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  1. Although she fluctuates in weight a lot, she’s really destined to be a true fatty. 😍
  2. I shall call her... Chubbelina 👑
  3. She’s really developed quite the nice belly crease. It’s most apparent in the side view. Not to mention her upper arms have gotten so fat and wide! 😍
  4. Found the actual ad. Stephanie really does look nice and big!
  5. Agreed 100%. She’s much bigger/thicker than ppl think, and from what her images portray. Excellent GIF @Callie Cuttlefish What video is that from? Do you have a link?
  6. My understanding is that she has gained in excess of 50lbs during this pregnancy. Will be interesting to see just how much she ends up losing.
  7. Very Revealing stats. There’s a typo with the height (180cm is correct tho... 5’10”), but I enjoy the fact she’s over the 200 threshold. 😍
  8. Love that she never tries to hide her growing belly. Such confidence! 😍
  9. Miss these days.... Any thought to what her highest weight was at her heaviest??
  10. Anyone know who the blonde in the back is with the bulging tummy?
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