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Kayla the Dark Elf Wizard Who Will Totally Not Get Fat

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(Rolled WILLPOWER: 29, PASS)

When the first beams of next morning’s sunlight brushed against Kayla’s face, the dark elf was still recovering from her night of revelry. Never before had she stuffed her belly with so much mead; even now it hadn’t fully emptied. She wanted to do nothing more than to fall back asleep, but the sun was making her eyelids glow red and the furry pelts Balla had wrapped around her were getting uncomfortably hot.

Where was Balla? Kayla’s eyes opened as she realized the captain’s absence. The Sea Devil had wrapped herself around her in the night, leaving her wings draped away from the tangle of pelts to keep them from growing too hot —


Kayla sat up. She felt her belly pooch against her skirt.

”Oh no,” she scrambled out of the pelts and stomped across the room. “Oh gods, oh no…”

There was a vanity mirror inside a tall cupboard, and though she had to kick a pile of coin away from the swinging door, she was able to get a full view of the monster she had become.

”What have I done!?” she held her head as she looked in shock at her reflection.

The blissful nirvana she had felt under the spell of enchanted mead had ended, replaced with cold sobriety and all it’s accompanying worries. The shallow confidence that she could lose the weight whenever she wanted proved fickle in the face of her fear of getting fat — which was exactly what was happening!

Kayla gaped in horror at her toneless midriff. A squeak of despair escaped her lips as her hands felt the subtle padding in her middle that was thick enough to bulge over her skirt. She dared not press her hands against the skirt, else she reveal the extra couple inches of girth around her hips she desperately wished wasn’t there.

Nothing, however, could hide the creamy-smooth, round thighs that sprouted from under her skirt. She staggered from the shock of seeing their plumpened state, and the front of them jiggled and shook where her quads should have flexed.

Her ass… even as she dreaded turning around, she knew she had to find out why she felt a draft, but when it was in view, she couldn’t help but moan at the sight. Her ass… her dainty little ass, had always been a trouble area for her, but never would she have dared to imagine how bulbous and round it would become. Her ass… it was only a few pounds bigger, but for a dark elf like her, it was enormous. She would never be able to show her face in elven lands looking like this! Not with cheeks that bulged round and ripe a full inch over thighs that had themselves begun to look plump. She tugged her skirt down in vain, but the fabric was no match for the cake within, always two inches shy of concealing the new creases between cheeks and thighs.

”I can’t look like this…” she moaned. “How could this be happening to me? How…?”

And then, through the dense fog of drunken memories, she remembered how it had happened, how she thought she was being clever as she challenged Balla — the biggest binge drinker she knew — to a drinking match, and how she thought it would be an excellent way to get her to pass out so she could remove the belly ring that kept her thin. What a fool she had been! All she accomplished was getting stuffed as a tick as Balla cooed into her ear about how fat she was going to make her —

The dark elf wizard blushed. Had Balla truly said that? Had the Sea Devil captain who constantly berated her comrades for overeating truly told her she wanted her to grow an ass so big it would jiggle with every step? 

Kayla stiffened, trying in vain to tug the skirt into place once again. She couldn’t be seen by Balla — not until she was thin again — but she was trapped on a small boat with her and the captain was no doubt craving to fondle her again. Her only hope was to swallow her fear, step outside, and find a way to pass the curse of added pounds onto her comrades without them noticing.

Her mind set, she approached the door and swung it open before she could change her mind.

”Hey, there’s the little Lance Corporal!”

Kayla balked. Balla had noticed her instantly and was fast approaching, hands outstretched for a hug.

”Did you get a good sleep? Must be nice, right? Wait, where are you going?”

Kayla stomped off, hoping Balla didn’t catch sight of her white panties as she retreated. “I, um, have to talk to Abarra!”

”What you mean you have to talk to Abarra?” Balla called after her in vain. 

”What’s this about?” Abarra asked from the navigation wheel on the poop deck. “You say you wish to speak with me?”

Kayla paused before the muscle-mountain of a woman. She’d neglected to think of an excuse for getting close to her.

(Rolled CHARISMA: 6, PASS)

”I need some advice.”

The mighty woman chuckled, biceps rippling as she steered the ship past a rocky outcropping. “Perhaps Balla would be a better person to ask.”

”Yes, well…” Kayla leaned closer and whispered. “It’s about Balla.”

To her horror, Abarra looked up and met Balla’s gaze. “You hear that captain? She wishes my advice — about you! What have you done to this poor little thing?”

”I didn’t do nothing, I swear!” Balla yelled back. “What the fuck, Kay-bar?”

