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  1. Had a day out at a shopping Center with my wife, who was wearing a long summer dress, which clearly shows she’s all belly and tits. It was amazing to note how many guys walking towards us were checking her out, looking her up and down. She’s such a pretty girl, blessed with a gorgeous face. I couldnt determine however, if those guys staring were admiring and attracted to her, or in disbelief that this gorgeous girl is carrying round such a huge belly (and hips, ass, tits, fat everywhere). I was enjoying it though that she was being noticed.
  2. We attended a family bbq yesterday, at my wife’s sisters. After the bbq, at which my wife had eaten considerably more than I could manage, our niece asked if anyone could shoot some hoops with them .My wife used to be a big netball fan. But the answer yesterday after initially rising to her feet was “ugh no, I’m too full”.
  3. One of the sexiest , though not posting, still lusted after by young lads, 🍆💦

  4. Same reason I like girls smoking. When they try to exercise and tire easily, get breathless when walking, their lifestyle and habit choices limiting them. Also love the addiction, when they attempt to correct their eating / smoking, and cave in
  5. Looking phenomenal, blown away by your recent pics, this one and the lollipop one, irresistible. Keep the calories pouring in, you’re amazing 🍆💦
  6. rested

    Im a good sucker ;)

    Beyond anything, you’re so sexy, 🍆💦
  7. When walking: “can we just stop a few minutes, I need to catch my breath”
  8. Great to read, thanks. Has she gained noticeable fat rolls?
  9. When my wife is lying on her side in little spoon position, I love it how when hugging her, her belly not only puddles out so far, but her side belly rises up away from the bed before flowing out in front of her. There must be so much fat in there. Love how at the end of park run, waiting for me amongst all of the well trained fit athletes, is my wife, with the most classically beautiful face and gorgeous hair, massively overweight sometimes eating a snack, always smoking cigarettes. I also love it that my condition at the end of park run, heart pounding out of breath, is my wife’s condition after climbing our stairs to bed.
  10. To huge proportion of the male population on earth, you are the hottest in the universe. I’m trying to get ready to go and play in a football ⚽️ match here, seen this, and now I can’t concentrate, 🍆🍆🍆🍆
  11. Your producing some of the greatest art ever to exist, both in your beautiful form and sexy pictures. And your breathlessness sounds 🔥 .....🍆💦💦
  12. Went to a gig last night in town, a few observations from my wife: Went out for tea, a typical pub meal. 1.... we parked around 0.75 miles away, on the stroll to the gig ..... increasing heavy breathing, and 2 comments: "I needn't have had a shower" and a big breath "can we slow down" ... honestly, this was a normal walking pace, no rush. 2 .... During the gig, we were seated for 1st half, then standing. While seated, "they certainly squash these seats in" most people were adequately accommodated, my wife was squashed in. During the standing part, shes dancing away, her hips rubbing on me, and my hand on her back, it felt like inside her skeleton was dancing, but her back fat was barely moving with my hand on it. She had 4 pints of Lager, I was driving. 3.... Arrived home, Me: I'm hungry, might get a snack (I'm thinking a small snack). Her: Lets half a pizza. We cooked the pizza, I had a qtr, and went to bed (I 'm at work today, my wife has the day off). All the Pizza disappeared, along with 2 bottles of my ale. I honestly can't believe she's still gaining with our summer holidays coming up, and being at her biggest due to lock down, ... as there has been half hearted diet talk / attempts.
  13. @TheBigAssBBW .... it has been said over and over, but again, you one of the most amazing girls I've ever seen, beautiful, curvy, gorgeous belly, and potential for a lot more. Absolutely stunning. .... how does it feel to be , to some of us, the most beautiful girl in the world?
  14. Me: sees your post as new girl on curvage, clicks on topic....... wow , so pretty and sexy, and great starter curves. Unusually, some pics I’d like to see are you clothed, in everyday settings, normal life..... oh, and on all fours with a belly hang 🍆💦💖. ....... I’ve had to go back and edit this post to add, you are so hot 🔥🔥
  15. It’s been up and down, she’s not wanting to be bigger, loses a little, gains a little, but there’s definitely more fat on her, noticeable in bed..... used to be that while hugging her in bed, under her boobs above her belly you would almost get to a sense of her size without the fat. Now, since last couple of months, it’s really gained far even there. Belly is a lot more full also. When on her side, the belly rolls are bigger and extend further. When in her back and I hug her, the rolls either side where her bra strap would be are unreal, so many and so deep. Also the shelf of her belly above her fupa area is a significant roll now, a very big step up onto her belly fat. I think she’ll look to lose some in January, which is also fine and I’ll support that, but it’s all good fun aswell while she’s this size. I’m intrigued what the plan is for our august beach holiday, 2 weeks in Minorca, it’s been put back 2 years due to covid, and she has ballooned in that time. I want her to be confident and happy for that, so it’s up to me to help her feel that way either at this size or a little smaller. Either Way I can’t wait for the looks she’ll get poolside.
  16. Amazing shapes, and beauty you’d not be getting straight to sleep 🍆
  17. It wasn’t quite as literal as that, and the grand mother isn’t quite all with it. She asked my wife “I wonder what all of this weight looks like under there”. I didn’t realise the comment has been made at the time, my wife told me later, it’sa good job I want in ear shot as goodness knows how the old dear would have reacted to my encouragement of my wife’s obesity.
  18. I need to follow up on this sometime, but Christmas family get together yesterday, my wife’s 85 year old grand mother was intrigued by my girls size and weight, and prodded her, spoke to her multiple times about it and asked to see her naked.
  19. Hello all, who is this gorgeous girl in the YouTube video? https://youtu.be/5ayXr3gYt7k Thanks in advance
  20. rested

    Happy Valentines Day

    We need more of this belly hang, your body here blows imaginations, my mind couldn’t create these sexy curves.
  21. rested


    So hot, must feed and 🍆
  22. rested


    This is actually an insane level of sexual attractiveness, stunning
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