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  1. Wagimawr

    19 yr old 600 lb ssbbw from reddit loseit

    Not necessarily! Those fuckers on /r/loseit have probably never been to a bbw site in their lives. edit: that said, there's only a comment or two referring to the possibility of it being fake and the post is already down, so... edit edit: isn't Sunny dead?? that's fucked up man
  2. Wagimawr

    19 yr old 600 lb ssbbw from reddit loseit

    Fuck that, the important question is do we know who this chick is? (obviously not personally, but as in what site?)
  3. You're living the dream. if you don't want her I'll take her
  4. Just watched your new video and purchased your sets. I've been in between jobs last year so I know how much it sucks :(

    You are gorgeous as ever and it's good to see you again! ❤️

    1. Ayumi_Chan


      Hey thank you very much! I sincerely appreciate the support ❤️ Hopefully I'll hit something good soon! 😃

      Ayu ❤️

    2. Wagimawr


      Of course you will :D smart, talented, etc.

      When all else fails there's always Twitch ;)

  5. Wagimawr

    Help me understand this fetish

    This right here is a red line in the sand, for sure. Combined with everything else, you absolutely did the right thing giving this guy the boot right out the door. I would start looking into the possibility of therapy for yourself, if not her too. You need to get some of this out to a professional before any kind of eating disorder can fully take hold. Just remember: this is not your fault and you haven't done anything wrong. This guy is the type that makes other feeders look like predators. Good riddance to him, and good luck to you.
  6. Wagimawr

    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    Looooots of butthurt about tattoos round these parts. That said, I fucking hate facial piercings, so I can't say much.
  7. Wagimawr

    'This Is Us'

    Compare to last year. More of Metz??
  8. Wagimawr

    Milana V ... aka the AT&T girl

    Side view from Instagram:
  9. Wagimawr

    Lady Gaga

    From the link above and her Instagram:
  10. Wagimawr

    Suzy Berhow (Mort3mer)

    Pretty sure Suzy is not a fan of being heavier.
  11. Wagimawr

    So i went to a "skinny" strip club again

    double post
  12. Wagimawr

    So i went to a "skinny" strip club again

    I mean, it is a strip club. Women there are encouraged to look a certain way. A better test might be a beach (or even a nude beach) and see if any thinner figures catch your attention. Then when they don't, you might have more options for enjoying the view.
  13. Wagimawr

    Hihi, I'm a bored lonely fatty (25, f, 240)

    You come up twice which one's correct?
  14. Wagimawr

    Dating a Pregnant Girl

    Yeah, if you wouldn't date a single mom, don't date a single pregnant woman. The needs are the same or close enough.
  15. Wagimawr

    Daisy Ridley

    Because the MMA ladies can't act (I see you, Gina Carano), and otherwise there's no middle ground in Hollywood between Daisy Ridley and Melissa McCarthy...