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  1. Garamonde

    Nicki Minaj

    Also found a couple where she is dedinitely looking more than slightly rounder. Her fans are noticing too and keep either calling her fat or saying she is pregnant.
  2. Garamonde


    Wow, she fattened right back up in no time flat
  3. Garamonde

    Steph Pacca

    It's tiny, and I was pretty skeptical, but it really does look like she's getting a tiny belly. It's great watching a woman like this slowly lose herself to fatness. Keep eating, fatass. That is the only thing you're ever going to be again.
  4. I've noticed at well. I received similar treatment up until the last few years. I noticed immediately when people less shy about loving larger girls, and now if you look at any before/after diet campaign, most comments will actually you how disgusted they are by the newer, slimmer girl
  5. I have no idea how we were expected to find this sequence of yours oo; I even searched for it ;>> A tendency to explode when thrown.....dood.
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