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  1. To lazy to cook? You like when someone cook for you... after over à decade in professional kitchen... I can assure you that the percentage of f.a. is slightly higher there than in the general population 😉. Just saying (and we dont need breaks😉😂)
  2. My favorite picture, makes me wonder if you'd like to come to my restaurant, I could create a ''plat du jour'' just for you...
  3. I second that, it would surely be a delight to see some before after!!!
  4. oh well gainning to fast often means not taking time to enjoy too much of what you like... using weight gain shake to the extremes by example!!! its not a race...
  5. All of them... but I did tought it was cute to you to show us that your circompherence is pretty much the same as your height...
  6. Like I said previously, any pictures of you without your face in it dont have 20% of the effect it should have....
  7. Hey guy's, i've read a lot of really average comment, either not classy or just not imaginative... But i've read beautifull gems!!! So let's make a contest, and try to top each other at boosting her ego(let's try to inflate it to continental rated size...)!!! Cool and charismatic on top of beautiful and sexy, that's recipe for regalness...
  8. Ojos de la muerte... seriously!!! Cool on top of beautifulll... omg
  9. I went to see your clip store, the snow white one was so cool, i wish we could redo that with a real medieval dress... and with your hair untied... but that have a huge appeal to me...
  10. I'm pretty sure that you were 400 at least 2 years ago if I read well, but we have have to take account of your height... so its the only estimate that make sense to me... if i'm wrong that's cause you'd be heavier than that...
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