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  1. Marilyn Monroe is so cute with a chubby/thicc belly! 😍
  2. Don't you get belly aches doing these challenges?
  3. Can someone PLEASE give facestuffing challenge Ideas?! Look at the above post.
  4. I'll post some pics of her once I find where I put them! Emma Kenney is so hot!
  5. gorJESS did you have a Belly Ache after this?
  6. Have you ever gotten a Belly Ache during your eating sessions & do you have advice to treat them? Asking for a friend.
  7. She seems to still be somewhat chubby.
  8. Someone should try to invite Kiera to join us. She's so cute with her fat Belly! Kiera must love food!
  9. I really like Emma Kenny, she is really beautiful & CURVY! Anyone agree?
  10. Brittany, do you have any food or belly stuffing ideas for me to try? What's your favorite food? Have you ever gotten a Belly Ache from eating too much & what is the most that you've ever ate in one sitting?
  11. Hello everyone, its Hunter. I am looking for Belly Stuffing/Eating Challenge ideas. I loooooooooooooove food & I love eating! I prefer junk food & fast food, so I would like the ideas to revolve around junk food. I also want to get super stuffed, so if anyone leaves me a suggestion, please let me know how much food I should eat. The more food that are in these challenge ideas, the better! Also, I want Belly Ache ideas! I love Belly Aches!
  12. Awesome BELLY! 😍 Were you STUFFED?
  13. You're welcome. I'm new too. I love food! My favorite food is French Fries! Do you have any food or belly stuffing ideas for me to try?
  14. Hello Brittnay, I'm Hunter. I recommend eating EVERYTHING that you can. Also try weight gain shakes! Be careful or you may get a Belly Ache!
  15. I looooooooooooooooove Hot Dogs! My Belly would Ache if I ate that many Hot Dogs, but I llove food so much that I might try to eat this many Hot Dogs!-from Hunter!
  16. Thank you. Should I put photos of my food activity?
  17. Hello, my name is Hunter & I really love food! I love Belly Aches & I'm addicted to Junk Food & Fast Food! I have a bit of a "Fat" Belly. My favorite food is French Fries!
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