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  1. Hallster

    Growing Ass + Ripped Tights

    You can tell from the sound of threads popping from the strain, and all the jiggling going on that someone's been getting fat. That massive round ass and thick thighs just can't be contained!
  2. Hallster

    Tight Bras + Gaining Talk Part 2

    You are really bulging out all over now, very sexy seeing you struggle with your tight bras.
  3. Hallster

    Weight Gain Talk + Ice Cream

    Absolutely incredible, from the start with you spilling from your once fitting lingere to that messy end, very sexy. Pausing mid sentence to eat a mouthful just shows how much you love to eat.
  4. Hallster

    Ember Rose - Donuts & Milk 2

    Absolutely amazing, you can really tell how much she enjoyed filming this.
  5. Hallster

    Health Secretary

    This is an excellent start.
  6. Hallster

    Becky's Binge

    Once you talk to the parents the game tells you things to look at but the links to do so aren't there. I can type in look at wardrobe but that's about it.
  7. Hallster

    Summer of the Belly

    Marvelous story!
  8. Hallster


    I'm liking this a lot