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  1. idluvr

    Feedback to new Curvage

    I liked being able to look at the user list at the bottom of the forums page and those on my friend list were highlighted if they were online, a feature that I really liked. I can't tell if it still works that way as I seem to have lost my friend list in the upgrade. Will that be brought back?
  2. idluvr

    my poetry

    I would love to see your youtube if you give that info out on here.
  3. idluvr

    i would really love advice on this

    I would suggest as some others have mentioned, maybe trying out youtube at first to see if you really like putting yourself out there, you can always do that without showing your face. Then you might try putting out some clips on clips4sale and let people know about it on here and see how that goes. From what I've seen of your pics, just putting it out there that you are interested I would think would get you some offers!! Many sites recruit from here and FF. Good luck!
  4. idluvr

    Fatty stoner probs...

    Sounds awesome...wish I was there to give you that belly rub!
  5. idluvr

    Fatty stoner probs...

    Wow, you must really be stuffed!! :thumbsup:
  6. idluvr

    Hi guys! I'm new here, 18 year old female.

    Welcome! Most guys here are probably going to prefer the full ones, lol....but most of us also like to see the contrast between the two!
  7. idluvr

    New Girl/Youtuber

    Hey! It's good to see you here...welcome! Your pics are awesome and your vids are even better! I can't wait to see a lot more of you in the future!
  8. idluvr

    Greetings from México ~

    Welcome Alesska, wow you are gorgeous!!
  9. idluvr

    Hello! Just introducing mysef!

    Hi, Raven so you did go ahead and join up over here, that's awesome! I can't wait to see you start posting stuff here!
  10. idluvr

    Super Excited!

    Wow, you look amazing!! Welcome, can't wait to see more of you!!
  11. idluvr

    myello, they call me Bouncy

    Welcome!!! Well you certainly got people's attention with your first picture post I hope you like it here and that we get to see lots more of you in the future!
  12. idluvr

    My only love sprung from my only hate.

    Congratulations! and yes that selfie is sexy...looking good! :thumbsup:
  13. Is the chat room considered "moderated" or is it just a free-for-all where anyone can say anything with no rules? There is a person who attacks me personally every time I go in chat, and I've seen several others get the same treatment in there. This dude sits in there totally trying to monopolize the convo with any females who come in the room and calls every other guy who tries to talk to a lady a creeper or worse. I think it's a big part of the reason why chat hasn't really taken off on this site. The girls get tired of the dude white knighting and the guys just give up and leave because they get attacked if they try to say anything to a female member. It's ruining chat for everyone!