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  1. I'm pretty sure what would be the result, but i would love to see you try this as many times as you wish!
  2. This looks high in calories eheh So, you just put 10$ of gas just so you need to go more often, right?
  3. If they have this notice, you will have to eat faster
  4. Good idea to make a vid at your lunch brake! And after all these tacos, you're not even full yet!! Keep stuffing that big belly so it can stick out more
  5. I'm a bit late, but Merry Christmas to you!!!! I hope you had fun, partys, a lot of presents, and many meals with unlimited foods for your gorgeous body ;)

    1. I like em in leggings

      I like em in leggings

      Zoey succumbed to chicago sorry:(

  6. Wow, so big! Im curious to know what you ate to get round like that, it is surely impressive (and abusive eheh)
  7. Welcome back! You bring some more pounds with you as i can see
  8. The third pic is just wow! You looked stuffed, and proud But, an entire pizza before the movie? I bet that fat belly bumped some people while you were going to your seat!
  9. You are hiding how much it will cost to feed in you at the restaurant lol
  10. Would have been so sexy to see what big gut looks in front of the steering wheel!!!
  11. You know what to do! Just open the mouth and food will get in naturally to feed that belly ^^
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