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  1. She just posted this on her Facebook.
  2. Watching that video... dear God, she's getting bigger for each video! Good job for someone this BIG to get even bigger. I just wish she would step on a scale for us!
  3. My old flame is complaining about her recent weight gain. She hates stairs now, and said today she'll have to move, and find a apartment where there's an elevator. She also broke her bed, because she had fallen back and on the bed, being over 160 kilo, it was very emberassing for her, and her roommate had to help her up. Which is extremely funny, because I've seen her roomie - she's the polar oppsosite - tiny and skinny.
  4. She looks amazing 😍
  5. New update 🥰 EDIT: I see that pic 2 and 3 are #TBT-pics.
  6. Pregnant Hunter! ❤️
  7. That pic! She is massive there. I know that was several years ago, but come on... she is getting back to that size any day now 😍
  8. Crazy theory here: since she's divorcing that husband. I guess he's a FA, if not a feeder, but given her recent gain and all the food pics and eating... is she doing a revenge body thing for him? "If you thought I was big while we were together, watch me now!"?
  9. She did one of those 'Feeding America' promos there as well. Bryce didn't look she was starving, I guess.
  10. She put on a little bit of weight, yes 😍
  11. I'm surprised guys here don't like her! Ms. Swift gets more attention here than ms. Coughlan.🤔
  12. Seeing this photo from "Bridgerton", I have to ask: is she playing a "fat" character?
  13. No, that wasn't what I meat. But there's a part of this fetish where the most unhealthy is the most turn-on for me.
  14. I thought it was time for an update. She posts a lot on Facebook and Instagram, so here is a few, selected photos from recent. That first one... 😊
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