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  1. What is it about this that’s hot? Like don’t get me wrong when you’re not turned on it seems just insecure and bad but when im in the mood this is just kinda hot
  2. If she says anything to you like that in person you better play with that fat belly haha
  3. I think i feel lucky bc i mostly just have a belly play and chubby girl fetish, nothing too extreme and i still am attracted to thinner girls. I don’t know if I technically have the feeder fetish
  4. I think you also might not realize how discouraging it’ll be when you get a taste of how much harder it will be to exercise. You’re going to get exhausted so much faster than you used to
  5. Does she still ask you to play with her belly?
  6. I had an ex who i used to do with with, she loved belly rubs and would typically fall asleep to them but as soon as she fell asleep I’d typically get a good handful of belly or jiggle it with my finger tips. Anybody else love doing this?
  7. Have you ever thought about what fit girls think when they walk by you? Now that you’re officially an out of shape fat girl. They can probably see you get a little out if breath doing basic things like climbing stairs
  8. Has your belly become more sensitive to the touch as you’ve gotten fatter? Does getting your belly played with feel pleasurable now?
  9. This is why I constantly fantasize about walking up to fat girls and rubbing their bellies and watching the reaction go from shocked to mesmerized and pleasureed
  10. So fat girls indeed have far more sensitive bellies than skinny girls
  11. This makes a lot of sense. I was dancing with a fat girl at a party once and when i hugged her from behind and rubbed her belly for a while with the tips of my fingers she leaned her head back on my shoulder
  12. Do you think having a fat belly makes it more sensitive?
  13. Do you think having a bigger softer belly might make it more pleasurable?
  14. Ever think about letting your belly really hang out after eating a lot just to see what kind of stares or comments you get?
  15. That sounds pretty reasonable. Do you think most fat girls have more sensitive bellies than skinny girls do? Since they’re softer and bigger?
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