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Curvage Enhancements

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Hi Folks,

happy hailee steinfeld GIF by Pitch Perfect

We are excited to share many great improvements to our wonderful site.  They are VERY Exciting but we will keep it short and sweet.

Improvements to Curvage Clips

  • Cart: Cart Feature Added! No more hassling with multiple check outs in order to buy more than 1 clip.
  • Top Three: The 3 NEWEST clips in the clip store are showcased. Now you won't have to click into each clip to see what they are about.
  • My Clips Library: It's now easy to manage your Curvage Clip collection! You can now SORT the clips you own by Curvage Model. Optionally you can also sort by category.
  • Cleaner Interface: It's now easier to navigate through all the clips we have here at Curvage.
  • More Clips on Front: We have added to the number of items that show in the front carousels so more clips are showing on the front page. 
  • Streamer: The watch now button can also notify you if an additional download is included with your purchase such as some photos.

Improvements to Curvage (total site)

  • Lazy Load: Images on Curvage now Lazy Load. This means you no longer have to wait for ALL images on the page to load before the page can be used. IE: The site will be faster and feel smoother.
  • New Home Page: The home page has been completely rebuilt to be more useful and faster for both Guests and members. Looks cleaner and loads faster.
  • Optimizations: Curvage has had a TON of small enhancements to improve speed and overall make the site feel and work better. Lots of little bug fixes, server optimization, software upgrades etc,improved caching. Overall you should notice a cleaner and faster site.
  • Security: both server and front end security improvements have been made. This includes offering 2 step authorization to members.
  • New model signup page: Same as the new home page, the new model registration page is cleaner and easier to use. This should mean more models joining Curvage.
  • New Model page: Easier to check out ALL the models on Curvage available on 1 page.


We have heard your feedback and have responded.

We are aiming for the ultimate customer and member experience here on Curvage. ENJOY

Thank you for being the best part of Curvage!!!

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1 hour ago, John Smith said:

Have they any technical issue with the indicative frames for other threads and pages at the bottom page? I cannot see the titles.

I don’t understand. Explain again please

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1 hour ago, S77 said:

I don’t understand. Explain again please

At the bottom page, there have usually two bows pointing to opposite directions: one to go to some-and-some page at the left, the other one to go to the next recent thread in the right.

We cannot see their titles. I was asking you if there have an issue with this option.

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