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  1. She got quite fat. Looking cute in her"got talent' outfits now.
  2. I couldn't believe not to find a thread about her. Here she is at the set of her new movie.
  3. A famous actress from Poland who gained some weight over the years.
  4. Be carefull when you use your real name at facebook. It appears in public there.
  5. Is she really stuffing her face with butter in the vid? No wonder she goes pfffffftt.... that quickly.
  6. It seems she prefers wearing tents recently.[emoji3]
  7. Devon's skin is turning really red as Courtney is laying more and more gloves at Devons flab around her waist.
  8. Devon d'Amo looking ok after first round against Courtney, pretty exhausted after 3rd round and ko in 4th round.
  9. She is also perfect example.The opponent goes directly to her bellyfat and it seems it doesn't take too long until she falls like a sandbag.I love her afraid view at her belly in the 2nd last pic
  10. I like it the other way around when the fit girl is steadily working at the heavier opponents flab making her more and more breathlessly until she falls.
  11. I guess in blue trunks is MMA wrestler Devon Damo. Nice at 36sec how her protection is forced down by a hit at her bellyflab and the hit in her face is next
  12. I really like this one, Rising up her arms to protect her face but looking down afraid as her opponent immediatly starts to work at her belly flab. She's the clearly heavier one but will fall soon and she knows already.
  13. hottyzwazwe

    Marion Bartoli

    Just see her interviewing Sascha Zverev. Oh my God has she gotten big. I Like the kind of tents she is wearing now.
  14. Only one Pic WOW Gesendet von meinem Lenovo TB-J606F mit Tapatalk
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