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  1. Lightened for everyone’s benefit. OOOOF!! 😮
  2. Not sure how old these stats are...maybe she’s grown some more? Awestruck my how large each measurement is tho. Erica is truly a big girl! 😁
  3. MadDog

    someone knows who shi ?

    ^^^^ Not Asian, and that pic along with several others have been floating round the net for 10+ years. There’s question as to the validity of the pics as well. No specific name has ever been associated.
  4. Thanks @S77 for listening and responding. Let me navigate around for the rest of the day/weekend and see how things go. Fingers crossed! 🤞
  5. Well, certainly hope a decision is made soon, one way or the other. My user experience has deteriorated immensely with everyone simply posting the embedded link instead of the pic itself. This is even when on wifi, not just cellular. I can’t get full pages to load and it’s very frustrating 😡
  6. Mods, The feature that allows a user to paste an IG link, then auto-embeddes into their post, is creating a terrible bottleneck with slowing down the site, especially on mobile. Pages rarely load fully when it’s populated with nothing but embedded links. Truly hate this specific feature. Embedding with gifs and other things are fine, but the IG link feature is really creating an unfriendly user experience. It seems to load slower than normal, possibly cause it’s trying to link to the native feed (??). Currently, I can’t even leave a comment on the Ayesha Perry thread, cause the entire page is nothing but embedded links, and the amount of time it takes for them all to link up to IG so it displays the ‘feed’ is HORRENDOUS!! Seriously consider not allowing this. It will help speed up page loading and possibly allow the site overall to behave in a more efficient manner. @cyrobolives2.0 Please take the extra time to save the IG photo you wish to post, and simply post the pic, instead of the link. You’ll be doing a large portion of this community a favor. Appreciate your posts, just not a fan of the embedded IG link. If you need assistance on how to save a pic, there are lots of apps that allow you to do this quite easily. Thank you.
  7. Great story! Like the direction of where this is going. Looking forward to reading the next parts!! How soon do you anticipate updating??
  8. MadDog

    Gia Sinatra

    Boy, someone sure has filled out! That comparison is a 1 year difference. Feb 2018 to Mar 2019. How much ya think she’s gained??
  9. Damn still lookin crazy thick. Noticed a lot lately in pics you can tell she’s sucking it in a lot.
  10. Ummmm... is she not wearing any panties... let alone anything else under that wrap??!! 😯 All I see is lots of skin!
  11. Big belly!! 😍
  12. Hot Damn! 😍 Would love to see those thighs in motion at the gym!
  13. MadDog

    Hunter McGrady

    Meant to ask... what is the date/year of the before pic in the white top? Where did you find it? Perfect contrast for this comparison cause she’s literally posing in the same manner in both pics. Kudos!
  14. MadDog

    Hunter McGrady

    Ok... now we gotta get a skinny pic up next to that one!! Lookin so fat and beautiful!,
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