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  1. I really just go with my gut when it comes to names. What sounds and feels right for the character. The naming is something of an extension of the character creation itself. In this case every character changed names at least once. I remember coming across a first draft of chapter 1 where every character had a name that Didn't "fit". It made me chuckle. And no, you did not come across too harsh. I sincerely appreciate the feed back! All that being said, the Spanish nickname I gave Daniela and thereafter abandoned, meant "little bird." The caged bird she was drawing at the beginning of the tale reflected herself and her feelings about her own state of being. I don't imagine these feelings were conscious but they were true. Her tattoo also reflected this aspect of herself and as her arms got fatter and the tattoo expanded the small sparrow grew into a fatter looking bird as well. This also reflected the growth of Daniela. Initially I planned on there being a Spanish nick name of "little bird" and change that to "chubby bird" or something along those lines. I abandoned those ideas because I'm not a native Spanish speaker and I felt the point was being communicated well enough without the additional metaphor and imagery. The disadvantage of posting chapters while you write, can't redact something once it's up.
  2. THANKS buddy! I'm thankful that you read it. I responded in full over in my deviant art journal, since you posted there as well (Thanks) Really taking to heart what you said about inserting a darker tone. Something I've realized as I've started writing myself is that as long as it isn't overboard -- like the character explodes or is murdered or dies under the weight of their own fat or something awful like that -- then darker makes for much more interesting reading. Some of my favorite books series that I read in the last decade were the Simon Green Nightside series and the Anita Blake series (the first 2/3 of the series at least) and in both cases the heroes also had incredibly dark halves... like so dark that they were close to being the villain. The only saving grace was the villains were darker by far than they were. It made them all interesting as characters. It made for interesting stories. as i said over in deviant art, I'm a glass half full type of dude, so that realization didn't come to me right away but after writing this series I can see how a little higher stakes and a dark side to the events could have made the story better as a whole. Thanks for the commentary and the review. Doesnt look like too many people have read through to the end though. If you drop by to read, please speak up, at least for Berserker1133's incredible illustrations. That last one is absolutely amazing!!!!
  3. Well, that's all folks. Thanks to everyone who commented so far, and thanks for reading even if you didn't comment. If you do read though, I would love to hear your thoughts and it would be sincerely appreciated if you gave the whole thing a review! Keep an eye out for the final illustrations for the chapter from the incredibly gifted Berserker1133. As the one who dreamed up the premise for this joint project, he deserves lots of praise. It was a pleasure working with him! If you do take up the challenge to review the story, please consider the following questions! Plot 1. Did the story entertain and engage you beyond the primary focus of weight gain and lesbians in love? 2. Did you read entirely or just skim over to the "good parts"? 3. Did you like the characters? 4. Did the story feel grounded or was it too fantastic? 5. Did you feel there were any weak points in the story? 6. Did the sex scenes deliver? 7. What were the top 5 peak moments for you in this series? 8. Was there a direction with the plot you wanted me to go that I didn't take? 9. How believable were the character motivations? Characters 1. Who was your favorite character? 2. What was your favorite Couple? 3. Was there a coupling you wanted to see happen that didn't happen? 4. How did you feel about your favorite character's relationship with the others? 5. How do you feel about the relationships between all the other characters in the story? 6. Did the story suffer due to the lack of a good, recognizable antagonist? 7. Was there a character archetype you missed? Structure 1. Were the chapters too long or too short? 2. Was there enough time spent with your favorite characters? 3. Was there enough description of weight gain and fats? 4. Did you want to keep reading at the end of each chapter or were you pretty satisfied with each chapter conclusion? 5. Was there a lackluster chapter or point where the series floundered and lost its way? 6. What did you think of the ending? 7. What was the worst chapter? 8. What was the best chapter? 9. Do you feel the series ran its course and reached a satisfying conclusion? Finally, any other comments?
  4. Part 5 – Fin Daniela paused and stared down at the developing art piece beneath her hand. Something was different, she realized. Reaching out for another chocolate straw she munched on it for a few minutes while she pondered the change she intuitively sensed, but couldn’t quite identify. She flipped onto her back, distracted from her latest drawing as she mulled over the change that electrified the very air around her, and reached for another chocolate stick. As her fingers groped about for the treat which lay at the very edge of her vision it struck her like a thunder bolt. She wasn’t bored! The realization caused her to jolt upright, or attempt to. She got about half way up before her monumental weight caught up with her, slowing her forward progress to a gradual halt, before finally reversing it entirely puling her back down to the ground like a giant jiggly pendulum. As she collapsed backwards she broke out into hysterical giggles as she realized she must look like a fish flopping around out of water, or perhaps more aptly like a beached whale. Coming to rest once more on her back she allowed herself to lay there for a moment and soak it in. It might have been a strange path to take, but she had finally found something that really occupied and interested her. Maybe it was selfish and hedonistic but food was available in an endless supply and variance and it was endlessly entertaining and engaging. She had discovered not only an enjoyment in partaking in it but an outlet with which to exercise her artistic side as well as a means by which to make a living at it all as well. It all lined up so perfectly and kept her engaged and interested, something that all of her other studies had failed to do. Really, she couldn't very well ask for a better career. "Career." she said out loud. Mmm, it sounded like a tasty word. She rolled over onto her big belly and struggled to her knees. This was a moment worth celebrating. She was pretty sure there was a cheese cake in the fridge and she was fairly certain Jeremy wouldn’t mind if she broke into it earlier than planned. ---------It was time to graduate and Lizzie had caved. Better to wear a scandalous corset, she reasoned, than nothing at all; and so she stood, face a shade of scarlet normally reserved for Chloe's more demure demeanor, while the commencement ceremony went on. It wasn’t enough that Chloe had purposefully fattened her up to the point where she looked like a lumpy hippopotamus in these graduation robes, but the fact that she insisted on supplying her with more and more scandalous clothes while Lizzie looked for a job was simply infuriating. She was beyond aggravated that she had to rely on her mischievous mousy girlfriend for these things, and even more angry that she was so in love with her despite it all.“Thank god no one will see this except Chloe.” She said under her breath, tugging at the tight form fitting corset that contained her voluptuous curves beneath the flowing robes. She tried to loosen the straps imperceptibly as she waited, to no avail. Ahead of her somewhere, Chloe herself also stood to receive her diploma. Lizzie had planned to arrive together but Chloe had called last minute from her job saying she would be late and to get ready and go without her. Lizzie had some serious doubts about the validity of the so called emergency, considering the ridiculous trap she had found waiting for her when she'd gone to get dressed. Thus, while she waited she was keeping a sharp eye out for her lover in the crowd. There she was! Lizzie spotted her lover as Chloe climbed the stage and received her diploma from the Dean. She waved out to the crowd with a gleeful smile, before exiting the stage on the left. Lizzie struggled to keep an eye on her wayward girlfriend as she disappeared into the milling crowd. It was difficult but she figured she'd be able to keep tabs on her until her own part in the ceremony was done, and she could rejoin her off stage. As she stood up with her row to go up to receive her own diploma, she cast another quick look in Chloe's direction, spotting the minx again as she began to move towards the stage. The movement caught Chloe's attention however, and Lizzie and Chloe locked eyes as Lizzie began to move towards the stage. Lizzie continued forward, unable to tear her gaze away as Chloe gave her lover a bawdy wink and blew her a sensuous kiss. Lizzie was so caught up in watching it that she didn’t see where she was going and almost lost her footing as she craned her neck. Stumbling forward to catch her feet, there was a mighty ripping sound as the gown caught on an exposed nail and a sharp cool breeze replacing the hot stifled interior of the tented robes. The entire stadium gasped in unison and Lizzie stood frozen, unsure of what to do. She risked a glance back to look at Chloe and then at the crowd, and then back to Chloe. Her flat mate's hands were cupping bright cherry red cheeks in horror, mouth open and the rest of her pretty face white with shock, aghast at the spectacle she had inadvertently caused. Lizzie glared daggers at Chloe as she stood before the entire assembly in all of her glory. She had to be around 280 at this point, and her ass was so huge that even with the corset and the lingerie she was wearing, the cloth was all but swallowed betwixt the twin globes behind her. Lizzie stood frozen in mortified embarrassment for only a moment more while a hush fell across the entire theater. People who had not been paying attention quickly quieted and looked on in interest as they all waited to see what she would do next. There really wasn't anything she could do at this point, she reasoned.