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  1. So, this will be the consequence. Compared to October, she should have outgrown her jeans at the time...
  2. What is she saying about this? Is she complaining? Is she teasing? Is she happy? Or just accepting fate?
  3. Oh wow, lost the Snack control? She put on considerably in a short time. Do you enjoy?
  4. Creare le tentazioni invece si. Hai pienamente ragione, non sarebbe onesto e non è una basa per una relazione lunga. Di sicuro troverete le persone giuste un giorno. Ormai si incontrano quando non si cercano. O si conoscono già senza saperlo...
  5. Let the journey continue and let us watch your beautiful story on a daily basis
  6. Oh thanks, that‘s immediate! Cool. You know, don‘t loose, don‘t stress yourself. Keep your weight and just enjoy your food. And see what happens. Don‘t have to let it get out of hands… enjoy, u r beautiful 🤩
  7. She is slowly (???) plumbing up, it is so cool to watch this cute girl become a real woman 🥰😊
  8. Oh wow, I am without words. That is big and full. Got a needle in my pocket 😁 and some baci perugina, which I will open very gently 😙
  9. Con panna montata? Hot chocolate topping? Eggnog liqueur? Just to get it sweet enough for your likings, to get you pleased 🥰
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