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    Lisa ASMR

    Sadly trying to slim down. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSem5LhsAr7/ She gets a lot of love in the ASMR Girls thread in Videos: That said there have been girls in FatCelebs for a while that are not world-famous Hollywood stars. Not many of them actually plumping up, y'know.
  2. He knows how big you are, girl; squish that man! ;D
  3. Wagimawr


    I mean I'd rather see a 500 lb gain too but those don't grow on trees. At least she's actually recognizably fatter.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ6hpfllEVA/ Not a lot to see there, no side view or anything, but it's an IGTV so it's not going anywhere.
  5. Wagimawr

    Jazz Jennings

    Not posting the social media link as I'm not sure what date the before picture came from and she's only 20. Included dates of posting where I can. (May 2020) (April 2021) (February 2021) (December 2020) (October 2020) (September 2020) (August 2020) (June 2020) (February 2020) https://www.instagram.com/p/B8cPPNVH-cD/ (February 2020; most likely filmed in 2019) (January 2020) (2019) (September 2019) (July 2019) (June 2019)
  6. Always a pleasure to see you anywhere I look at gorgeous plump (and then some ;D) women ❤️❤️❤️
  7. "former" is the most unrealistic part of this ❤️
  8. Claire's been about the same size for a while. But she's cute and talented so I keep watching. Also cause baked goods.
  9. Possibly a reaction to every damn time a woman has a tattoo 5 men jump in and just have to talk about how they hate them, etc. I fuckin' hate piercings and I don't complain as much as some people do.
  10. Still loads for me, OF is a little broken in general this afternoon though.
  11. Looks like she's stepping away from a lot of stuff for a while: https://cheyennegil.com/behindtheblog/2020/5/14/some-important-announcements-cheyenne-gil-studios https://www.instagram.com/p/CJeS9g2AmHA/
  12. Unfortunately there are only so many Chrissy Metzes to go around. That is to say, one.
  13. Wagimawr


    If by tease you mean make fun of the person commenting, then yeah, spot on.
  14. Come here, make videos, never let anybody tell you that you have to count calories again. Problem solved.
    I love everything about this video. Love the subtitles too, keeps the focus on you. You sound so good when you're stuffing that belly to its limits. Loving the belly, the double chin, that voice, all of it Amazing video, 15/10, such a good girl! More please! ❤️
  15. You say ruined pig, I say starved world-class hog. Keep packing it in, break those size records! I'd also say don't get rid of those jeans but they won't even fit over what's left of your knees this time next month.
  16. Still on Feeb E last I checked. Decided earlier this year to try to lose some weight, just FYI.
  17. Video games are perfect for mindless snacking. Keep at it. Also are ya winning??
  18. Wagimawr


    well RIP this thread then not looking forward to the thread bumps "guys, I think she gained an ounce!!"
  19. In general, yeah, but this specific tiktok was like "go here, do this, say that, make bank". Not like a community like BDSM tiktok which might introduce people to concepts and ideas, for instance.
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