“Fuck it.” Lizzie said, taking her cap off and tossing her raven black, blue streaked mane behind her. This was a defining moment, and she wasn’t running away today. Striding across the stage like it was a run way, she waltzed up to the Dean and stretched out a long and elegant, if chubby arm to receive her certificate. The dean was a little man, shorter than she was, even when she wasn’t in heals like she was today. He opened his mouth, as if to say something about the events unfolding before him, but nothing came out. He locked eyes with her for a moment before he blinked slowly, and his eyes traveled unbidden down the curvature of her magnificent body, finally coming to rest on her ass. Eyes bugging out of his skull, he just stared, unable to look away for a full 30 seconds while she stood there with her arm outstretched. “Thank you, Dean.” She said at last, and plucked the diploma from his limp hand, striding past him, his eyes stuck to her rear as she walked away. The entire stadium had gone dead quiet as the Dean ogled Lizzie, but she ignored the silence and strode confidently off the stage, made her way over to Chloe who was sitting with eyes wide and hands over her mouth in abject shock. “You’re sitting in my seat.” Lizzie said to the student sitting beside Chloe. The student muttered an excuse and jumped up and ran out of the building. Lizzie sat down and like a spell, everyone snapped back into reality and the graduation continued as it had before, though a certain level of unreality permeated the air. "You know, I almost wore nothing at all when I saw what you had picked out for me." Lizzie whispered to Chloe beside her. This was too much for the girl. Chloe passed out.-------Daniela opened up her mouth and burped, prompting Jeremy to poke her in the side. She blushed a pretty pink at his teasing. "Hey! Don't make fun now. It's your fault I'm this fat you know."“Fat? Maybe but only in the way that the Mona Lisa is a drawing. You, by dear are a perfect piece of art.” Jeremy said, stroking her mammoth breasts. “You are a rounded master piece beyond the capacity of any master artist to conceive, and bigger and more perfect than the imagination of any genius. Only God could have envisioned your enormity and spherical perfection. Were it not the perfect shape, would he have made the earth round?” With his last words he squeezed one of her enormous breasts with one hand, while testing the inches of her hips with the other. Daniela shivered with delight at the attention. Even now, her breasts were too large to fit in her boyfriend’s hands, and she knew she was only going to get bigger. She reveled in her enormity and found herself ever eager for more opportunities to grow her curves. Impatient for more inches around her magnificent bust, she had taken to drinking shakes designed with the explicit purpose of putting on pounds. Tipping back her head, she began to chug just such a shake as Jeremy praised her beauty and stroked her delicate skin. The darker hues were split with fine silky spider webbed stretch marks, which documented her growth like the lines of a tree. "Bigger." she thought and kept chugging. As he spooned her on the couch, while she drank the veritable calorie bomb in her hand, Jeremy's fingers wandered down Daniela's arms. He noted that they had begun to take on a new and impressive volume as Daniela’s weight skyrocketed through the lower 300's. Her old sleeve tattoo had taken quite well to the gain, not losing much of its former shape. Now however, it oddly looked more like a fat pigeon, than a small sparrow. He felt himself getting hard as he pinched the pliable fat of her lower under arms. They were growing enormous as her body struggled to find a place to put the ever accumulating pounds she poured into herself. “Wait, aren’t you supposed to be filming this?” Jeremy asked abruptly, jolting out of his reverent admiration of his girl's robust fattened shape.“Don’t worry sweetie, I didn’t forget.” She smiled and let out another petite little burp as she struggled for air around the quart of thick calorie-filled creme she had already swallowed before continuing. “I’ll just drink another one for the video this afternoon. This one’s just for recreation and I rather like the taste.” She said. What a woman, Jeremy thought, and kissed her full on the lips. ---------After the college graduation debacle, Lizzie gained some brief notoriety in the form of a viral video. In short order, several million people had the privilege of seeing her in scandalous graduation attire. Shortly after that she was the talk of the media, discussions about the Dean's lascivious behavior and he own stunt ran rampant across the internet and several more million views piled up. After a discussion with Daniela and Chloe, they all agreed she should harness the fleeting fame and have Lizzie join Daniela's modeling website. It was a smart move, adding another face to an already established base and bringing in all sorts of new people interested in BBWs that were exposed to the idea from the recent news coverage. The whole thing died down about as quickly as it had taken off, but the impact on their small home modeling business was tremendous. Together they made quite the pair. Daniela focused on the hour glass and boob part of the crowd, mixing in her own obsession with growing bigger, while Lizzie catered to the pear loving crowd. Between Daniela's artistic sensibilities and Lizzie's photographic experience and eye for graphic design, their content was top of its class. They were able to produce regularly captivating content and it looked like they were going to be able to turn the modeling website into a legitimate long term business. Even with the additional income however, the flat had become something of a commune for all involved, and no one was jumping to move out. Jeremy and Chloe both worked at restaurants, bringing a regular paycheck and enormous amounts of food home while Lizzie and Daniela managed the website, growing both their user base and themselves. Months passed and seasons changed and the group found itself settling into an easy rhythm. When Lizzie joined, she was the bigger of the two, but as Daniela kept her routine with regular gain shakes she quickly eclipsed her taller and formerly heavier roommate in size. “I can’t believe your boobs are still small after all this.” Daniela quipped at her bottom heavy friend, one day as they sat gorging themselves on a stack of pizza left by Jeremy. "Bitch, at least I don’t have back problems like you. What do those two balloons on your chest weigh these days? 20 pounds a piece?” Lizzie returned, playfully, talking around an entire piece of pizza which was folded into her mouth like a home made calzone. “Never mind my knockers, how many chairs does your fat ass take up when you sit down these days. I can’t really tell with you being sucked into the couch and all like that.” Daniela returned, grinning around her own slice of pizza pie.“Eh, two at least.” Lizzie admitted. “Oh wait, I know your big butt takes 2 chairs from your last video and I’m definitely got a few pant sizes on you yet." “Mhmm, only because your gut is absolutely massive you pig!” Daniela shot back, enjoying herself a little too much.“Cow!” Lizzie returned.“Hippo!” Daniela riposted. “Elephant!” Lizzie cried, as she finished off her last slice and dove in for a tickle attack.The two rolled around on the couch screaming with laughter as they assaulted one another with delicate fingers in sensitive areas. Their colossal weight thudded heavily as they shifted awkwardly. Finally, Daniela ended up on top. “Not the big one anymore are you!” She cried out triumphantly. “I can’t breathe, you massive blubbery hippopotamus. Uncle! Uncle!” Lizzie called out in a muffled voice from beneath Daniela’s incredibly wide hips. Her roommate’s exaggerated hourglass figure was pinning her to the couch, keeping her legs and upper body in check at the same time, while her not insignificant belly trapped her middle. Lizzie realized just how long it had been since she’d done any sort of sit-up during that moment as she struggled to move beneath the weight. “You concede then?” Daniela asked, delighted in her opponent’s plight, completely contented to sit on her all night. “Yes! Now get your giant cow udders out of my face!” Lizzie screamed, muffled only further as Daniela sank even further onto her, squishing her boobage over Lizzie’s face. “I can’t hear you.” Daniela replied, bouncing up and down on her friend, and giggling as Lizzie turned a bright crimson out of mortification.On the third bounce however, there was a loud and sudden crack as the couch gave up under the tremendous load. Screaming, both girls went tumbling into the side table where the pizza lay as the couch's spine snapped under the weight of the bulging beauties atop it. Pizza slices went flying and high pitched screams filled the air as they careened into each other and rolled across the floor. Lizzie looked over to find a wide eyed Daniela staring at the couch, a piece of pizza resting in her hair and a stunned expression on her face. She couldn’t hold herself back at that point and burst into giggles. Reaching forward she peeled a piece of pizza off of Daniela’s boobs and began to eat it. Daniela perked up at the laughter and managed a guilty grin, as she plucked a piece of pizza off Lizzie’s body and began to eat it as well. “You laughing at me, fat ass?” she asked, raising an eyebrow as she bit hungrily into the greasy Italian food. “Fat ass?" Lizzie asked incredulously. "If I recall correctly, you’re the one that just broke the couch with your own big butt.” Lizzie responded, licking her lips in arousal. “Mhmm,” Daniela responded around a bit of pizza. “I guess you have a point. Do you think that qualifies me for genuine whale status? Though to be fair I couldn’t have done it without you, sister.” She finished off the pizza in another few bites. “That was actually kind of hot. Too bad Jeremy isn’t here.” She said, looking at Lizzie hungrily.Lizzie leaned forward and licked some marinara sauce out from between Daniela’s cleavage. Daniela watched her slow languorous tongue work its way around her breasts, her breathing growing heavy. Lizzie raised her eyes to look into Daniela’s for a moment. Their both nodded in agreement. Her tongue went back to lick clean the rest of her flat mate's incredibly voluptuous body. “I’ve … I’ve never done this before with another girl.” Daniela protested as they groped each other hungrily.“Don’t worry, I’ll show you.” Lizzie said breathlessly. -------“A thousand calories an hour? Is that even possible?” Daniela asked incredulously. “Well, we’re going to find out.” Chloe responded cheekily. “You’ll just be our guinea pig.”“Emphasis on pig.” Jeremy said, helping Chloe with the cooking. He had been taking more and more of an active role at home since he had moved in. Chloe was sitting at a roundly cute 200 pounds, balancing her rather impressive food intake with a constantly active lifestyle. She was rapidly gaining a name for herself as a chef to be reckoned with at her job, and at home there were still two girls that needed fattening up, and in Chloe’s mind there was never enough time in which to stuff them. It was only after Daniela began to eclipse Lizzie that Chloe turned to Jeremy to help. Now the two were practically partners in their joint attempts to get both girls to keep their steady ballooning. As Daniela questioned the crazy scheme, Lizzie came and sat down across from her. “Well at least you won’t be the only girl making a pig of herself today.” She winked at her curvy house mate as she settled in. “We’re rolling by the way.”