”It’s not what it sounds like!” said Kayla. A firm palm slapped upon her shoulder and she looked to find Abarra holding her.

”We’re just teasing you, boot,” she winked. “If you want advice, I’m all ears — and if you have any juicy secrets, let me know.”

”You promised you wouldn’t do that,” Balla huffed from the deck below.

”Perhaps you should conversate with Culla?”

”Oh, that’s just great! You hear that Culla?”

“Hm?” Culla’s head poked out from behind some crates.

”Come on Culla. Step inside my quarters with me — and I know I told you to stop snacking, lard-tard! Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Seriously! Who would watch themselves get fatter and keep eating? Am I right?”

”Yes ma’am…” Culla huffed.

”So you keep eating even though I told you to stop. So fuck me, right?”

“No ma’am!”

”Good. Get inside and get me my whip.”

The door slammed shit and locked with an audible click, leaving Kayla alone with the giant half-demoness once again. She swallowed nervously. Sneaking pounds into her while they were face to face was going to be very hard.

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3 hours ago, Batman76 said:

The easy solution for kbar would be too get obese, and ask Abarra for help losing weight in exchange for helping abbarra bulk up.

This does not, however, match with the mental feat of “what have I done!?” 😆 Kayla’s nerves can’t stand one more ounce! Even stepping outside took all her courage. Abarra, for her part, has enjoyed pointing out the flaws in others’ figures while she remains perfect. It will be interesting to see how long she will take to notice her own expansion— if Kayla isn’t caught

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2 hours ago, >_< 0_0 said:

This does not, however, match with the mental feat of “what have I done!?” 😆 Kayla’s nerves can’t stand one more ounce! Even stepping outside took all her courage. Abarra, for her part, has enjoyed pointing out the flaws in others’ figures while she remains perfect. It will be interesting to see how long she will take to notice her own expansion— if Kayla isn’t caught

Well, the smarterer thing then would be fattening up culla, who's already getting fat.

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I wrote another 😏 by the way, Okitraz is a real place. I was deployed there for two years, if you could call it that.

“Anyway,” Kayla winced as she heard the faint sound of a whip smacking something soft.

”Don’t worry about that,” Abarra chuckled. “They’re just having some fun. Culla knew what she was getting into being caught cheating on her diet.”

”That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about…”

”You must be wondering if the captain loves you. Aww,” Abarra flexed hard against the wheel as she forced the Mead Boat through a coastal wave. “You know how demon-bloods crave intimacy…”

”I do now, but that’s not quite it. It’s… hard to put into words.”

”Why don’t you come closer while you clear your head?”

”I think I will do that, yes.”

Kayla didn’t hesitate to approach the strong, red warrior, nor did she pause to press her body against Abarra’s front. The half-demoness was firm as a punching bag, but her rubied skin was warm and inviting, and she was tall enough for Kayla’s head to nestle comfortably under her large breasts.

”I noticed,” Abarra sighed. “That in spite of your stiff, elven dignity, you have a softer side. That’s something we have in common.”

”I — I mean, you do?”

”Well, when you’re taller and stronger than most anyone you meet, you can’t help but feel unthreatened and protective,” Abarra rubbed the back of the dark elf’s head and teased her ear to make it flick.

”Um, I remembered what I wanted to ask you.”

”What, then?”

”Balla keeps making Culla diet and mocks her for being too fat.”

”As she should.”

”Well… why? I used to think she was serious, but now I’m not so sure…”

(Rolled CHARISMA: 71, FAIL)

”You worry too much, dainty elf,” Abarra patted her head for emphasis. “Let Culla worry about her diet struggles; she never was disciplined like me… and as for you, why you’re the smallest of all of us. You have nothing to worry about.”

Kayla listened absently to her soft, soothing words, but she was more focused on casting a spell on the unsuspecting woman without being caught. With her arms wrapped tightly about her firm waist, she thought intensely of her own scandalously-bulbous behind and squeezing its fatty contents into her unsuspecting victim.

(Rolled INTELLIGENCE: 63, PASS; Kayla has lost 1 POUND for a total of 134)

It was done. Kayla had successfully slipped some of her unwanted fluff into Abarra’s muscles form. She couldn’t tell where it had all gone, but she liked to think that what could have been a sharp intake of breath was, in fact, a hint of expansion.

”Do I look fat?” Kayla peered through Abarra’s generous cleavage to look expectantly into the woman’s eyes.

(Rolled CHARISMA: 46, PASS)

”Weren’t you listening? I said you were the smallest of us,” even as Abarra said it, Kayla could feel the tickle of her claws brushing down her back to grope her butt. “But since you asked, you’ve definitely filled-out since we first met.”

