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  1. I like the still shot of you trying to lift up your belly with one arm, because it showcases just how much fat is really on your belly!
  2. Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down significantly? Do you intentionally show off your belly in public more now that youโ€™re getting fatter? Have you been asked/mistaken for being pregnant, and how would you feel if that happened to you?
  3. Anyone remember this woman? It's been awhile since she's shown up on the scene, hasn't it?
  4. So I have a friend who is rather on the big side now, but hasn't always been that way. For most of her life, she was rather skinny, and was even able to eat pretty much whatever she wanted an still stay thin. That all changed when she turned 25, and her metabolism slowed down dramatically compared to what it was before then. The end result was her going from 115 in 2013 when she turned 25, to 145 the next summer, to 175, in 2015, to 180 in 2016, to 185 now. Learning about this, it got me wondering exactly what caused such a rapid decrease in her metabolism, and whether or not something like this was exclusive to just her, or if it was something that was a lot more common. Now, she had two kids before she turned 25, and she mentioned that after her pregnancies, her stomach muscles were messed up afterwards, so I was thinking that might have been a contributing factor, but I'm not an expert on these sort of matters. Anyway, I figured that there are other people on here who are more experienced in this area, and decided to pose this question to see what your thoughts are on this matter. Your answers are always appreciated, and thanks in advance for your input.
  5. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-My-Smooth-Round-Belly/5117937 So this girl used to be pretty active on experience project, but after it shut down, she seems to have completely fallen off the map. Does anyone here know where she might have gone, or what might have happened to her? If anyone knows, that would be much appreciated.
  6. go4thegold


    http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Love-Being-Really-Fat-And-Being-Teased/5117790 So this girl used to be somewhat active on Experience Project before it shut down. Now that EP is gone, does anyone have any idea where she might be now?
  7. So out of curiosity, are there any women who are chubby now, but used to have rock-solid abs, and if so, what happened to cause such a change in the first place ?
  8. I've been a member here for a while, but I never properly introduced myself on here, so here I am. Some basics about me, I'm 21, white, really skinny and plan to stay that way. I like women who have really big, round bellies, but who are also pretty skinny everywhere else. I also have a bit of a bellybutton fetish, as I generally like any type of bellybutton, be it an innie, an outie, pierced, shaped funny, they're all good in my book. I also happen to really like women who started out really skinny, but over time, gained a lot of weight, and now are pretty fat. So that's me, I know it doesn't cover everything, but I'm more than willing to go into further detail about myself if anyone wants.
  9. I've seen a lot of women who, before they got chubby, used to have rock hard abs. For those that fit into that category, I'm curious as to what happened that caused such a change?
  10. So my girlfriend has been trying to get a rounder belly as she gains weight, the problem is that she is getting more of a double belly. Anyone know of any way to make her belly more round and pregnant looking?
  11. Hi there. So I've been here for a few months, and was wondering if there were any girls on here who wanted to chat. I'm 20 yeaes old, male, and rather picky with the type of women I like. Basically, if you are a woman who is pretty skinny everywhere else but has a belly that looks pregnant even though it's just fat, Message me, that is the type of woman I'm looking to chat with.
  12. Hey guys, so recently, my girlfriend has taken an interest in gaining weight. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to make the weight distribute in more desireable locations. (eg: Stomach, breasts, thighs, etc) any advice welcome.
  13. Interesting development, all of ayumi's youtube videos are gone from her channel, could anyone explain why?
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