“Not yet, you aren’t.” Chloe declared, approaching the two BBWs with a platter of assorted delectable pastries. “But by the time I’m done with you today, we’ll be rolling both of you out of here. Count on it.”Chloe and Jeremy had carefully plotted out the caloric value of every dish they planned to create that day, totaling in a planned intake of 10,000 for each girl plus an additional 2000 each from beer and soft drinks. The plan, and gimic for this video was to consume 12,000 calories in 12 hours. This would require both girls to eat almost non-stop throughout the day. They were dubious, but willing to give it a try. And sure, maybe it was a publicity stunt for the web site but that didn’t mean Chloe and Jeremy weren’t totally turned on by the idea of such a spectacle either. It started easily enough. 1000 calories in Donuts, Bear Claws, and Cinnamon Swirls. It was like a delightful morning at a local bakery. Any normal person would be full at this point but these two girls had been carefully prepared and had much larger appetites than that.They were still hungry, eager for the next hour’s dose of treats, which turned out to be pancakes. A thousand calories of pancakes is enough to fill anybody up. The thick syrupy gooey mess they made of themselves had Jeremy and Chloe scampering to bring them more and push them to go on. “Oh this might be harder than I thought it would be.” Lizzie complained patting her distended gut. It was only the second course and it was already resting on the chair between her legs. When Chloe noticed she had to run away and drink a tall glass of water to calm down.“Just think about tonight when we’re done.” Jeremy said, coming up from behind and placing a hand on her shoulder. “She’s got a long way to go and you get to enjoy the spoils at the end.” He said, smiling as he looked back at Daniela, already digging into the 3rd course while Lizzie leaned back for a breather. "Now let's get going on the next course.""Yeah, you got it Jeremy. Anything for the cause." Chloe responded cutely. The third course was cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Cheese of every variety and with every conceivable hor d'oeuvres pairing on the side. Olives, crackers, and sausage by the platter. The girls packed them away, and before they knew it, another hour had passed. At this point they were freely mixing drinks with the food, trying to space out the amount of fluid calories across the day. Lizzie had a few too many beers in a row and started getting quite tipsy. "I like your boobs Daniela. They're like Chloe's but huge. You know the first time I realized I liked girls was when I saw them about to fall out of that pink bathing suit you used to wear.""Well thanks Lizzie." Daniela said, amused. "I think your ass is quite spectacular myself and I've always found your blue hair quite attractive. "Hey now!" Chloe shouted as she over heard some of the conversation from the kitchen. "Don't try to steal my girl, ya hear now? She's spoken for!" Daniela giggled at the idea and Lizzie joined her as they continued to gobble cheese and crackers with their beer."Hey aren't you going to say something about this!" Chloe cried indignantly to Jeremy. "Hey! They can do whatever they want as long as I'm still involved." he said. hands in the air.Daniela and Lizzie collapsed into giggles at this. "Well, we might just have to plan a foursome then." Lizzie said."I think I like the sound of that idea." Daniela agreed.Chloe and Jeremy looked at one another in honest surprise. When had Lizzie and Daniela gotten so chummy? Jeremy raised a questioning eyebrow and Chloe shrugged an ok. She couldn't imagine the harm in including Jeremy if it meant she'd get to explore Daniela's curves up close and personal."Sounds like a plan then." Jeremy said. "But for now, on to the next course."By then, it was lunch time. “An appropriate time for Pizza.” Chloe said. Lizzie looked up happily, always ready for pizza even if she had just been complaining of being full. Jeremy began to give Daniela a tummy rub as she bit into her fourth piece. “Mmmm, thanks.” She said. Before leaning back and burping to relieve the growing pressure inside.“You doing okay babe?” he asked, concern in his voice. “Don’t pretend like you don’t like this.” She said, swatting at his head playfully, as she groaned with the fullness of her tight round belly.Jeremy grinned ruefully as he massaged the dome of her belly. “At least let me pretend to dote on you.” He said, his smirk growing as he fed her the last bites of her portion of the pizza. The pizza lead into a McDonalds binge provided by Jeremy, in order to give Chloe and himself a bit of relief in the kitchen and clean up the breakfast mess. There was no relief for the girls undertaking the challenge, however. They were forced to plow mercilessly on, stomachs crying out as they were force outwards ever growing bigger as more and more food was packed inside. After the McDonalds came Bacon and Sausage, followed by Tacos and then Pasta. What felt like an ocean of beer and pop accompanied the never ending feast as they proceeded on with the challengeAfter barely making it through the pasta, Lizzie finally started to fall behind. Struggling to breath over the weight on her diaphragm. Daniela pushed on, but only barely making it to the end of that round. “Only two more courses sweetie.” Jeremy said as he stroked Daniela’s chubby face. It was the desert hour and cartons of ice cream and piping hot brownies fresh from the oven awaited the two girls, each stuffed far beyond recommended capacity as it was. Chloe kissed up the side of Lizzie’s limp neck as she tried to encourage her to keep going. Lizzie was breathing hard, and desperately close to falling into a food coma as her body tried to manage the savage onslaught of the day’s calorie intake. It was like nothing either had girl had ever attempted before. Daniela finally finished her tacos and leaned over to whisper into Jeremy’s ear, before turning to watch Lizzie start in on the ice cream and brownies while she took a break. Even with Chloe’s encouragement, Lizzie was struggling, hardly able to continue bite after bite. The final course, a huge portion of cake awaited her on the table. Half an hour passed, when Jeremy finally came back from the hard ware store. He attached a tube and funnel to the over head lamp and stabilized the whole thing before grabbing all of the last two courses and mixed them together in a blender. The ice cream, brownies, and cake formed a sweet thick shake and he came back into the room and inserted the hose end of the funnel into Daniela’s mouth and poured the mixture into the funnel. Barely able to move, Daniela laid out on the couch and spread her belly out as much as she could manage, to make as much room as she possibly could and just received the final onslaught of calories. Seeing her rival’s strategy, Lizzie rushed through the last of the brownies on her plated and Chloe fetched her the final dish, the towering cake, and Lizzie dug in with a final second wind. Racing against one another, Lizzie stuffed handfuls of the cake into her mouth at record speed while Daniela just gulped and gulped huge mouthfuls of the rich mixture pouring into her. As she downed it, Jeremy went down on her. Chloe stared at the situation before her in a daze. It was like some sort of lucid dream. How lucky was she to be here right now, experiencing this? Each day at work, doing what she thought was her life’s dream, only to come home to this ongoing orgy of food and decadence. She must be the luckiest girl in the world, she thought. And then she noticed that Lizzie wasn’t eating anymore. Running up she pushed against her lover and best friend. “Lizzie! Are you okay? Do you need anything? A drink? Some stomach medicine?” But no, Lizzie had finally hit a wall and passed out. A snore slipped out of Lizzie’s mouth as she tried to breath through the fistfuls of cake still clutched in her hands. Across the room, Daniela swallowed the last of the mix and let the tube slip out of her mouth as she passed out herself, unable to keep her eyes open one moment longer after coming from Jeremy’s attention during the last course. “What a day.” Jeremy said, dumbfounded. “Indeed.” Chloe echoed the sentiment. She walked over to the camera and flipped it off. The could clean up in the morning.EpilogueThe absurd stunt binges continued as the success of the website grew and Lizzie and Daniela continued to bloat and balloon as the months went by. Chloe settled around 200 pounds, having to spend so much time on her feet between her job and unusual hobby. Lizzie settled at a steady weight of 360 pounds herself, finally large enough for her chubby chasing girlfriend. Daniela never lost her appetite for body modification as an art form striving to reach ever bigger heights. She kept her lead on Lizzie once she gained it, weighing in at 380 pounds at her last weigh in for the site. Though the numbers aren't all that far apart she looks substantially bigger than Lizzie too, due to her shorter stature. Jeremy finally popped the question, revealing that he had been quite stressed over supporting his girl on the earnings of a McDonald’s manager, but finally felt financially comfortable once he assumed web master responsibilities for the ridiculously successful modeling website they had all helped build. Daniela asked that he stay on at his job with McDonalds as she didn’t want to give up on the employee discount providing her with a daily excuse to eat an unholy amount of greasy fast food. Jeremy was never able to say no to his girl, so naturally he stayed. Chloe was unable to keep her hands off of her enormous Amazonian girlfriend, and occasionally they would participate in a three way on camera with Daniela. Chloe joyfully played the thin one as Daniela and Lizzie would alternate sitting on and screwing her. Jeremy also joined in on occasion. Participating in a four-way with these three billowing fleshy goddesses was like reaching nirvana on earth. Aside from those perfect moments, he just focused on improving his cooking skills and keeping the website running. And so they lived happily ever after; fat and contented with their beautiful life, no longer bored in Miami, under the Florida sunsets.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! And thank you for taking the time to read it. It's humbling and very satisfying to know you read and enjoyed the chapter!
