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  1. Does anyone know how to fatten up a girl without her knowing about it? I mean, is there any food additives you can insencibly add to her breakfast or dinner that make her gain weight? It shouldn't change food taste and it MUST be absolutely health-safety. For example, I know that some hormonal medicine can cause weight gaining but it's really dangerous for health.
  2. I've found an article with photos of celebrities, who has gained weight during this year. Unfortunately, the article is in Russian but you can enjoy the pictures! https://zen.yandex.ru/media/behindkeyhole/zvezdy-kotorye-v-2018-potolsteli-do-neuznavaemosti-5bfe8d70dbe55800aa8c501d?&from=feed
  3. I've known this girl since the beginning of 2000s. Year by year she gained, and it seems to me she still does.
  4. This girl worked as a cashier at the canteen at my previous workplace. Fist she was very slim, then she gained a lot, but this year she lost almost all her weight.
  5. She has definitely gained weight over last few years. The slimmest ones are from the 2010-2014, after that she began gaining...
  6. Do you have any before pics? Just to compare.
  7. chekist

    What happened?

    Yeah, you're right! But it was down for several days.
  8. chekist

    What happened?

    Who knows, what has happened to FantasyFeeder and FromThinToFat? Are they closed forever or it's temporary trouble?
  9. chekist

    Girl gain link

    Unfortunately no, I found her accidentally. But you can follow her vk.com page.
  10. chekist

    Girl gain link

    Here's one interesting link I've find: http://m.imgur.com/a/0ez1S Here's her profile on vk.com https://vk.com/mraxeman
  11. Please, post some belly pics before and now.
  12. chekist


    As I can see, this photo was made in Russia 😊
  13. I don't know exactly, but I think she was born in 1986. So, she's 28 now. Here're some more photos
  14. This's one Ukrainian girl I've found in vc.com (Russian facebook):
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