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  1. We wanted to push this out before Christmas but I guess better late than never. Watch as Lola Piggy enjoys the cookies and eggnog that were left out for Santa. Lola believes she is getting bigger with all of the holiday dinners and treats, what do you think? 🐷


  2. Lola Piggy had to eat all the cookies and drink the glass of eggnog left out for Santa on Christmas Eve. The holidays have been treating Lola well and she comments throughout the video how she feels she may be getting bigger with all of the holiday treats. Her delectable belly, butt, and thighs are on full display in her festive outfit. Join Lola Piggy as she enjoys her Christmas desserts! 🐷



    Enjoy 25% Off of all of Lola Piggy’s videos from now until Wednesday! Check out one of Curvage’s newest models! Happy Holidays!






  4. Lola Piggy can’t keep her hands off that belly! Are the extra calories starting to show yet?


  5. Lola Piggy was out of desserts until last night so it made these cheese cake bites extra sweet. After enjoying a big dinner earlier in the evening, she decided to see how many she could eat, but not before slipping into her new velour two piece. Lola just can't keep her hands off her larger belly lately. Watch her as she plays with her belly and savors her sugary treats. 🐷


  6. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we started posting my wife’s beautiful gain! I never dreamed she would be into any of this and actually want to be part of this community but she seems to be enjoying every moment! Hope everybody is loving the clips! We’re open to any suggestions and feedback.  Here’s to another month of indulgence for Lola Piggy! 🐷😉





  7. Lola Piggy decided to try on some of her old clothes from her smaller days. Will she get the dress in the below comparison to fit onto her more sexy body? 

    Watch it now!


  8. Oh how she's grown! Watch as Lola Piggy takes a trip down memory lane and tries on clothes from her...well....less curvy days. Her old jeans and favorite dress seem to not fit her as she last remembered....if they even can fit on her at all. I think Lola can fully see how sexy she is truly becoming. 🐷


  9. Check out Lola Piggy in her first ever weigh-in video!


  10. Lola Piggy weighs and measures herself for the first time since March. She has felt her clothes getting tighter and has finally decided to "assess the damage." Could it be the late night snacks she has been enjoying such as pumpkin pie with whipped cream or the occasional glasses of eggnog? It seems she has just decided to enjoy these seasonal treats as we continue through the holidays. Watch to see how much she weighs and the measurements of her sexy curves!


  11. Watch as your new favorite, Lola Piggy 🐷, enjoys a caloric laden snack of peach cobbler and then washes it down with a big glass of egg nog. These treats were supposed to be for Thanksgiving but Lola just couldn't help herself...... She is truly starting the holiday season with a bang!


  12. In her Curvage Clips debut, Lola Piggy enjoys three cupcakes for a late night snack. She is new to the community and gaining scene but is enjoying her new but established curves! Watch as Lola Piggy eats three cupcakes and plays with her growing belly. Will it be as easy as she thinks?


  13. Nessa Diab is a host on MTV and is currently dating Colin Kaepernick. A before photo is posted below. I recently saw her host an after show for the Jersey Shore and she is looking thick!
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