  6. Part 4 – Press Play Jeremy was walking to work when his phone beeped, alerting him that he had received an email. Bringing up the message, he was surprised to see Daniela’s website had just registered an update. He had subscribed, of course, when he had first found out about it, but considering her recent life style he had thought she’d given up on that dream. After all, she wasn’t exactly model-slim anymore. He smiled to himself as he recalled her new habit of finishing off a large pizza by herself on movie night. As he boarded the bus, he opened the website on his phone and looked for the latest video. Embedded inelegantly at the bottom of her modeling page, a featureless black square with no preview and only a large white triangular play button stared out, waiting for him to press play. He thumbed it on. It began simply enough. The audio popped and crackled as familiar hands fumbled inexpertly with the camera, bumping against the mic a few times as Daniela found a good angle from which to film. Long manicured nails painted a sunset pink and yellow flashed by the camera as it changed hands, and for a few moments the shot lingered on her exposed wrist and arm which sported a smattering of gold and silver bracelets against dusk brushed skin. Further up that arm one could clearly see her near full sleeve tattoo of an intricate bird, and as the camera came into focus on the piece of art, a jolt of realization shot through Jeremy. There in the image, it was clearly visible that the tattooed sparrow was plumper than it had been in previous updates, growing as Daniela’s arms thickened. His breath caught as he relished just how much of a transformation his girl had undergone in the past year. After a few more moments the camera steadied and settled on Daniela’s smiling face. Again, the shape was different than it had been a year ago, the lines of her face were rounded around the edges and her cheek bones were softer and less defined than they had once been. It was a marginal and understated change in comparison to her arm, and he knew it was a mere prelude to the sweeping transformation the rest of her body had undergone. “Hey guys! It’s me, Daniela.” She smiled brightly into the camera. “I don’t have my camera girl with me today.” she continued. “So sorry if I make a few mistakes. I’ll just have to edit them out before posting.” She giggles nervously, clearly quite drunk as she slurs some words around the edges. “It has been a whole year since I started modeling here and I haven’t kept up with it as much as I planned, but I plan on making up for that.” She pauses at this, and adjusts her boobs before continuing, emphasizing the enormous amount of cleavage on display even more. "So in honor of my 1-year anniversary, I’m going to model in the same clothes as some of my first sets!” Finishing her announcement, Daniela sets down the camera and pulls out a set of clothes as she moves back into frame.As her body comes into frame, it is abundantly clear that the roundness of her face is no fluke. Gone is the lithe form of the 125-pound model, replaced by a chubby 225-pound fast food worker. Clad in form fitting club clothing, it is obvious to any viewer that there is no way she’s going to fit into the clothes she wore a year ago. This doesn’t deter her from trying however, drunkenly unaware of just how futile her task is. “Oh God, I think I may have gained some weight. This isn’t as easy as it was last time.” Drunken giggles quickly turn into grunts as she struggles to contain her flab in clothes that fit her 100 pounds ago. “Unf, I don’t remember this being so hard.” Jeremy was beginning to have trouble with his pants as he watched her bounce and jiggle in a mad naive attempt to squeeze herself into the tiny outfit. A rounded well fed belly hangs over the edge of satin black panties which in turn digs deep into the luscious sides of her voluptuous hips. Proud boobs, still her largest asset by a narrow margin, strain at the clasps of a bra which is barely holding on. As she struggles to pull on a shirt that fit her 100 pounds ago, she turns away from the camera and reaches behind her to undo the clasp on her bra, tossing the valiant warrior off onto the couch. Free of a bra, she sucks in her tummy as far as it will go and does up the buttons on the shirt, one at a time, mashing her boobs out of the way and molding them to fit within the confines of the shirt.At last, triumphant, she turns back to the camera with a smile on her face, the button up shirt fully on. Gingerly she exhales, releasing a long breath and allowing her belly and chest to expand outwards again to their former girth. The buttons of the shirt strain to within a hairs breadth of their capacity, desperate to contain the massive melons and bloated round sphere beneath. She takes another breath and releases it. The buttons hold. Somewhat comfortable and confidant now that she's fit into the first article of clothing, Daniela leans down to pick up the pair of shorts that dropped to the floor during her struggle to don the shirt and in a massive welling up of boob and belly flesh, all of her voluptuous front scrunches up and outwards as she leans down. Unfortunately for her poor shirt, there was nowhere left for all that breast and belly to go. The buttons and cloth screamed in protest for a second, and then as her fingers closed around the jean shorts the shirt just gave up. In a single massive bang, every button on the front of the shirt exploded at once and her boobs and belly came tumbling out in a rush of curves, tumbling and bouncing out, captured on camera from a perfect angle.Shoulders holding up the tattered remains of the former shirt, her torso was left completely exposed and it went on jiggling for another few seconds while she stood frozen in shock. "Oh my." was all she could manage. Suddenly the bus arrived at its destination, jerking Jeremy from his reverie. He looked up and paused the video, dropping his phone into his pocket. Work couldn't be over soon enough today.==================================It was another day for Daniela’s new diet. Already she could feel her resolve weakening as she sat before the usual morning feast Chloe cooked every day. It was with a massive spread of food laid out in front of her, as if she’d ordered the entire menu of a breakfast restaurant.“This is why I’m fat.” She said mournfully. “But breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” She reaffirmed to herself.“I really shouldn’t.” She said to Chloe as she set down a stack of 3 pancakes covered in blueberry syrup, with a side of vanilla ice cream. But she ate it anyway. “No, no, I couldn’t.” she said as Lizzie passed her the biscuits and gravy, but once it was in hand she helped herself to one. One plateful, that is. “I’ve already eaten too much. I can’t see my feet.” She said as Jeremy arrived and brought reinforcements from the kitchen, delivering a half pound of sliced cheese and a pound of bacon. “Why do you need to see your feet?” Jeremy asked, laughing quizzically as he kissed her on the cheek. Well, at least she was eating all the bacon by herself. Lizzie helped, but even half a pound of bacon on top of her already sumptuous breakfast was decadently sinful at this point and she could never say no to cheese. By the time it ended, breakfast had turned into a 3-hour ordeal, and any intention to scale back her food intake was lost in a muddle of butter and caramelized sugar. Lizzie didn’t look much better than she did, passed out in front of the TV, her massive middle spread out like a puddle. After lunch, Daniela went had to work an evening shift at McDonalds. She headed on over, determined to give up her bad snacking habits and eat healthy for the rest of the day. That meant only fries were fair game for snack food. No free meals while she was there. It worked for a while. Fries could be spiced up with cheese and ranch and more cheese and even ketchup if she was feeling traditional. Still, by the time her shift was over she was starving and when Jeremy showed up and procured a whole bag full of cheeseburgers from the back, she couldn't help herself."I shouldn't. I'm on a diet Jeremy." she complained. "You shouldn't tempt me." "What, you worried about your love handles?" Jeremy asked playfully. "Don't you know it's just a sign of a good relationship?" "Well, if you say so. But still I don't need an entire bag of cheeseburgers.""Whatever you say dear, but if you don't eat them they'll go to waste. It's a shame, but you know the company's policy." he said, making as if to throw the bag away."Wait!" Daniela cried in alarm. "You shouldn't throw them away! That'd be such a waste." She was staring at the bag like it contained some magical treasure."Are you going to eat them?" Jeremy asked, quizzically. "Maybe, just one." she said, taking the bag from him and going to a booth. One burger turned into two. After the second she was still a little peckish but plowed through the third and fourth before she could register that feeling of fullness. After that it was just sheer hedonistic pleasure that drove her on. Having denied herself for most of the day, she felt a strangely intense pleasure at gorging on even more than she would normally eat in a day at work. Grease covered her face and strands of her black hair stuck to it as she struggled to breath, trying to digest the entire bag of 8. Jeremy just looked on in appreciation at the display. ==================================Lizzie gasped as she watched Daniela’s enormous jugs explode from her shirt like bowling balls ripping through a paper sack. Her nethers clinched and she blushed, still hardly able to process how or why she thought this was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. If she had not had a crush on Daniela already, this would definitely spark one. “Oh my gosh. How did that happen?” Daniela stood blinking in shock, looking down at the ruins of her shirt. Glancing back up at the camera her eyes drifted drunkenly for a moment as she tried to think through the booze haze that fogged her brain. “Was that the right shirt? It was never that tight before and I know my boobs have gotten bigger but I hardly think they are capable of that!” she said, transitioning from surprise to humor as more giggling set in. “I don’t know Maybe it shrank in the wash?” Daniela mused out loud, confusion and denial warring with reality behind her eyes but the justification she had concocted seemed to settle the matter for her.Absently she scratched her belly, jiggling it tantalizingly as she pondered the dilemma, the shreds of the shirt hanging off of her like some tattered vest. Her huge boobs exposed, nipples stiffening with the sudden exposure. Looking directly into the camera’s eye, Daniela gave another nervous giggle, looking both embarrassed and a little scared. “Well, I’m not really sure what happened there but let’s move onto the next outfit.”The next outfit had a zipper. She managed to get it on while she held her breath, but the zipper ripped open and her flesh came pouring out as soon as she let out her breath, ruining another old set of clothes. She squeaked quite a bit as she struggled to get that one off, the teeth of the zipper pinching into her tender flesh. Panting she looked worriedly into the camera and nervously continued on her drunken journey to destroy all her old clothes. Again and again the pattern repeated herself. Shirts ripped. Panties tore. Bras and old bikini tops snapped clean off. Her old skinny jeans wouldn’t even come up past her thighs, she had thickened so much. She lay back on the couch, almost out of sight of the camera, grunting and heaving for several minutes as she tried to pull them on, giving up only after she rolled off the couch by accident and hit the floor with a sharp squeak of surprise. “I knew I had put on some weight but this is absurd.” Daniela finally mumbles to the camera. "Well so much for those plans. I’m just going to play with my boobs and upload the video and be done with it. That last idea was way too much work and I’m getting hungry."The things she did with her boobs then left Lizzie dry mouthed from panting and wet with desire. She had to find Chloe and share this miracle, but the video wasn't done.Daniela came up and picked the camera up as if to turn it off, but nothing happened. A moment later the view went wild as Daniela tossed the camera end over end down onto the table again. Somehow it landed right side up, coming to rest with a good view of the couch in the living room, a hint of a laptop on the other corner of the screen edging into the scene. Lizzie kept watching with bated breath. If she turned up the sound, she could hear banging in the kitchen on the video's audio. A few minutes went by and Lizzie waited with bated breath for her to return.