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I'm on the cusp of a very important milestone in my gaining journey. I've been in the 290s for a while, flirting with 300lbs but now I'm ready to make it official. I decided that I'm going to stuff my face and keep stuffing until I finally hit the big 3-0-0! To do this, I ordered a pizza and a chicken sandwich and fries and am going to eat as much as I need to to hit 300lbs. The pizza will be easy enough -- my fat ass if pretty used to eating whole large pizzas by now! I speed up the stuffing so that the clip isn't as long but you still get to see me shove piece after piece into my greedy mouth. I also made sure that every burp I let rip during the stuffing is at normal speed, so my burp lovers don't miss out on anything! After I eat my pizza, I decide to weigh in and see just how heavy I really am... do I hit it, or do I need to keep eating? You'll have to buy the clip to find out!

After my final weigh-in, I give my reactions to the results and do a little fat chat. I talk about my new goals, and where I wanna go from here. To be honest, I don't think that the weight is going to stop coming on any time soon with this fatty habits I've developed! I show off my newly fattened body and celebrate this momentous, milestone occasion with fat chat and jiggling!

A stuffing and weigh-in clip of epic proportions! Do I hit 300lbs? How much food do I need to eat to get there? No matter what, I'm looking massive in this clip as I am definitely at my highest weight EVER! Find out all the details by checking out the clip!

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Wood starts off with their growing belly resting on their outrageously thick thighs. They mention their recent uptick in feedings and how close they are to 300. All this evidence by how round and swollen with fat they are from their cheeks/chins to their calves. Clear signs of a rapid weight gain. Soon they dig into the pizza thoroughly enjoying every slice. Then they speed up the footage and you can get a real appreciation for how much their second chin has grown. They also spread their huge thighs to let their bloated belly sag between them. Wood starts having to reach further to get more pizza and we can see their belly resting on the bed each time. Plenty of belly rubbing and belching (which is especially impressive because they aren’t drinking anything carbonated) to be seen along with fingering their crazy deep bellybutton. Returning to regular speed they finish the final bite of pizza. Finally moving onto the weigh in they surpass their goal and mention future goals thanks to influential feeders/feedees around them doing the good work. They throw out some numbers in the 300s as tentative stopping points  but they slip up and mention things they want before they hit 400 twice. Clearly they have 400 on the mind even though they say they want to “slow down.” They also say it’s the era of eating whatever they want and accepting feeding requests whenever they come in so if you’re reading this review you know what time it is 😏. Fantastic video well worth the price 

Response from the author:

Thank you for such an amazing, in depth review omg 😍 I'm really glad you enjoyed the clip, and thank you for making me feel super fat all over again with just your words lol

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Been around since the yt days lol. Crazy to see that the day is finally close/upon us. Def buy.

Response from the author:

Ahh thank you for sticking around and keeping up with my gain for so long! Excited to enter a completely new era of gaining and fatness. Glad you enjoyed the clip! ^_^

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