bounced despite the tightness of the dress. She took a drag from her smoke, "I need new clothes," she said as they walked, "I'm too fat for the ones I have." "That's so hot when you say that." She squeezed against Steven arm and breathed in his scent. "We'll have to get my new clothes a bit big or I might get too fat for those too soon." "You keep talking like that we might have to skip dinner." Steven whispered lustfully. "You would never," Jean played, "You want me to get so FAT that you wouldn't dream of me missing a meal." "You're right you win." Steven placed his hand on her bouncing belly fat and watched her take a drag. At the restaurant Jean ordered the bbq ribs, a fully loaded baked potato, and raspberry cheesecake for desert, all of which she washed down with a couple of beers. Afterwards she was so swollen she felt sure her dress was about to give way as she tipsly let Steven lead her back to the RV taking, they took their time, leisurely taking in the Memphis night. Barely inside the rv Steven had his wife out of her constricting dress which allowed her belly to surge forward and her flesh to breath loosely. He stroked his wife's now naked swollen abdomen feeling the soft fat that had accumulated on it. He fell to his knees and kissed her soft belly, so much soft fat, still so soft even when she is packed with food. "How fat are you wanting me to get?" she asked as he rubbed and kissed her growing belly. "I don't know Jean, "he said "it's not the fact that you're fat that I love so much. I mean i do love it, but what gets me going is the fact that you are getting fatter, and the way you eat and what you eat. It doesn't matter to me how big you get, you were always the sexiest to me, even when we first met, and you will be no matter how fat you are. Just please don't stop eating like this ,and please don't stop getting fatter." Jean smiled, she now knew for certain where he path was leading her. She lit a cigarette, " you love me smoking like a chimney" she grinned and he nodded, "and you love that I'm a fat piggie?" Steven nodded again. She pushed him to the bed and sat atop him, "So what turns you on the most is the decadent hedonism I partake in?" she asked sensually. Steven nodded with his eyes transfixed on her bloated stomach. "The care-free attitude I have, and the lack of care for health turns you on?" he nodded again. She brought the cigarette to her ruby lips and took a deep breath in, "mmmm", she blew smoke out and patted her belly as he felt her entering her which Jean welcomed every night, and for some reason the more she smoked, ate, and drank, and the fatter she got the better the sex kept getting. Chapter 3 Reclined in bed naked, her belly protruding in front of her, Jean's cigarette traveled between her fingers from her side to her lips. Steven watched her bathed in the moonlight from the RV's skylight. Even with her yellow eyes and black hair she no longer resembled a wolf, he didn't think she resembled anything anymore except a beautiful plump smoking wife. Her cheeks were plump and her face was softer and rounder, the little double chin was a bit more noticable, her breasts seemed swollen, her belly engorged, Jeans thighs were so large Steven couldn't fathom how small they used to be. Her rear had grown so much now that he couldn't shower with her in the rv's tiny shower, there just wasn't enough room. There was even a thick layer of fat on Jeans back now. She smiled at him, "I like this lifestyle." "You do?" he was a little surprised by her statement, "But, you used to be so adament about staying in shape." "That was before we were married," she giggled for him, "besides this is easier." She grabbed her belly and shook it. Steven couldn't help himself then, he had to take her again tonight; he laid her down on the bed, and spread her legs apart. There was an animalistic intensity in his gray eyes, "Do you love smoking so much for me?" Jean nodded as Steven held her hands against the bed above her head. "And you love not exercising?" The intensity grew. She nodded. "And you love eating all those fattening foods for me?" She smiled sexually, "yes." "You love becoming a fatty pig?" "Yes." "You love being hedonistic and decadent for me?" "Yes!" "Would you be willing to increase other decadent habits for me?" "YES!" He thurst into her suddenly and roughly, it hurt and felt amazing all at once, she moaned instantly. He came into her again and again, "What will you do for me, my decadant goddess?" "I will," she moaned, "smoke two packs a day." "Good girl." he thrust her hard. "I will, eat as much as I can whenever I'm hungry." "That's sexy." "I will not exercise and I will become so very fat." "Yes." "So very very fat." "Yes, what else babe." Steven was getting close to cumming. "I'll drink more." "Yes!" "I'll become an