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On 7/6/2020 at 9:06 PM, beckylesabre said:

My biggest stuffing hmmmmm.... this seems like a two part question lol... I think the burger or hot dog stuff was pretty big!!! But my chinese stuffings always felt like I ate sooooo much food


I think I will stick to going no bigger than the 160lbs... and I will try to start heading back down to 140 pretty soon... I was closer to 130lbs this time last year and thought that was wayyyy too skinny... I didn't like being a size 3... it just didn't look good in my opinion.


Becky LeSabre, I feel bad for your poor Belly! I saw the video at a friend's house who had bought it. It was awesome, but you seemed to have had a horrible Belly Ache! I cannot wait for the new content!

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Dear Becky, I hope you´re doing well! May I ask you a question regarding your weight situation. I think you mentioned a few weeks ago that you´re at the heaviest you´ve ever been at that certain point. So may I ask you how things have developed since then and how your current situation looks like weightwise? :)

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