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  1. Fan21

    Bella Thorne

    She’s always been so pretty and now with the added pounds she’s absolutely gorgeous! Hope her fans don’t bash her too much for her gain and she’s confident to at least maintain her current figure.
  2. Fan21

    Bebe Rexha

    Bebe since her weight is spiralling out of control. I think she completely let go and accepted her ample curves. So there’s a lot of potential for her to get even chubbier. Lauren is younger and will probably yo-yo diet for a couple of more years before following Bebe’s steps.
  3. Fan21

    Bebe Rexha

    It’s wonderful to observe that even in her edited Instagram photos (the greeen dress ones), she still looks properly massive. I think she truly succumbed to her curvaceous figure and now now nothing more than a transitory minor weight gain is possible.
  4. Fan21

    Giorgia Colella

    They’ll snap back - they’re positive at ANY weight. Seems to me they embrace body positivity only when they gain weight. It’s a shame since Giorgia had such delicious curves, she was standing out among the crowd of girls striving to minimise their weight. I expect her fans will congratulate her on Instagram on her weight loss. She’s not body positive at all since she was actively trying to lose weight, it’s not like the weight loss was accidental or caused by some health issues.
  5. Fan21

    Giorgia Colella

    The train is gone, she’s too young and appearance concerned, plus she’s working out regularly, if she wishes, she can easily lose even more weight.
  6. Fan21

    Addison Rae

    Looks to me she’s shed off some weight, yet it is hardly surprising given her urge to preserve and further develop her so-called celebrity status.
  7. Since she gave birth she’s glowing and happily the pounds keep piling on!
  8. First two pics is Mabel right now, she’s totally unrecognisable, approaching anorexic territory. What was wrong with her prior figure (pics from 3rd downwards, mainly 2018 and 2019), she was looking nice and curvy, no way near obese! Celebrities are so focused on pursuing the optimal/lowest weight and they don’t realise that lay people may actually prefer someone with a bit more curves, and admittedly still healthy - which she used to be…I don’t have the right to comment on anyone’s physical appearance but personally I believe me and the majority of men would prefer her previous curves
  9. Fan21

    Bri Martinez

    Hope she keeps gaining! For sure, she’s carrying the extra weight wonderfully!
  10. I’m amazed how I never found this thread…she looks so voluptuous, and even properly fat in the unedited non-modelling pics.
  11. Fan21

    Addison Rae

    Even baggy clothes can no longer hide her growing gut.
  12. Fan21

    Addison Rae

    How long before she’s considered a fatty? Her thighs are massive! edit: Dressed in green it looks as if she’ll soon have a gut larger than Shrek and Fiona.
  13. Fan21

    Amber Nova

    Isn't she on OnlyFans. I saw she's active but I don't know how regularly she publishes content.
  14. Fan21

    Addison Rae

    I agree she isn’t too bright and I’m not a fan of her antics, but I can equally say the same for most emerging so-called celebrities. She looks stunning though and I hope she keeps up her curves despite the skinny-centric society we live in.
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