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  1. MadDog


    Turning into such a FATTY and she can’t hide it!
  2. Excellent reference. Healthy indeed! She’s gotta be aware that her belly sticks out so much now, right? 😄 The amount of weight she’s put on is absolutely stellar! Let’s hope she just says F-it and keeps on growing ...
  3. Nah... I didn’t make that. Found it on another site and just thought it belonged here. 😊 Who’s had AGT vids removed before? I don’t recall ever seeing one taken down 🤷‍♂️
  4. Looks like all that time spent back home in Cleveland during quarantine did some wonders!
  5. For Steph, no matter if she gains or loses, which she seems to do quite a bit, is those hips and chunky thighs are what gets me the most. 🔥
  6. Lots of comments from ppl on her IG about sucking it in too hard for these pics. Lol One of them cracked me up... “it’s ok to exhale Steph”. 😆
  7. MadDog


    My gawd she’s getting SO FAT!
  8. Quite astonishing how quickly she’s chubbed back up in recent months. You can really see it in the growing girth of her stomach and extra thickness in her upper arms. As if she’s on a quest to get bigger! Lol 😂
  9. MadDog


    So seriously... how much weight do you think she’s gained over the past 6mos? One things for sure, she really can’t hide anymore how much of a chubbo she’s turned into!
  10. MadDog


    Looking wider everywhere! 😍
  11. Wow she’s really been into showing off how chubby she’s been getting lately and seems to have taken a liking to it! It’s almost as if she’s on a quest to get fat again lol. 😍 (if only that were true...)
  12. Been a long minute since Sarina’s been posted. By the looks of these recent pics, she’s definitely thickened-up considerably!
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