==================================The scent of lilies lilted through the mid-summer air outdoors but the soon to be graduate room mates and lovers preferred the smell of the kitchen these days. Inside their flat, Lizzie and Chloe were making out in the kitchen in a haze of flour and bacon grease. Though Lizzie had continued her progression into hugeness, encouraged by the constant lustful prodding of her new girlfriend, the constant bingeing had not been idle on Chloe’s waistline either. Her over ripe breasts tugged insistently at the edges of all of her shirts and her over fed belly strained against all the pants she owned. These days, she typically left them unbuttoned whenever possible, her belly creeping unhindered over the lip of the zipper and pushing out enough to show under the edge of her tight punk rocker t-shirts. She got away with it as she was almost always wearing an apron these days. Lizzie was less lucky, unable to hide the monumental effect of her gluttonous ways, and even worse she had officially outgrown all of her old clothes at this point. The biggest shirts she had owned now looked like crop tops, revealing her large pot belly at all times, beneath her humble but perky boobs. Breaking apart at last Chloe gasped for air and poked her lover in her generous pot belly. “I notice your fat ass is running out of clothes to wear” Lizzie groaned in response. “Yes you’re making me grow faster than I can afford to replace my clothes. It’s terribly embarrassing going out like this in public you know.”“Have you decided what you are going to wear to graduation?” Chloe asked casually. Lizzie saw right through her façade of innocence and snorted, “Getting ideas? Well you should know that a cap and gown is very spacious. You could fatten me up to twice what I weigh now and I would probably still fit under one of those tents.” She said, speaking sensibly but with a strong undercurrent of teasing in her voice. “No, well maybe.” Chloe admitted, a sly smile crossing her face. “I just accepted a job in town at a very nice restaurant so once the pay checks start rolling in I might be able to help you with that clothes problems, if uh, we can keep talking about you being twice the size you are now.” Chloe gasped, her eyes alight with fiery desire for her squishy friend. “That’s amazing! I’m so proud of you, Chloe!” Her voice dropped an octave as she continued, pressing back her large squishy belly into Chloe’s own. “You’re so industrious and dedicated, I’m so happy to see you find success. You definitely deserve it.” Pressing up against her lover and friend, Lizzie’s voice dropped even further, as she leaned down to whisper in Chloe’s right ear. “And if you keep feeding me the way you are, it won’t be long before I am double my weight, Chloe my love.” She said.“Unnnng, when is Daniela due to be home?” Chloe asked, groaning again as she started kissing every bit of exposed flesh that she could reach on Lizzie’s broad body. “Uh, She’s uh, staying…. Umm god yes.” Lizzie half answered, eyes fluttering in delight at the attention. “She’s staying at Jeremy’s house tonight.” She finally managed to get out as Chloe’s attentions became more amorous. "And speaking of Daniela, I have something I need to show you." "Mmm, is it that important?" Chloe Oh don’t stop.” She begged, sinking to the floor. Chloe followed, her kisses slowly drifting southwards and her hands gently exploring her roommate’s sensitive inner thighs. A long night of love making awaited, and a certain video was sure to make an appearance too. ==================================Chloe was panting heavily by the time she had made it to this point in the video. Lizzie was right, she couldn't believe that Daniela had actually filmed and posted this online. When Daniela came back into frame she was carrying Chloe and Lizzie's new scale and a pint of ice cream. "Oh Hera." Chloe whispered, clenching Lizzie's hand as they watched. Lizzie smiled knowingly at Chloe's tension, but didn't let her eyes deviate from the show either.Setting the scale down on the floor, Daniela turns it on with a foot as she popped open the small bucket of Ben and Jerry's with the other hand. Chloe could just make out the label on the side. It was probably cookie dough, all the girl's favorite. “Wow, I can’t even see the over my boobs, they’ve gotten so big!” Daniela said quietly, and to herself. She sounded quite impressed with herself. "Isn't there a sound function on this somewhere?" There certainly was. When weight had become an important element in their relationship, Lizzie had surprised Chloe with a top of the line model that did everything but do the exercise for you. In their case, it was more the opposite of exercise they were tracking but still. The point was, the scale certainly did have voice function and it looked like Daniela had figured out how to turn it on. Chloe found herself holding her breath as she watched Daniela climb back onto the device. Seconds ticked by as they waited until finally, the scale spoke. “Two hundred twenty-five pounds.” It announced dispassionately. In the video, Daniela's hands shoot to her face in astonishment. Watching, Chloe's hands follow suit, and both gasp out “OH my god!” "That's a 100 pound gain." Chloe said, urgency in her voice. Off to the side, Lizzie nodded emphatically. "I've gained 100 pounds?" Daniela cried out on screen. “One hundred pounds?” she squeaked out again in a strangled whisper, before stumbling back and collapsing on the couch. Still holding the ice cream, Daniela proceeded to carve out a huge spoonful and lift it to her lips and. Chloe paused the video. "When was this taken?" she asked."Well, you know it was for her one year anniversary on the site so." she trailed off, letting Chloe do the math in her head."But that was months ago!" she finally exclaimed. Lizzie nodded in return. "And she has gotten visibly bigger since then!" she continued. Again Lizzie nodded a vigorous affirmation. "Yeah, I know." she said, her eyes excitedly mirroring Chloe's astonished expression."Well good grief, you've got competition lover." Chloe said at last, squeezing Lizzie's behind."I was about the say you had some work to do if you want me to keep pace." Lizzie returned with a smirk. "I don't think Daniela's even trying. Must be her genetics.""And her job at McDonalds." Chloe grunted as she maneuvered the mouse to click on Daniela's exposed right boob to to start the video playing again. "And her general disposition as spoiled little slut." Lizzie continued, grinning broadly. "Shhh." Chloe held a finger up to her lips. "I want to see what happens next. And besides, if anyone's a spoiled little slut around here, it's you Tubby." She said and smacked her roomie's ass. Lizzie squeaked at the sharp slap and flushed pink at the accusation, but was secretly pleased. The two cuddled up together and both watched in silent glee as Daniela proceeded to eat the entire pint of ice cream in one sitting. ==================================Plans to go on a diet had back fired so horribly that Daniela didn't quite know what to do. An additional 25 pounds sat in her lap as she surfed the internet looking for new diet ideas. These last 25 pounds hadn't been very kind to her figure, with four in every five making its way directly to her belly. She was slowly turning her into a bonafide fat girl and she knew it, but was too lazy and spoiled to do anything about it. She kept trying, at least, resulting in almost daily yo-yo dieting where she'd eat less in the morning and far more than she could hold to make up for it, in the evening. This practice was interspersed with the occasional cheat day, like today, reserved for when something really special came up. Today she didn't have to work and Chloe had baked a multi layer wedding cake just to practice for a wedding catering event she was working next month for her job. The cake, the first of its kind that Chloe had ever made, was a roaring success, but there wasn't a dinner party of guests hanging around to eat it. No, today there was only Daniela. This is why you scheduled cheat days in for yourself, she thought happily, as she cut herself another large slice. She had made her way through half of a cake over the course of the day so far, and she had no plans to stop. It wasn't like she had anything better to do. She wasn't exactly planning on eating the entire thing, but then again she wasn't exactly planning not to either. She'd have to be extra good on her diet tomorrow, so why not make the best of her day to day?Swallowing another bite of the fluffy vanilla concoction, Daniela clicked on another diet advice column. She scanned through it while she finished off her latest piece, satisfied for the moment. "Exercise, really?" she snorted with derision. "As if anyone wants to do that." Surely there had to be a better method to lose weight. Sighing, she leaned back, done for the moment with diet ideas. She shouldn't be thinking about such dreary business on her cheat day anyway. Her stomach rolled out into her lap in a thickening mound. She stroked it gently, trying to judge when the leaden weight inside her would be ready for more cake. It gurgled angrily at her. She'd better give it a few more minutes to prepare for the next onslaught. In the meantime, her hand idly drifted towards her bookmarks folder, scanning for something familiar to check in on. After a moment, she clicked on her own modeling website idly, expecting the usual bevy of pictures and videos she'd shot with Lizzie last year. She needed some motivation to break out of this cycle. As the website came up however, she received a shock. It wasn't dead. In fact, the site's traffic statistics were through the roof! What had changed? She hadn't touched this since, the thought stopped as she navigated to the video with the most hits. It was featureless, unlike the other videos, and as she looked at it, she felt a sinking feeling in her cake stuffed stomach. She pressed play.Daniela sat in stunned silence as the video played. She felt a mixture of emotions. Horror? Check. Embarrassment? Check. Confusion? Double check. Had she really been so drunk that she'd uploaded this disaster? It was an embarrassment! Where was the art and the delicate touch she was so proud of. Instead she was watching a humiliating and intensely personal moment that she had thought drunk Daniela had deleted, replayed for her in horribly sober detail. There was no