alcoholic." "Yeah baby!" "I'll be a smoking overwegiht alcoholic piggie!" she screamed as Steven exploded inside of her. Chapter 4 Nearly a year since they started their RV trip Jean squatted in the bathtub rubbing lotion on her soft fattened body so large now that she couldn't actually sit down in the small tub, She took a sip of her Shiraz, a drag from her cigarette and smiled. She was nearing two hundred pounds heavier than when they started. Somewhere around Charleston, W.V. she stopped blogging in her travel blog, she stopped driving too since she was drinking so much now. She loafed in the back and smoked and drank and ate. They still enjoyed each other's company at all the points of interest and they still came into each other on a nightly basis, and that's all Jean needed now, a drink, a smoke, a meal, something to see and talk about with Steven, his love, and sex. An outsider might look at her and think she was living such an unfulfiled life, but in truth she was beyond satisfied. She came naked out of the bathroom, cigarette in one hand, drink in the other, a smile on her round face as she strolled to the other end of the rv causing it to shake with each step. She chugged a quart of heavy whipping cream when she passed the refridgerater, lit a fresh cigarette, got some more wine then went to lay in the bed with Steven as the morning sun rose over Seattle. Steven yawned as her weight shifted the bed. "What time is it?" he asked reaching to her and taking hold of thick roll of belly fat resting on her plump thighs. "About seven." "And, you're already drinking?" "Hey, you wanted me to be an alcoholic." she teased. He grinned at her, "You're not going to join AA are you?" "Why on earth would I ever want to do that?" she grinned back. Sleepily Steven then crawled to her and held his wife as he watched her drink and smoke he stroked her fattened 300 lb body, he was transfixed by the toll her self-destructive habits were taking on her body, from her nicotine stained fingers to the red cheeks and nose of an alcoholic to her pale sagging flab filled with red stretchmarks and cellulite dimples all over. "We've been doing this for a year now." he stated, "What do we do now?" "I think maybe we should settle down now?" she rested her head on him, "I've loved our trip, but I do want to settle down with you sometime." She put the wine down and stroked his head. "Settle down?" he hummed, "does settling down mean stopping your sexy hedonistic habits." "Hell no," she retorted, "I'll always be your smoking alcoholic piggie though, someday, a family would be nice, like kids." "You do?" he would never tell her he didn't want children though he was certain she knew deep down he didn't want kids.. "I will have to cease the smoking and drinking before that happens." "Will you be able to?" he asked sincerely, "Hun, you go through a bottle of wine a day, and you're almost up to two packs a day." She thought for a moment, "Baby, I love being a smoker for you, I love being a drinker for you, and I love being a big piggie for you, but I know that I can quit for kids. Besides after the b**s come I'll drink and smoke again." She knew what she was saying but she also knew she was lieing, these statements were not Jean being true to Jean. Chapter 5 He patted her belly, "Well where do you want to settle down at?" "I dunno," she smiled, "We saw a lot of places I liked, but we still havent seen Canada." Steven smiled, "andwhat shall we do as we tour Canada?" "Do what we have been doing," she grinned. "You drive and love me, and by the time we finish Canada I'll be another hundred to hundred fifty pounds fatter, up to three packs a day and two bottles of wine, and then I think it will be best to quit, have some children, then start over once their old enough and I'll drink more smoke more eat more and get even fatter like a good little heathen." "You sure you want that for yourself?" he was sincere, "It's not healthy." His statement triggered something in her, and she looked down at her body, imagined weighing nearly 500 pounds, ** and smoking, and eating to get fatter and she suddenly felt like her habits were all the children she needed and she suddenly felt like doing for Steven what he wanted. She imagined herself even bigger and she knew the children she truly wanted to nourish were her habits and her weight. "I'm not exactly healthy now, dear." she kissed him "Besides, that's half the fun." Vancouver: Steven confesses exactly what he loves about her habits so much after Jean tells him her habits are all she needs in life. A little over a year had gone by now, Steven and Jean had criss-crossed Canada in their r.v. and had made it back to Vancouver. Steven watched his wife with loving amazement. She sat wedged in the booth ** shoveling food into her now 520 lb body. Her loose big belly