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  1. Oh boy do I look a fat piggy mess. Just look at the state I am.....a lazy, greedy slob 😁😁😁
  2. ChubbySaz


    My girl Ri - Ri looking flabbbbbby. Her gut is my girl crushhhhh
  3. Girl you've got to be pushing obesity with that belly. You're my girl crush x
  4. I'm so fat I had to go out for my mum's birthday in jeans that don't fasten 😁 not gonna lie it made me so horny
  5. A little update. I went to the doctor today for a little personal issue and I was scolded by her for my gain. I got on the scales and I was 4 stones heavier than when I went last year in march so in 18 months I've gained 64lbs. My BMI is now at 32.6 so I'm medically obese but the dramatic gain led to her telling me my weight is a "cause for concern" and that I'm carrying a "significant amount of excess belly fat". During this I couldn't help but feel myself getting wet between my legs....this is a gain consuming my life and I ADORE IT. I can't wait for 200lbs 😁
  6. Heyyyy good guess I'm 5'7 and 183lbs. Thanks for the support 😀
  7. Mmmmmmm I turned myself on with these. Damn I'm getting fat as f*ck
  8. A week on and my god I'm now officially an obese slob.....teasing required lol
  9. 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖 gosh I'm ballooning now
  10. I'm craving the love and attention I'm getting for getting so fat.....message and humiliate me
  11. Wow so that absolutely blew my mind. I swear everyone was looking at me....I know I looked a fat pig. The dress was riding up, exposing my cellulite thighs, my arse jiggling with every step. I feel heavy, I feel slow and I just feel so hopelessly fat. That was an evening of eating, drinking and suffering so much arousal that I could barely stop my hand from wandering between my thighs. I feel like I've lost all control....and I just crave to be bigger
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