title on the video and no tags. There was no description or explanation of what the video was, and yet it had an obscene amount of views. This one video had given her website more exposure than all the videos she had ever filmed with Lizzie. How had this happened? How had people even found this!?Afraid of what she was going to find, she started scrolling through the comments, and was given another shock. They were all positive. A lot of people were not only positive about the way she looked now, but were actually encouraging her to get bigger. She popped over to the unique email address she and Lizzie had registered for the domain and discovered a plethora of fan mail. People universally wanted more. Daniela sat in stunned silence for a while, considering this revelation and its implications. She rubbed a hand over her rounded belly and glanced over at the wedding cake, realizing she could go for another slice at this point. Thinking that, she considered that she was really a terrible dieter. Would it be a bad thing to gain weight on purpose like all these new fans were suggesting? God knows, she was doing it well enough on her own without trying. Still, who wanted to be fat? That seemed pretty silly. Then again, she countered, she had wanted nothing more in the world than to be a professional model when she'd started this website. Who was she to argue with how that dream was realized? Plus there was the money, it would be nice to get paid for something other than fast food work.Wait! The money! Daniela had completely forgotten that her website wasn't free! Desperately trying to recall the login information for the website's official paypal account, she logged in and gasped audibly. "No way!" For money like this, she'd be willing to put on a few pounds.Picking up the phone, she dialed Jeremy's number. She wondered how he'd take the idea to actively try to make her fatter. She'd have to be careful and swear she'd really go on a serious diet once they had a few more videos out. She was lucky she had such an understanding man.==================================Several months and a few dozen pounds later, the graduation ceremony rolled around for Chloe and Lizzie. By that time Chloe had started her new job and with a few pay checks behind her, she had slowly taken full control of Lizzie's wardrobe. This turned out to be both a blessing and a curse, as Lizzie certainly could not afford to pay for a new wardrobe every other month, but Chloe's idea of reasonable clothing seemed to lean towards the super cute, revealing, and ridiculously low cut. To top it off, instead of taking her out shopping, Chloe would deliver the clothes in secret, surprising Lizzie when she woke from a food coma or when she got up late on a lazy Sunday. The clothes were always wearable, but Chloe also kept her in clothes a size or two too small. At first Lizzie thought it was an accident, but when she complained to her lover about it, only to receive an even smaller size the next time around, she realized the size discrepancy was by design. At this point, Lizzie's entire wardrobe consisted of kinky outfits ranging from Gothic Lolita ensembles to a full french maid's uniform. The only common denominator between the deliveries was a guarantee that when she tried it on every single outfit would fit like glove, highlighting Lizzie's every curve. Walking around in public, Lizzie was a constantly jiggling mass, clothing stretched so tight over her skin that every movement telegraphed her ever growing weight problem to the world. Lizzie's hips universally strained against all of her pants, no matter how many sizes she went up, and her ass was massive. Lizzie might have been embarrassed if Chloe’s appreciative and hungry eyes didn't follow her ass wherever she walked. Her hands constantly groped Lizzie's exposed bottom belly roll when they were close and every time Chloe caught an eye full of Lizzie's cleavage, she would bite her lip and text all the dirty things she wanted to do to her, no matter where they were in public. Ever since they had watched Daniela's video, Chloe had been driven to make sure Lizzie was getting as bigger as fast as she possibly could. Most days, Lizzie felt like a pig at each meal, a metaphor that felt so close to home it had even come up in a couple of bedroom role playing sessions. Remembering the experience made Lizzie incredible hot. What had she gotten herself into, she wondered. The fact of the matter was, no matter how uncomfortable she was with this massive weight gain, she couldn’t help but be enamored with her new lover, quirks and all. She knew the relationship was coming at terrible cost to her figure but she couldn’t seem to stop and her steadily climbing weight was a testament to Chloe's unusual tastes. When she had broken 250 pounds in mid-winter they had celebrated with a night of love making and force feeding, and it hadn’t stopped there. She had just kept inflating after that in a seemingly endless acceleration, which only intensified after they stumbled across Daniela's video. It was a satisfying relationship, no matter how many side effects there were, Lizzie thought to herself. Opening the door to their bedroom she moved in to get dressed for the graduation ceremony and noticed something strange. That morning when Lizzie had woken up, she expected to find a nice professional pant suit laid out for her. She and Chloe had discussed exactly what would be proper and the sizes that would be required. Lizzie had conceded the design to Chloe as long as a certain level of decorum was maintained and Chloe had been incredibly supportive of Lizzie’s concern at the time, saying she’d handle everything. Well, there wasn’t a pant suite laid out on the bed. Instead Lizzie found an extra-large red ribbed corset, with an absolutely unseemly amount of laces waiting for her on the bed. To top it off, a single long stemmed red rose lay across the ridiculous get up. “That minx!” Lizzie gasped as she blushed in horror and arousal at the prospect of wearing something so lewd underneath her gown at one of the most important ceremonies in her life. There was no way she was going to wear that no matter what Chloe wanted. She quickly walked over to her dresser drawers to find something else to wear. Who cares if it barely fit. Anything was better than the contraption laid out seductively on the bed. God, Chloe was such a deviant. What was she supposed to say to this? There was no way she could actually wear it! What was Chloe thinking? Flinging open the first drawer, Lizzie found nothing inside. Concern flared up inside her as she slammed the drawer shut and threw open the next one. Nothing. Concern quickly turned to panic as she quickly riffled through the remaining drawers and confirmed they were all empty. Not even a t-shirt two sizes small was left. Chloe had cleaned her out, leaving only a pair of lingerie and an embossed cloth napkin from her place of employment, the red outline of a familiar set of thick juicy lips imprinted in lipstick on the hem. She looked back at the bed at the ridiculously tight corset and began to breathe heavily, thinking about what lay before her. She could go naked or she could wear the ridiculous thing. She couldn’t wear it. There was no way. She couldn’t. ==================================Jeremy had agreed to Daniela's suggestion to gain weight with surprisingly ease. Furthermore, as they set out to purposefully fatten her up and document the process he had taken to that with exceptional skill too.She couldn’t remember the last time she hadn’t been full. At this point months had gone by. They were approaching another Christmas together, and she was practically unrecognizable from her previous self. Her belly had continued to accumulate most of the weight she was gaining these days, and stuck out in an unwieldy round sphere beneath her boobs, making it difficult to walk with any grace and solidifying her status as a fat girl. Ever since she had started gaining intentionally the pounds had poured onto her with ease. She knew she had asked for this, but things were getting decidedly out of control. She had been developing some serious concerns that if she continued any further down this path she wouldn't be able to turn back. She opened her mouth to protest but Jeremy filled it with another bite of cheese cake. She snapped back to reality. That’s right, they were filming another stuffing video. She was almost unconscious in this haze of sugary delights. Once the video was finished and she just lay on the couch for a time, thick and heavy, feeling smothered by her own full stomach before finally broaching the subject with her boyfriend."Jeremy, I think this is far enough. Even as fun as all this is, I should probably lay off and try to lose some of this weight now." Daniela began. Jeremy turned around and looked at her in surprise. "Are you sure?" he asked in surprise."Yeah I think it's time to move onto trying to lose this fat, before you and me get stuck with it." She responded."I don't know babe." Jeremy said, standing up and moving beside her. "You're more blubber now that girl." he said, pinching her thick flabby side between his fingers. "Don't you think it's too late to turn back?" Shocked at his response, Daniela pulled away. "I told you I would lose the weight later and I promise I will!" she said defensively. "What if I don't want you to lose it?" Jeremy asked tenderly, stroking Daniela's tiger stripped brown skin. "What if I've gotten used to you at this size? What if." he trailed off as he grabbed her ass with both hands. "What if I want you to keep getting bigger?" "You'd better not be joking about this." Daniela said, seriously. "Don't fuck around with me." "I'm dead serious." He said in response. "I think you're a magnificent piece of art and being able to witness and document your transformation from that slip of a girl who came to work with me 2 years ago to this beautiful monument to feminine voluptuousness has been the greatest privilege I have ever known. I think it'd be a tragedy for you to slim down, and that's the truth." Daniela stood up and stared into her boyfriend's face, searching for any hint of a lie. All she could find only honesty reflecting back at herShe was more agile than he had imagined and was up on him before he could respond, her short but ever so thick body burying him in her abundantly soft adipose as she bore him to the ground.He barked out a surprised grunt as they fell, but Daniela's lips cut off the sound half way. She kissed him roughly and passionately and he couldn’t help but return the kiss, reveling in the feeling of her squishy body pressed up against his own as she carried him to the floor. Her mouth was covered in cheese sauce from indulging in an entire box of signature mac and cheese. She tasted delicious."Mhmm, You know, that's about the last response I expected. You're just about perfect Jeremy aren't you?" she said. "What brought this on anyway?" Jeremy asked."I hit 300 last night." she whispered huskily. "I wasn't sure if I should tell you, but after that speech I'm not feeling shy about it any longer.Eyes lighting up in lust, like a beast, Jeremy flipped her around and