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  1. All the plastic surgery has left her with— I guess odd would be the right word— nipples
  2. Whatever it is, she is obviously on to us. She has food/eats food in almost all her music videos now.
  3. My first reaction was “who is that fat chi- Oh my gosh that’s Lucy!” 😍
  4. Has she grown in the last year, or did she stick with the diet?
  5. That makes it even more of a mystery
  6. Also, what happened that she gained that much weight that quickly?
  7. Are these from before the lipo?
  8. montuemon

    Who is this?

    She did at one point, but got tired of this forum. She posts off and on on **.
  9. it is, he's messing with you.
  10. montuemon

    Aidy Bryant

    Maybe if she's 4' 6"
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