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  1. Blue jeans are sexy you look like the hot wife that got knocked up a few times.
  2. Just can't believe how big you're getting.
  3. Reiinapopop is so fat she's huge now. Your not to far behind also. Be careful getting that big. LOL
  4. Can'y believe how fat you got after looking at your skinny photos. I think you might have to go on a diet soon. LOL
  5. The old you is going to have a come back.
  6. If you get pregnant you won't even be able to walk. LOL. Has anyone ask if you are pregnant?
  7. Just wait for the day when you find out your pregnant you really are going to blowup really nice.
  8. Those white shorts you look like you're so pregnant its not even funny.
  9. You gotten so fat you look like you're pregnant with twins. Can't believe this was you a year ago. Do you plan to stay big or lose weight like you did before?
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