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  1. Girl you're so hot. Dunno if I want to look like you or kiss you lol. You're perfect x
  2. Her latest jeans and fat belly tiktoks are hot. Literally number 1 girl crush
  3. Lol that says everything ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I thought straight away of you when liv came out at 30 lol
  4. Because it has improved. She's barely botching and not hurting and being unsafe with the other women. If that's down to weight loss or her training and improving her skills is anyone's guess. If you genuinely think she isn't bigger than her debut in 2016 (that comparison pic is her second match) when there's literally a picture there showing she is or that she's not bigger than the roster then you're utterly deluded. That's me out it's 5 am and I'm off to work.
  5. Quite simple, I've never said she looks better smaller. She doesn't in my view because I like fat girls and like being fat myself. What I said is that she's fatter than any other than piper, which unless you're watching with your eyes closed, she is. Name me any other WWE female wrestler than is fatter than Nia and I'll say fair enough....but you can't because there isn't. She's much smaller than her main roster first run but as proven by the picture above, she's still bigger than her nxt debut. That's the end of it because I'm up for work.
  6. For a start you said she's smaller now than her next debut, which is nonsense. She's still significantly bigger than 2016 as I will show in the comparison. I'm not celebrating her weight loss at all. But you are the one saying "she looks terrible" whilst bleeting on about body positivity. Literally you're doing the exact opposite of what you say.
  7. "Good for her she's improved her ring work too". Eh?? Where does that say I'm celebrating weight loss? I'm saying it's good on her for improving her ring performance. Not that I need to explain myself to you but I'm on here because I love gaining weight myself. What relevance that has to a WWE wrestler deciding to lose weight I'm not sure. Nia looks bigger/fatter than all but piper on the WWE roster. There's not one anyone could name who is bigger....she is however much slimmer than before her release. If you think she looks terrible....that's on you
  8. The fact you look so turned on when he grabs your fat gut is the hottest thing ๐Ÿฅฐ
  9. The fact you look so turned on with him grabbing your fat belly ๐Ÿฅต
  10. I've said she lost a fair amount of weight. Good for her she's improved her in ring performance too.
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