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  1. SnacksOnSnacks

    Bulking Up Steph (Illustrated)

    I’ve already complimented on how great this story is getting on your deviantart page, but it definitely makes me want to go and add more chapters to my Madison’s Freshman 15 tree
  2. SnacksOnSnacks

    Old story "My Athletic Friend"

    A story with a great sequel as well. Sadly I think a part 3 was deserved but we never got it.
  3. SnacksOnSnacks

    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    Thanks! Maybe I will do just that Curious to know what you think might happen
  4. SnacksOnSnacks

    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    Heck yeah. That's my storyline I have not forgotten about it. I still have much of the rest of the story figured out. I just didn't know if people cared
  5. SnacksOnSnacks

    Stories You Keep Coming Back to

    @berserker1 I worked on Madison's Freshman 15, which arcs are you interested in?
  6. SnacksOnSnacks

    Jolie Holland

    Oh she is the best 😍😍I've seen her play in person and not only is her performance great she is very curvy. Sadly she hides it a lot.
  7. SnacksOnSnacks

    The Munchies

    Perhaps this has been some encouragement to continue the story
  8. SnacksOnSnacks

    who is this girl????

    I did end up finding her online though she doesn't appear to be as fat as those after photos. They may be different people.
  9. SnacksOnSnacks

    who is this girl????

    I dug, but don't have the time. I remember her from MySpace so it's been awhile.
  10. SnacksOnSnacks

    who is this girl????

    I only know her first name which isn't super helpful. But here's this
  11. SnacksOnSnacks

    Weight Gain Story Lines (TV & Movies)

    There's a ton of clips out there and I believe she was at her heaviest towards the end of the show. She does look more pregnant in this clip, but she looks more overall fat in others. That clip is good, but there is some gold in them hills, but someone would need to dedicate some time.
  12. SnacksOnSnacks

    The Munchies

    I've always loved the concept. I only wish we got more chapters to witness Sarah getting too fat to escape the munchies.
  13. SnacksOnSnacks

    Is there a story that's missing

    I plan to continue my part of the story soonish I already have most of the story planned out
  14. SnacksOnSnacks

    Emily Goes To College

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I love it!
  15. SnacksOnSnacks

    Emily Goes To College

    This is a great story! I hope we can see new chapters come around sooner.