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  1. Answer is: over the time. Just enjoying life, you get presented the results. Which, in your case, are excellent 😍
  2. As Long as she is happy letting loose let it happen and support it. Tunis exciting to watch. And could be exciting for her as well hopefully
  3. Take care for your health and enjoy the looks, there are still plenty who will make you compliments for your looks. It very much depends also on how you are moving especially if you are moving with selfconfidence for your body. This will be rewarded, be sure
  4. Just enjoy yourself. And If your partner supports your changing due to your eating, this is fantastic. Also for him, as a softer body feels so much better than the one of a skinny one! Have fun!
  5. So Important. Be Self confident and Love yourself. You are the best example
  6. Cool you are continuing notwithstanding the circumstances. Nice development nonetheless
  7. No way back, she is gaining und rounding up nicely
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