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  1. Jakichan

    Malu Trevejo

    What's that mean?
  2. Love it! Hope we get an update on Selina soon
  3. Would like to find any good stories featuring that
  4. I think Camilla is gonna get back to her 2018 weight. Lana is gonna keep growing and hopefully Bebe just goes full piggy mode
  5. Lana del rey and Camilla Cabello ( not the gain itself but the fact that she kept getting bigger)
  6. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    Don't know what year this is from
  7. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    I think there would have been alot less controversy if Priti was just drawn as a pig. The pink dress also makes that easier. Make fun of her weight without being racist
  8. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    Also anyone else notice how much she looks like a overstuffed Tulsi Gabbard ?
  9. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    So evil. So fat. So hot. Honestly I love that she basically is forced to dress in a tent because otherwise she ends up looking like this Just fat oozing everywhere. Beautiful
  10. Definitely around 170-180 lbs
  11. Jakichan

    Bebe Rexha

    Not even, just a good pose. She turn around and stop sucking it in and those jeans are ripped
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