onto the couch and came at her doggy style. Daniela gasped in pleasure as he entered all at once. She wasn't completely unprepared however, and quickly caught up as he began to roll his powerful hips in a slow and steady rhythm. His body language spoke of hunger bridled with desperate need and her body was responding in kind.Daniela leaned forward on her elbows as they fell into a rhythm, letting her thick full stomach hang down with her enormous breasts towards the couch. As they copulated her eyes rolled back in her head from the sheer orgasmic bliss that was beginning to build within her. Picking up his tempo, Jeremy plowed into Daniela swiftly and desperately from behind, driving towards a tempestuous climax just out of reach. The couple's desperate need for each other wicked away at them like a cold flame as each burned with passion and need for the other. Closer and closer they came to release, until Daniela surfaced from the river of hormones like a swimmer gasping for air. She braced herself there on the cusp of orgasm, half lost in pleasure as she gauged the man behind her. She watched and controlled the pace until he was about to come and then at the last moment she changed the rhythm. He gasped as she did this, confused, but settled back into it and then she did it again. An even greater hazy pleasure was building on her face with each stalled orgasm.Again and again Daniela altered rhythm and blocked them right at the edge of finishing. She artfully delayed climax until she was exhausted and faint with exertion. Her hair pulled back, was escaping its holdings and wisps of sweaty strands clung to her rounded red cheeks as they clutched one another. Jeremy struggled not to weep with the absolute pleasure of the experience as they arrived at the precipice of pleasure again and again before pulling back. Soon, he was entirely lost in the sensation, forgetting everything but the dire necessity to finish. And at last they did. She clutched around him precisely as he drove up into her. With a spasm and a complete loss of control he screamed out in a shuddering pulsing climax. Daniela screamed her pleasure into a pillow and collapsed like jelly, her belly slick with a sweat that covered her entire body. The two just looked at each other from under heavy fluttering lashes. Nothing was said for a long moment while they just lay together contentedly.
  7. HOLY JEEZ this chapter took a while. So sorry, my friends, but I hope you will be happy with the result! As always, I extend my humble thanks to my good friend and illustrator Berserker1133 who pitched the idea for this series and is doing an incredible series of illustrations. Anyway, enough chatter! On with the story! ~~~ Part 3 – Ripe Fruit With a click the latch fell into place as the front door snapped shut behind the two love birds. Daniela’s boisterous exit left the two remaining house mates blushing red as freshly poured wine. “Daniela and I are getting fat Chloe.” Lizzie declared bluntly, shattering Chloe’s sweet illusionary mind theatre. “I uh, I’m not sure what you mean.” Chloe, said desperately trying to stall for time. She had known the jig was up as soon as Daniela went to get changed. “Did you see her boobs? They were huge! I thought they were going to pop out of that tiny pink number she had on from last summer.” Lizzie exclaimed, miming the huge bouncing boobies in front of her own chest. Chloe was already hot under the collar from witnessing Daniela’s busty display in her too-tiny pink bikini. Trying to talk about it like a reasonable person who wasn’t obsessed with those very developments was about the worst thing she could imagine doing right now. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on a response that would downplay their roommate’s gain. “Don’t exaggerate Lizzie, Daniela’s always been well endowed.” Denial, that was the key. She sighed. Lizzie gave Chloe a look that said she was having none of it. “Exaggerate?” she responded, a dangerous tone in her voice “Look at this!” She angrily moved to stand in front of Chloe, pinning her back against the stove. Lizzie stumbled backwards, leaning against the stove, terrified that Lizzie was going to call her out for all these months spent fattening them both up. Lizzie was only inches away from her as she reached down and unbuttoned her skin tight jeans, grunting with the effort. As soon as the pants were undone, Lizzie’s muffin top spilled forward out of her pants in a flood. There was an audible click-click-click of the zipper on her jeans as the jiggly pot belly forced it open notch by notch by sheer virtue of its own plump weight. “Look at this big fat belly!” She cried in exasperation, grabbing her pot belly and jiggling it in both hands for emphasis. “If I keep eating like this I’m just going to keep getting bigger and bigger!” Her own cheeks shone a bright pink at the embarrassing admission, but never one to shrink from hard truths, Lizzie plunged ahead. “Seeing Daniela in that suit was a wake-up call. I’m on my last pair of pants because my big butt won’t fit into anything!” Chloe felt faint as the unbelievably steamy truth of Lizzie’s ranting rang in her ears. The exposure of Lizzie's ice-cream and pasta belly elicited a vibrating wave of pleasure that swept through her in a paralyzing flood. Her arms went limp as she stumbled back leaning into the stove as Lizzie got closer, ranting about her thickening lower half. Oh god, she was so close. Chloe desperately mustered another attempt to deny the physical evidence right in front of her. “N-n-no way. You’re not fat Lizzie. You’re just bloating, that’s all. M-maybe your pants just shrank in the wash? It happens you know.” She tried desperately, her fluttering heart beating faster as she spoke. Lizzie stared at Chloe, mystified by the girl’s refusal to see the jiggling chub she had accumulated over the past year. She took another step towards Chloe, her dominant personality bearing down on her, determined to extract an admission from Chloe. “I’m fat Chloe! Admit it!” She was practically leaning over the diminutive girl as she shouted in frustration when she felt a hesitant touch on her exposed plump midriff. Shocked by the uninvited touch, she froze, voice dying in her throat. It was just too much for Chloe. The nearness was intoxicating, mere inches between her and all that soft blubber pressing its way out Lizzie’s pants. Thick inches of fluffy adipose layered on her friend’s toned swimmer’s abs from far too many pig outs on the food Chloe herself had made. She was so aroused, it felt like an out of body experience. She had come so far from her day dreams and fantasies. Daniela had turned into a voluptuous vixen shaped like an hour glass and Lizzie was standing inches from her, a big fat overfed pot belly crying out to be touched and caressed. All she had to do was reach out. All she had to do was… She blinked rapidly into Lizzie’s startled eyes. It was in her hands. Lizzie had stopped short as she felt Chloe’s delicate fingers weighing and measuring her plump tummy. She held eye contact for a moment longer, asking without speaking; pleading as she pinched and squeezed the rolls of Lizzie’s thick fat. Lizzie had frozen like a rabbit caught in the headlights. It was so unlike her to not know what to do. Now it was Chloe’s turn to lead. She stopped playing with Lizzie’s fat for a moment as she finally broke eye contact, just holding it contentedly in her hands. Biting her lip anxiously, she dropped her eyes down Lizzie’s taller body inches at a time, to rest on the precious belly in her hands. A shiver ran up her spine in a visible wave. Lizzie hadn’t pulled away, like she was frozen, waiting to see what Chloe would do. “Oh… oh my,” she finally spoke. “Look at that.” She began pinching and squeezing the belly in front of her again. Lizzie just watched in dumbfounded silence. “Mmm, yes you have gotten fat haven’t you Lizzie. I, I guess I hadn’t noticed. Just look at this jelly belly you’ve grown. How did I not see how big and round it was getting?” She bounced it around in her hands a few more times as she spoke. “It’s so soft.” She said in wonder, longing thick in her voice. Chloe's mouth was completely dry. “I could...” she said, slowly trailing off as her hands continued  where her words had left off, one hand drifting lower very carefully, under Lizzie's belly, to the hint of panties that was exposed where her jeans had been undone. Her fingers lingered for a few seconds tickling the tender underside of the bottom roll before boldly sinking lower, down to the exposed panty line. She paused, there was still no response from Lizzie except for a harsh and heavy breathing. The ambiance of the room crystallized in that moment and Chloe took a half step forward, pressing her own chubby belly and full breasts against the blossoming curves of the girl in front of her. Throwing caution to the winds, she let one hand slide around the long rounded curve of Lizzie's ass. The other hand slipped down Lizzie’s open pants, fingers nimbly finding the lips of Lizzie’s sex through the panties and tracing light circles across them. She could feel the modest dampness that appeared as she pressed the cloth into the crevice with just a hint of pressure. She looked into her roommate’s eyes and saw hungry unadulterated lust mirroring her own. She opened her mouth to speak when the noodles cooking on the stove boiled over and the spell of silence broke. With a jarring jolt, reality crashed over both of them once again, and still looking into one another's eyes, they both realized every barrier and boundary of friendship between them had just been violated and obliterated completely. Her back to the stove, Chloe was the first to turn away, concerned for her own safety so close to the boiling scalding water pouring out onto the stove top. As Chloe turned away, distracted by the clatter behind her, Lizzie took the opportunity to back away, retreating. She felt clumsy and uncoordinated, as if she had forgotten where her limbs were. This was unfamiliar territory and she felt completely exposed and unsure of herself for the first time in ages as she fiddled with her pants, sucking in her belly and trying to do up the buttons. Events were moving too fast for her to process. Moments ago she had experienced an all too real girl crush as she witnessed one roommate's developing voluptuous softness and not 10 minutes later here she was being felt up by the other roommate. “I uh, I should uh.” She stumbled over her words as Chloe turned her attention away from the mess on the stove, and back towards Lizzie. Panting heavily as she stared at the plump mound barely out of sight under the slight overhang of Lizzie’s belly, Chloe gulped. She eyed her friend’s emerging pear shape like a starving wolf as she tried to find her voice. After several moments she finally spoke, “I guess you and Daniela have gotten quite chubby. I guess I could help you,” there was a pregnant pause before she finished the thought. “diet.” She said, as if the word was unfamiliar to her. “If that’s what you want, Lizzie.” “I… I.” Lizzie stumbled over her words as she looked for an escape. “I uh, I've got to go to the