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What are Reputation points and how do I earn Reputation?

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What are Reputation Points?

Reputation points are a way to measure the value someone is adding to Curvage. In the old days the count of content was measured. However, this didn't really create a good sense of actual value someone was adding to Curvage. People would just post nonsense to get their count up. Now we measure value by counting the positive reaction of others. When you post to our site people have the opportunity to react. These reactions add to your reputation score which can be viewed on your profile.

How do I earn Reputation Points?

  1. Post content anywhere on the site by creating forum threads of your own or by replying to others. You can also post pictures to the gallery, or create status updates.
  2. Once your content is there, people will be able to react. each reaction will add to your over all reputation.

Here is an example of what some reactions look like.



Why do I have to earn points first in order to become a model?

There are a couple of reasons.

  1. We want people who are serious about the opportunity to model on Curvage. Some folks just want to swing in to see if they can market their other projects and we need to filter those folks out. Curvage is an amazing opportunity and we need to reserve it for people who are here for Curvage :)
  2. One of the things that makes Curvage magical is the built in community. There are people who are looking for your content and they are already here. In order to make the most out of your experience here, you will need to learn how to post in the community. Getting a bit of practice first will set you up for success.
  3. Since you made it this far,... here's a secret. IT's REALLY easy to get enough points to become eligible. So go give it a try, it won't take long we promise :):)

I have enough points, now what?

Note: in order for your account to be eligible to apply as a model your points will need to be evaluated and your account upgraded. This doesn't happen instantly upon attaining enough points. It takes an hour or two in order to process. If a few hours go by and your account is still not eligible please use the contact us box below to seek assistance.

TIP: usually your very next post AFTER you reach the reputation amount will trigger the change and unlock the model application.. so now that you have enough points try making 1 more post in the forums. A reply to any other post will work.


Thank you :)

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1 hour ago, Caramelthickbit said:

hello im having touble signing up as a model, i fill out the form but then it just refreshes when i click send? any advice pls? thanks in advance xx

Most likely the form isn’t filled out all the way. It’s important to add something to every box. Even put an attachment into every spot where you can upload an image. Don’t  miss anything, then submit again. 
Thank you

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