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  1. I want see you grow a lot more fat!
  2. Much more dessert for you! Eat eat eat eat!
  3. I want see you grow a lot fat in this 2024! I want see you gain al least 30 kg of new fat!
  4. Wow Candii!😍😍😍😍
  5. I want see you eat lot of MacDonald's Big Burger, Pepsi, Big portions of chips, Pizzas, Pasta, Lot of cakes, sweets, cupcakes, whipped cream, chocolate, fried fattening foods, caloric snacks all the time and drink lot of WG shakes and carbonated drinks all the days! I want see you fill full of fat everywhere in all your body and in all your face! I want see you grow huge and always lazy, hungry and eating all the time! I want you a lot fat!
    Wow! Great video! I want see you eat a lot of fattening foods and see you become a lot more fat! I would like see more eating videos of you!
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