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Why do you love Easter time?

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Why do you love Easter?

For me, living in Australia, Easter is during our Autumn, when the leaves turn brown and the weather starts to get colder. The thought of warm hot cross buns makes me feel warm inside and my belly yearn for them. For those who haven't encountered Hot cross buns i feel for you. They are a sweet bun, full of sultanas.

This morning along side my cup of tea, I couldn't resist, i started with one bun.

Toasted, the smell of sweet bread wafting out of the grill,  slathering butter so it melted on to it. I ate it way too fast, i needed more. so i had another...and another.....and another, all toasted and slathered in thick butter, melted as i bit into it, the butter dripped down my chin.

I ended up eating four buns in total, my belly full. Next time, i may have to film it, share my joy of eating delicious foods with you all.

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I already started eating chocolate eggs today. From milk and pure to filled with praline and with flavors! 😋

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