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  1. At closer inspection, there’s some nice jiggly meat there in the FUPA and love-handles area ! 😍
  2. There’s quite a few apps out there that allow you to save IG story vids to your mobile device, but for some reason wasn’t able to do so with those two of Ellena’s, so instead just used ‘screen record’ that’s built into the IOS software on my iPhone.
  3. ^^^^^personally, I prefer seeing the actual picture in Curvage threads rather than the linked post. When there are an abundance of linked posts on a single page, loading on mobile with cell service (not WiFi) can be a drag.... 🤷‍♂️ Wish more Curvage posters would take the time to add the picture file instead. Anyhooo.... love how Ellana embraces her ‘belly look’ in the clothes she wears. 😍
  4. MadDog

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Darn those titties are lookin big!
  5. Didn’t realize she’s Sophie Turner’s sister. Says she weighs 325lbs !!
  6. Her girth is expanding
  7. MadDog

    Loey Lane

    Amazing how big her belly is getting. Really exploding as of late! 😍
  8. For anyone who may recall this classic photo that made its way around the internet back in the day.... this is the same girl. Her name is actually Niquia (Nicki) Lederson from Australia. She has definitely maintained her THICKNESS! Here’s a few more ‘vintage’ shots...
  9. Wow. Lookin extra thick in the middle! 🔥
  10. MadDog

    Amber Nova

    Yes... it is a cesspool... the trick is knowing where to go exactly. For example, when you click the link above for the ‘blogspot’, you then see a few naked pics, then all the pics of file folders. When you scroll all the way down, you’ll then see this next link... http://eunsetee.com/11857611/amber-nova-dropbox when you click on it, it goes to an ‘AdFly’ page. Wait for the 5 second countdown then click the button that says “SKIP AD”. It will then automatically link you to the legit DropBox folder that contains 3.8 gigs of material. It works. No joke. 👍
  11. MadDog

    Amber Nova

    It’s all there. 3.8 GB worth of every angle and shot of Amber you could imagine. 😍 Literally hundreds and hundreds of photos. (It’s a Dropbox download basically)
  12. MadDog

    Random Finds

    7. Black Leggings One 8. Black Leggings Two
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