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  1. I realize this is old, but wanted to ask @Rodrigo2017 (or anyone else who would know)... did these screencaps come from an IG story or Snap? Was it hers or someone else’s? Gawd would be great to find the vid of this. For research purposes of course... 🤓
  2. MadDog

    F Word

    Did I say you were yelling? Anyhow, you have yourself a good day, “Brenda”.
  3. Using the F word is one thing, but telling ppl to “Fuck Off” is completely different. I just found it to be unnecessary, that’s all.
  4. Were her boobs always that big? She hides them well, but in those sweaters they look YUGE!!
  5. Is OnlyFans the new Instagram?! Yet another one who’s joined the fray... https://onlyfans.com/ellanabryan Personally this one doesn’t make sense to me. Ellana is the last person I would have thought to go down this road. Just doesn’t seem to match her MO, but maybe she’ll surprise us? 😃
  6. How can this gorgeous chunk of honey be single?!! 😍
  7. Looks like Hannah’s getting too fat for her jeans! 😍
  8. Well, it seems Brooke has suddenly become active on Reddit, with several posts in the last few days, the most recent ones discussing her weight loss journey starting back in 2016, when she was in that TORRID fashion contest. https://www.reddit.com/u/YeahokayG/ https://www.reddit.com/r/PlasticSurgery/comments/f459w7/plussized_tummy_tuck_ive_lost_170_pounds_but_am/ She said at the time she was a size 26. Based on the math, between what she weighs now and how much she’s lost, she weighed 380lbs. at her highest weight! I was a bit skeptical as to whether or not it is truly her, since unfortunately Reddit is filled with trolls and ‘impersonators’, but she confirmed in a brief conversation between us it legitimately IS her on there. 😊 Will be interesting to see where this goes, but kinda insightful to hear her talk openly about her experience.
  9. Thanks for the update on this. I too have noticed a lot of loading issues over the course of the last several days, both on mobile and desktop. Even the preview pics at the top of a thread (on mobile) only show an error and not the pic’s image.
  10. As seen on Reddit.... Caption: ‘Facing the Fat’
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