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  1. jacknife

    Misha Barton

    She's fat...again.
  2. jacknife

    Black girl weight gains

  3. jacknife

    Jessica Simpson

    Ah yes...Her fat has become a cottage industry.😆
  4. jacknife

    Can anyone fatten this beauty up?

    Bless her heart...
  5. jacknife

    who has the best double belly

    Margot! I've used her magnificent belly in a lot of my photo manipulations.
  6. jacknife

    Taylor Swift

    Does anyone believe it's a coincidence that her backup singers/dancers seem a bit chubbier? 😆
  7. jacknife

    Christina Hendricks

    That second pic....I can see Christina printing that out and taping it to the refrigerator.😏
  8. jacknife

    Christina Hendricks

    Can't find one. Here's screen cap I snagged. Also, there's a movie I missed where the character she plays is 8 months pregnant. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7317324/
  9. jacknife

    Christina Hendricks

    Yeah, she could put on another 50 pounds and still not be considered the fat one.
  10. jacknife

    Christina Hendricks

    Damn! She slimmed down for a while, but she's definitely bounced back! Compare her to the twig in the same outfit.
  11. jacknife

    What're you listening to?

    Tina Turner. The Acid Queen.
  12. jacknife


    Damn! How long do you think it took her to get into those pants!?
  13. jacknife

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Hmmm...My next Deviantart project. Here's a starting point.
  14. jacknife

    Miss America 2013 Mallory Hagan

    On the campaign trail in Alabama. She's about one hot buttered slice of cornbread away from busting out of those jeans!😀 Tell me there's some video of her in that bouncy house!
  15. Looks like all those extra fat cells went straight to her thighs.