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  1. Only 19, and her arse is huuuuge. Only going to get bigger.
  2. Ciaran Dooley

    Hannah Murray

    Fucking hell. What has she been at, she's fucking huge. You can tell she has been absolutely piling it on in a short space of time.
  3. My god, she is so fat
  4. Seeing as I seem to be picking controversial predictions, I shall continue with motormouth Katie Hopkins. Might have missed the boat as she has already gained 10lbs, mainly on her arse, but I feel there might be another 10 there
  5. Always hoped Claire would blow up. She's incredibly sexy and all woman. At least 30% body fat, as she is so soft all over
  6. Massively fat arse and belly. And absolutely no intention of stopping
  7. Irish actress Seana Kerslake, in a new horror called The Hole in the Ground is absolutely piling it on.
  8. Beginning to get obvious isn't it. Her abysmal diet and well publicised overeating will finally catch her out this year.
  9. There is no doubt in my mind with this one. She has said repeatedly that she relies totally on her metabolism as she is a big eater. Will be gradual but she thinks she is slimmer than she is so that could speed up the process a bit
  10. You can already see it in her legs and arse in her most recent YouTube clips. There is lots of potential in her.
  11. 3 controversial picks. 1. Sigrid- this I can almost guarantee (20-25lbs) 2. Janelle Monae - Will fill out even more this year (15-20lbs) and 3. Miley Cyrus - married life will thicken that ass out a little (10lbs)
  12. She is the same size as the two girls beside her put together
  13. Ciaran Dooley

    Claire Sweeney

    I really do hope Claire is getting chunky again. Her arse and belly are so juicy when she's fat.
  14. She was always going to get super fat. Heavy drinker, awful genes and a truly horrendous diet. She looks even fatter in real life. Some width on her arse.
  15. Ciaran Dooley

    Ola Jordan

    Much, much thicker. Defo getting fat
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