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  1. Seven and a half minutes of Stuffing Stake N Shake.


  2. How do we see how many bought my videos/clips. How do i connect my paypal. I cant find anywhere on the site to manage purchases. Please someone help!

    1. TheBigAssSSBBW


      This thread is very helpful and helped me when I was just getting started!


  3. I'm a new model, here is my first stuffing video!! I'm taking on four cheeseburgers!!! *There are jump cuts between each burger*


  4. thank you hun
  5. Hey guys I'm new but I'll be making content for you soon. Give me a follow if you can't wait ☺️
  6. Thank youuu ❣️
  7. Hey ☺️ I'm new to curvage. Im a phat girl and I'm excited to show it
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