”I’m getting fat,” Kayla stiffened as she felt herself being squeezed.

”There’s a difference between gaining and getting fat,” Abarra slapped her cheek lightly to make her flutes relax and soften. “For example, I work hard to add muscle, as you see, but there’s no trace of fat on me — not one ounce.”

(Rolled INTELLIGENCE: 54 with two doubles! PASS. Rolled 2 1d4’s: 3, 2 = 5 pounds. Kayla has lost 5 POUNDS for a total of 129, losing 1 FAT POINT for a total of 23)

As Kayla whispered the curse under her breath, she heard a faint rumbling from deep within Abarra’s hard abdomen. Meanwhile, she felt herself lighten, her thighs shrinking away from each other. When she glanced down, she noticed her belly had flattened and had the slightest hint of definition. Abarra’s, meanwhile, had suddenly sprouted a subtle ring of flab around her navel. It only covered a bit more than an inch in any direction, but was outright shocking to see on such a firm frame.

”Hey,” Abarra cooed. “Relax. I’m just petting you.”

Kayla’s heart was pounding, for she knew she had pushed the spell too far too fast. If she cast it again, she risked being discovered. Best to not cast on Abarra again — not for awhile yet.

”So you think I’m not getting fat?” Kayla blushed. “Growing strong like you would be nice, but elves are not meant to be big.”

”Why not?” Abarra leaned closer so her tits were jiggling against the elf’s ears.

”It’s just not proper…”

”I happen to know a very big, voluptuous dark elf. We’ve shared drinks for many seasons, and she’s the only one I think I’ve met that can match Balla’s pallet. Eats well too. Needless to say, she’s no dainty elf.”

”Is she Nalka?”

Abarra chuckled. “Of course. It’s good that you finally met her.”


”She’s an undercover Sea Devil, isn’t she? Balla mentioned there were others like us all over the city.”

”Yes, I suppose it isn’t a secret anymore. If you’re wondering why we kept her secret from you, it was because if you had been captured and interrogated, we didn’t want you to know anything except what couldn’t harm us — but lucky for us, she found you first.”

Kayla pondered the words, too full of questions to know what to ask next. She opted to keep her mouth shut, for she knew that Nalka was a double agent with goals and desires of her own — not least of which was to make the Sea Devils too fat to fly and cause trouble.

”Perhaps,” Abarra broke the silence. “You’re curious where we’re sailing?”

”I am,” Kayla admitted.

Abarra gently took hold of her head and pried it from under her breasts to look forwards toward the open sea. The Mead Boat was navigating a course past a craggy coastline of jagged rocks capped by dense jungle, and in the distance — just at the edge of the horizon — loomed a dark green, mountainous island.

”You see that there?” Abarra massaged her shoulder as she spoke into her ear. “That’s Okitraz — the home of the 3rd Sea Devil Expeditionary Force.”

Suddenly the cabin door slammed open.

”Hell yeah! Okitraz!” Balla came stumbling out with a fully belly of mead, belching as she dragged Culla outside. “Come outside Culla! Get your ** ass on the quarter deck!”

”But you didn’t let me drink any…” Culla muttered.

”Did I stutter? C’mere and maybe I’ll let you take a sip. Kayla! Don’t think I forgot! Get over to the quarter deck!”

Abarra eased herself off of Kayla’s back. “Go ahead,” she gave her butt one last pat. “Come back anytime.”

When Kayla reached Balla’s side, the captain snaked her arm over her shoulder and gave her a smirk. “How’s the view?”

”You look good, Captain.”

”You sly spellcaster, I was talking about something that doesn’t have to do with my body, for once. Look: Okitraz is less than a day’s sailing away. This is the first time you’ve been to a place run by Sea Devils, isn’t it?”

”It is…” Kayla nodded slowly. “Are they all like you?”

”No shit,” Balla slapped her back hard. “Girl, we run this island! Once we get docked, we’ll have the time of our lives!”


But as Kayla winced from Balla’s blow, she caught sight of the figurine dangling from the captain’s belly ring. It was unmistakably curvier than the night before.

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I'm guessing the figurine gains the weight that Balla would. I wonder what'll happen when you take it off? Or i there a limit of how much the ring can hold? 🤔

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51 minutes ago, K-day said:

I'm guessing the figurine gains the weight that Balla would. I wonder what'll happen when you take it off? Or i there a limit of how much the ring can hold? 🤔

It is an item of Batman76 the DM’s creation. Only the two of us know what it’s truly capable of. I rolled a couple times to see if Kayla would notice something was off about it, but this is the first successful one

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