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Rosie's Ex wants to get back together for the first time since before quarantine, but she has packed on an incredible amount of weight. Watch her try on her old outfits, meet up with her ex, and get hot & steamy in the bedroom. . .all whilst denying the fact she gained a single pound!


"Want to get together tonight?"Rosie's ex messages her and wants to get together tonight, but she is caught off guard when he asks if she still has the outfit he met her in. She rushes to her dresser, where she discovers the itty bitty outfit that she determines is still going to fit her...no problem.. right?

Struggle & Denial - She hypes herself up in the mirror, talking about how perfect she is and how much her ex is going to love her body! After all, she didn't get fat like other girls did during the pandemic. After plenty of time assuring herself there's nothing to worry about, she struggles on the small outfit - giving you closeups throughout of just how tight it is. It barely fits her new frame but there's no time to worry now, he's already on his way!

They meet again... - The camera shifts to POV, you're now in her Ex's shoes as she waddles to the door and a fight ensues. You KNOW she has gained weight and when you decide to leave she insists you should stay, begging and pleading... Until you finally agree to give her a shot. You get into the bedroom where Rosie strips down and hops on top, where she's quickly out of breath and clearly not as active as she used to be - ending the clip with a beautiful POV of a fat girl on your lap!

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If you're the type to seek out some good dialogue and chatting, Rose is far and away one of the best, if not the best. I'm always a bit wary of any roleplaying themes because, to no fault of their own--acting is hard!, most models can struggle to convincingly sell the "story". Rose consistently surprises me with how well delivered her dialogue is, and if you're like me, and enjoy some mental stimulation being delivered by a gorgeous woman, there's few who compare. 

That aside, Rose is so hot in this video I thought my screen might combust. There's a touch of everything: outgrown clothes, well delivered RP, a touch of humiliation and teasing, POV, and every angle you'd hope to see. The only aspect of this video that was a step too far for my suspension of disbelief was that anyone would break up with her. 😂

P.S. Her price to length ratio is an absolute crime. She's selling gold at bargain pricing. 

Response from the author:

Whelp I’m in love with you.

Thank you for this awesome review!

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Where to start? - this clip is simply incredible!!  The video quality is flawless and very skillfully done, the premise behind it is fun and creative, the acting is first rate and very convincing (Rosie's whining voice is so cute 😍), and generally speaking, the clips just keeps getting hotter and hotter as it builds!!

It's hard to pinpoint my favorite aspect of this clip; there's just so much to love!  I think it's probably a tossup between Rosie's self-talk (read denial) as she puts on the outfit you first met her in (which definitely fits exactly the same as it always has 😉) and how insistent she is when you show up at her place that nothing has changed and she's just the same as she always was.

It's somewhat shocking how long it takes you to let her convince you to head to the bedroom with her, but I suppose that makes for a better video.  I'd have been sold as soon as she opened the door with her beautiful curves spilling out of her hopelessly tiny top and pants, and I'm sure you will be too.  All in all, an outstanding video worth far more than the price of admission!!

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This is the first video I've seen from Rosie and I'm impressed by the quality and the professionalism. The way the text messages show up on screen as she's reading them is impressive editing, and it allows us to see her cute reactions to each one. She's rather good at acting, fully embodying the role of this beautiful fatty in denial desperate to entice her ex. Her vibrant facial expressions and body language raise this to another level, along with her clear and energetic speech.

There's a good variety of camera angles throughout which keeps it exciting, and allows us to get a good look at all of her curves.

I'm not complaining, but for the length of this video, the price is an absolute steal. This is amazing roleplay!

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What a roleplay love how rosie getting to the point she is out of breath by all the activity of trying the old clothes and the way she was on top and said she is heavy so hot thank you for another masterpiece rosie🙏🏻🔥

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