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  1. A great one is Kim. Story about a high school bully getting fat. Split into two parts. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zYs2AbjMwqtx_c1edDVOg8xAI4U430Llr8yMowVMiak/mobilebasic and
  2. It’s really funny and kinda hot that she got a liposuction only to immediately gain her weight back. She must be such a greedy pig lol
  3. Jakichan

    Celeb RP

    Anyone interested in doing celeb wg Rp? Here or discord is fine
  4. Jakichan

    Addison Rae

    She did an ad for Pandora and is looking pretty fat
  5. That's true but if you compare the new pics with the old pics you can see she doesn't just have big belly but she visibly looks ore heavier and more wide. Her face, thighs and arms are fatter than before too.
  6. Anyone interested in doing roleplay with celebs? I can do discord
  7. Looking for some recs. Any good comics that have a bratty/arrogant girl get fat and stuffed full?
  8. Jakichan


    Just by looking at her face you can tell she's packed it on
  9. I really love how much of a pig she's become over the years. Seriously she looks like she was stuffed full of food minutes before the pictures were taken
  10. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    Amazing how fat she's gotten. Hope she keeps going
  11. Jakichan

    Nicki Minaj

    You can tell she got fat by just comparing her boobs They're massive lol
  12. It's insane how fat she's gotten in just 2 years 2019 2021
  13. Jakichan

    Pritti patel

    I don't even know if there's any jeans that fit her lol
  14. She was bursting at the seams in 2018 lol. Nowhere close to that now
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