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  1. le_gone

    Erica Lauren

    She looks quite young on that picture!
  2. Weight gain is a turn on. When outgrowing her outfits and not restraining her food intake though
  3. I would not say obese, but deliciously overweight !
  4. le_gone

    Erica Lauren

    The perfect dress for the perfect body !
  5. She is so attractive. She has the perfect figure, her beautiful ass is perfectly balanced by her sexy belly and they are fully displayed with the black sheath dress. At 3:37, love the jiggling belly !
  6. Oh yes I can ! That would be such a delight to look at those curves !
  7. Yesterday evening we had not much for dinner so we decided to go to a nearby restaurant, an all you can eat buffet, to have a « light supper » said my wife. But of course, in front of all the exposed food, she didn’t resist to temptations. But « I’ll not take dessert » she said. And what happened ? «I’ll have a look to desserts, to have a few things » and came back with a full plate of various cakes ! Back home, she took off her skirt, felt down onto the couch and, patting her round belly, said « I took advance on Christmas stuffing I’m afraid ». Of course, tonight we have Christmas Eve dinner at her family ‘s and tomorrow Christmas lunch at my family’s !
  8. le_gone

    Erica Lauren

    Woah, this is not the thinnest she has ever been !!!
  9. Of course, she likes so much to display her well fed beauty ! She is so proud of it !
  10. We had the opportunity to go to Sicilia for 5 days, together with a couple of friends. The woman of this couple is a real foodie, although she is slightly chubby but not that much (she is 1,62 m high and I would say she is 65 kg). And it seems that she never refrained herself from eating and enjoying food ! So, not only in the restaurant she enjoyed local food a lot, but each time we passed by a bakery she stopped and so often she entered for ordering local pastries, which are quite high-calorie with cream and almond past. Of course, my wife, who is much more mindful of her calorie intake (although 20 kg heavier !) tried to resist to the attractiveness of these delights, but generally to no avail ! And our friend saying « let yourself go, it is so good, enjoy like I do ». To be honest, she offered little resistance but back home she told me she gained 4 kg ! And she added « and Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch are coming ! ». I wonder whether she is on her way for coming back to her peak weight !
  11. She is blossoming nicely !
  12. I always thought that her belly is her best asset !
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