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  1. Yeah, pressing and lifting up her soft belly from behind is so good. When doing that, my wife immediately feels some physiological reaction I have against her ass!
  2. This is a very suitable weight for her height !
  3. How I understand you feeling when looking at her and share your thoughts ! It is such a turn on for me too when I saw others watching my wife and her curves; either they appreciate or they find her too fat, in all cases that is so good !
  4. As regards her belly, my wife sometimes wears shapewear. In fact she was used to wear shapewear but gave up one or two years ago. But recently she bought some new ones as her belly is definitely fatter with her recent gain ! She is also familiar with waist cincher and boobs enhancer !
  5. le_gone

    Erica Lauren

    Don't know her weight, but it suits her very well !
  6. Your wife’s weight path is very similar to that of my wife. I met her at around 62/63 kg for 1m69, watching her weight to stick with social standards, which was quite a struggle for her as she is naturally a foody, liking cooking and eating. However, during our first year she gained a little (6 or 7 kg) because of enjoying life together, partying with friends, going to restaurants, etc. And when she came to know my preferences for her new curves, she felt more free to enjoy food and her gain accelerated! Of course with some regular remorse and regrets. But anyway she came to a maximum of 94 kg. The perspective of reaching the threshold of 100 kg causes a reaction and she lost a lot by dieting and working out more (in fact she always worked out). Then she remained watching her weight which kept fluctuating between 75 and 80/82, although it is now creeping up again because of less work out and indulging more due to more stress at work. As your wife, she is a pear, and like most women, she doesn’t like her growing belly. She would prefer to get bigger boobs but she always had small boobs which gained only a little. And as she said, when gaining, boobs are gaining a little but when loosing, they are losing first! All this happened on a period of 10 years.
  7. le_gone

    Dascha Polanco

    Look at the guy'gaze !!!
  8. It happens. At my work place, there is a women who is quite tall and slender, very beautiful body according to standards, who got pregnant two times. Each times, her ass got huge ! Sadly she lost it each time. But I remember how the others girls were chatting about her and her big ass !
  9. Italian food is making beautiful women !
  10. Such a beautiful woman !
  11. 3 straps are necessary for holding that belly !
  12. Yesterday it was public holiday and weather is finally getting better. So my wife decided to sort out her summer clothes between those she’ll wear this year and those she’ll get rid of, either because she doesn’t like them anymore or because they don’t fit anymore! It was such a show, looking at her trying all this stuff like light dresses revealing her curves or sexy tops showing off her deep belly button and bouncing belly. It has been more difficult with pants and shorts! Her thighs, ass and belly have clearly benefited from winter time, she got some new saddle bags, plump and soft, and her belly has grown fatter. But what is quite new is that she made no comments at all such as “I put on weight” or “I have to diet” or “I’m too fat”. No, she only sort out her clothes, trying each one, asking me whether I like or not, trying to pull up her shorts on her fat thighs or pressing her belly fat while zipping up her pants. And when she got to bikinis… I couldn’t take my eyes off her waddling ass, her bouncing belly. One bikini is low-waisted and it was pressing deep in her fat, almost totally swallowed by her hips fat and hidden by her belly spilling over. The other one is high waisted and I love so much how it contains her lower belly like a pink spare tyre (her bikini is pink) slightly wobbling as she moves around. The only comment she made was during the dinner. Her Moroccan friend came and we had dinner together. She brought some Arabic pastries she made herself, but she ate only few of them. As my wife told her to have more she said she was trying to lose some weight and my wife replied that she sorted out her clothes so now none of her clothes didn’t fit! And she didn’t refrain from eating those high calorie pastries! I thought is was worth sharing this and I hope you’ll like it.
  13. She is definitely getting thicker...
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