pressed against the table which dug into her flesh. Steven reached across the table and took her plump hand, she stopped eating. "Are you still wanting to settle down?" he asked her gazing into her plump face. "Come sit next to me." she gave him a pleasant look and he switched sides to sit next to her rubbing her big stomach. She kissed him, "Steven, today my hips got stuck in the R.V. door and I have been having difficulty in that bathroom because it's so small and I've become so big that I can't shut the shower door..." "Are you wanting to lose weight?" Steven was worried "What? no!" she reassured him, "I love what I've done to my body and I do not want to lose weight, but if I keep this up we're going to have to get a house with large doorways and rooms to accomodate my piggieness." "Are you going to quit smoking and drinking so we can raise a family." She hadn't told him yet that she decided her children were her habits, "honestly, do you want children?" she asked him. "Dear, I'm satisfied with you." "Me to." "You are?" he asked, "I thought..." "My habits are my children." this made Steven smile "So you're..." "Not going to stop smoking or drinking. I'm not going to stop pigging out either. I am going to smoke as much, drink as much, eat as much, and get as fat as this life lets me. We've been married over two years now and I have blown up and you still make love to me everynight, I can eat as much as I want, drink and smoke as much as I want, why would I ever want that to stop?" "Even though it's not healthy?" he asked as their little inside joke expecting her to respond with the usual "that's half the fun". "I'm starting to think that's the point." she looked into his eyes. "I'm starting to think you want me to be unhealthy." Steven looked a little ashamed, "It is. I'm so sorry, I tired to hold it in but I just couldn't help it, it turns me on so much seeing you like this, fat and getting fatter, smoking, and continuously tipsy. I'm sorry. I just can't help myself knowing how unhealthy you're becoming" "Don't be sorry." she reassured him, "Steven, deep down I wanted this too. All I do is eat, smoke and drink, and yet I feel more fulfilled than I ever did before. I know it's unhealthy for me to live like this, but I'm happy with it and I'm ok with what the consequences might be." He placed his hands on her massive gut. "How far are you willing to take this?" "I said I am going to smoke as much, drink as much, eat as much and get as fat as this life lets me. And, when the inevitable happen just know I loved you and I loved my lifestyle and I'm happy for these self-destructive habits I partake in so gluttonously" "You would do that for me?" he asked, "You would get..." "I'd be doing it for the both of us," she reassured him with a smile, "and yes, I would allow myself to go that far with it." He looked into her eyes and kissed her plump lips. The alcohol and smoking had dulled her fairness and the overeating had made her face round and void of sharp edges, to most Jean was now unattractive but to Steven this is exactly how he wanted her and she was now more beautiful than she ever was before. He was slightly fearful of her inevitable fate but he was so turned on by what she was doing to herself that he couldn't help himself and he had to take his unhealthy wife in bed again
  3. HPab

    Story commission

    I think that https://www.deviantart.com/fatty-writes is accepting commissions at the moment and seems pretty open about the kinds of things she might be willing to write about. She's got some great stuff coming out now, too.
  4. Haven't posted to Curvage in a LONG time. I'm happy to see that its back. I have a minor suggestion about the fully qualified domain names for the site. I know that this site works with both of the DNS names curvage.org and curvage.com, but it used to also work with www.curvage.org and www.curvage.com. In fact, I'm so used to typing in the "www." as part of the FQDN that, when it didn't work, I didn't even think to try "curvage.com" or "curvage.org" to see if there had been a change in the DNS resource records. Fortunately I looked up on various forums what happened to Curvage and realized that it had gone through an ownership change and tried without the "www." This is a very minor suggestion, but you might want to add a couple of CNAMEs in the DNS configuration for www.curvage.com and www.curvage.org that point to curvage.com (or curvage, org, whichever is your canonical domain name). It would help get people back that have www.curvage.org or www.curvage.com bookmarked and help people like me who are used to typing it in a certain way. Also, as an old-school system administrator, having a proper FQDN just *feels* correct, but that's a purely personal problem :-)
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