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    Chevalier reacted to Thatfatguineapig in All about the piggy's diet   
    Some of the stuff I have been up to
    I plan on weighting myself fairly soon to let you know how is it going. 
    Also, I'm taking requests for videos: if I do use your request I will send you the video before it will be available here. I would like you to buy and rate any of the videos on my store and send me your request by private message. You can be very specific about clothes and scenary, back story and everything. 
    Hope you are having a great day!
    Ps: uploading some of the random pictures I didn't post, just for "science purposes" 😛

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    Chevalier got a reaction from GluttonyGal in Stuffing Myself Again   
    Your blog entries are interesting. You definitely have a talent for erotica type writing . Hope to see more 😘
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    Chevalier got a reaction from KittyPiggy in Why do you love Easter time?   
    I like the chocolate eggs myself. Lovely writing btw.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Curvage Casey in Journey to 300+   
    You have a penchant for writing. Should be fun to see you describe more of you 😋
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Gainermomma18 in Stuffed Silly   
    Glad you are having fun. I'm sure you felt sexy yesterday and sexier today 😘
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