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    if i could, i would give it six stars. the chemistry between the girls is on point.
  1. what kind of cake? long time no see, when are we going to get to hear that sweet voice again?
  2. for q & a - what are your favorite parts of the gaining experience? What are some little things you notice and enjoy as you grow your curves? does it turn you on when you try to squeeze into clothes that don't fit anymore?
    Great video! Fun energy as usual. If you keep making them, we'll keep watching them! Do you take requests?
  3. you look great, and you look like you feel great. thanks for sharing your journey on Curvage!
  4. cute as always, but you're looking a little thin. I think you need a feeder.
  5. you're cute, how long have you known about the community?
  6. what do your tattoos mean?
  7. nice smile! welcome to Curvage.  is the clothing in the pictures random, or do you have a thing for flowers?

    1. Americanmom


      I looove all floral lol😊

    fun video, you can tell lexxyy likes doing something naughty and shamed.
    good video, lexxyy is down to earth and fun to watch!
    fantastic video, this girl has a great smile and a fun personality. wish she were active!
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