gym.” And she bolted. Chloe extended a hand and opened her mouth to call out to her retreating friend, desperate to salvage something of their relationship, but Lizzie was in her room with the door shut before she could think of anything to say. After a moment of silence, she turned back to the bubbling pot which had now overflowed across the entire stove top, creating a huge mess. So unprofessional! “Damn, damn, damn!” she said, still breathing heavily. She attempted to clean up the mess as quickly as possible, but was still occupied when she heard the door whoosh shut for the second time that afternoon. Spinning around, she knew it was already too late. Lizzie was gone. Biting her lower lip in frustration, Chloe leaned against the counter with her head in her hands and just stared at the noodles resting and ready to be strained. How had it come to this? Dinner was finished. Chloe had not been able to put as much attention into it as she usually did and it sat on the counter top getting cold. She was too distracted, thoughts and emotions tossing still on the whirlwind of the afternoon’s events. Once she finished cleaning up, Chloe took a seat at the table and waited as still as a statue to see what the evening would bring. She could feel her own heart sinking with the sun as it traveled its lonely path towards the horizon. Lizzie did not return. Maybe no one was coming back. Finally as the last of the sun’s rays flirted with the oncoming night, the door banged open. Chloe sprung to her feet, pig tails bouncing with the sudden movement as she peered through the encroaching darkness to see who it was. Daniela stumbled in through the door, clearly drunk and leaning on the arm of a large muscular dark haired fellow who could only be Jeremy. Jeremy stood at about 6 feet tall, cutting a stark contrast to Daniela’s shorter figure. Though muscular, he also carried a little extra weight around the middle. “Daniela!” Chloe cried out in relief, happy for some company at last. “Chloe?” Daniela giggled drunkenly. “What are you doing sitting in the dark?!” “Oh!” Chloe started. She had been so preoccupied she hadn’t realized how dark it had gotten in the flat. “I was just watching the sunset and didn’t notice it was so dark in here. Sorry. Dinner’s ready though! I made Italian.” She said, trying to jump back to her peppy self in company’s presence. “MMm, Italian!” Daniela said, salivating at the mere mention of food. “Jeremy” she said entreatingly as she turned and laid both hands on his solid chest. “Baby, I know you just watched me eat my weight in ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, but Chloe is training to be a chef and her food is to die for!” She ran a hand along the edge of his pectorals as she spoke, nodding as solemnly as she could manage in her tipsy state. “You won’t think I’m a pig if I eat just a teensy little more will you? I swear it’s important! I have to tell her if it’s good enough for her to submit to class.” She hurried on, leaning her impressive cushiony breasts into him as she spoke. “It’s like I’m the judge on a cooking show.” Chuckling, Jeremy returned her attention with a delighted hungry smile of his own. “If she needs your help then you’d better get to it baby. And besides, haven’t you learned anything from tonight? I can’t deny you anything. Eat all you want. It only makes you sexier.” He said, as he looked pointedly down into the sea of cleavage that was pressed into his chest. As Daniela flipped on the light and turned to bounce happily into the kitchen, Chloe realized that her roommate’s stomach was sticking out in a rounded little ball. She looked like a stuffed turkey. “Oh my god, Daniela, what did you eat!?” Chloe said, so astonished at the roundness of the taught dome that she couldn’t hold back the words before they escaped her lips. Luckily, Daniela was still too drunk to care too much and merely giggled, throwing sultry eyes at her new beau as she tore into all the food waiting on the kitchen counter. “Well,” she began, wolfing down a bowl of thick buttery chicken parmesan. “Jeremy likes to spoil me. He told me he would keep buying me whatever I wanted as long as I kept ordering it, and as long as I finished it. Naturally I had to test his seriousness and dedication to this relationship so I may have gone a little overboard.” She patted her tight stomach for emphasis. “But that’s okay. I’ll work off the calories tomorrow. You won’t let me get fat, right babe?” she giggled, wrinkling her nose in mirth as she laughed in happiness into her bowl of noodles. Jeremy’s eyes were alight with desire as he watched his new girlfriend plow through yet another bowl of food. He moved into the room after closing the door and kissed her on the cheek, before replying. “Never baby, I just want you to get everything you want.” “Mmm, that’s what I want to hear.” Daniela moaned, clearly well past full but still eating. “I just love it when you spoil me Jeremy.” “Well I’ve got to roll on out of here.” Jeremy said straightening up and mussing his dark mop of hair after kissing Daniela briefly on the lips. “Don’t want to miss the bus home, but I’ll see you tomorrow babe.” As he walked into the next room to leave, he approached Chloe, extending a hand in greeting. “I’m Jeremy, by the way. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you while working with Daniela.” He said with a smile. “Thanks for keeping my girl well fed. She’s got an appetite on her and I like seeing her satisfied. Keep up the good work.” He said, winking. “Ah, well she seems a little more than satisfied.” Chloe replied dubiously, tearing her eyes away from the gorging Daniela on the other side of the room to examine the large man. His hands were huge, his grip practically swallowing Chloe’s own petite hand within his own. “Ah yes, I suppose so, but from what I hear you aren’t averse to providing the means for our girl to stuff herself beyond capacity either.” Jeremy replied, pitching his voice so Daniela, who was still in the kitchen could not hear. “Daniela comes into work raving about your extravagant cooking more days than she does not, and it shows. I appreciate that and I imagine you must too.” Chloe could feel her face burning to the roots of her hair at the unexpected accusation. “Wh-what?” Jeremy laughed as he observed Chloe’s reaction to his veiled remarks. “I thought as much. You have a terrible poker face.” “You take care of my girl while I’m away. She’s a special one.” Jeremy said, smiling over at Daniela who was still eating her way into a stupor. Then Jeremy left, and the two were alone. Moaning again, Daniela tried to stand but collapsed back onto the chair. “Oh god, how do you make it so good Chloe? I just can’t resist. Though,” she paused and raised her head inquisitively. “Was there something different you did this time?” she asked, her words slightly slurred from the drunkenness and oncoming sleepiness. Chloe looked embarrassed. “Oh, well.” She said, thinking fast. “Uh I used some diet ingredients to make a slimming version of the food for Lizzie. She said something about wanting to go on a diet. I promise I’ll make sure it tastes better next time.” She swore. “Well that’s good. I feel less guilty eating diet food after eating so much on my date.” Daniela said, as she tucked into the plate of food. Across town at the gym, Lizzie climbed out of the pool in a beautiful display of glistening jiggles. She felt winded and wobbly from her time exercising, an unfamiliar feeling which caused her to be even more keenly aware of just how poorly her one-piece swimsuit fit. Her cheeks blazed a bright cherry red as she made her way back to the locker room to change, every shake and jiggle of her softening body on display, highlighted by the tightly stretched suit's fabric which barely contained her bouncing binge belly. Her pace increased as she realized the mere act of walking was causing her expanded rear to swallow up the back of the suit, resulting in an accidental thong. Last year she been in the habit of swimming laps for half an hour a day. Tonight she had managed a single lap before having to stop in the shallows panting and red faced with the exertion. She hadn't gotten out right after that, choosing instead to just float around for a while, thinking about her room mates and recently acquired eating habits. Climbing out of the water, the thoughts about her out of control food consumption were driven home with a twist as she realized what a wicked appetite she had worked up with so little to show for it. Maybe Chloe would have something whipped up for her at home, despite what she had said about starting a diet. Arriving safely in the locker room, she toweled off and after only a moment of hesitation, made her way to the gym’s scale. She hadn’t looked at her weight since their scale at the apartment had disappeared around 6 months ago and she knew it was time to face the music and see how much fat she had picked up in the last half a year of unrestricted binge eating. If memory served, she had been hovering at a soft 190 pounds last she'd looked. With a gulp and a prayer she stepped on the scale. It was one of those old ones where you had to move the weights around in increments of 50, and then balance it out with a sliding scale that went from 1-50 as well. The max weight was 350 on this older model. Standing on the scale, she set it to 150 pounds moved the slide up to her old weight hopefully. The scale was still unbalanced. She had expected as much. Taking a deep breath, she began to move the slide up along the increasing numbers. 195, 197, 200, it was at its limit for this setting and not even a hint of balancing. She had officially crested 200 pounds and flown past it without even noticing. She closed her eyes for a moment to absorb this news, before setting the scale’s weights to 200 and moving the slider back to the start. 201, 205, 210. The scale still didn’t even look close to balancing, the weight of her fat ass holding down 210 pounds of counter weight. God, how big had she gotten? 215, 220, the scale started to tip the other direction! 221, 222 and there it was. Perfectly balanced. Lizzie's breathing started to come quicker as she took in the full magnitude of her gain. Lizzie stood there, blinking in stunned silence for a few moments before abandoning the scale and hurrying to the back of the locker room, clutching at her exposed butt cheeks in the fear that someone might pop in and see her in all her fatness. After a few minutes of panicked breathing in the privacy of a shower stall, she calmed down enough to venture back out to find a mirror in which to explore the changes in her physique. Staring at the soft layer of adipose that had substantially thickened the lower portion of her body, Lizzie began to poke and prod her chubby midriff and expansive ass experimentally. Logically, her head reasoned this was about what anyone could expect when swapping regular intense physical exertion with regular intense stuffing sessions. The results were undeniable. Groping her own thick behind and feeling its sheer size and surface area, she was astonished that she was still able to fit into any of her old pants at all. Her swim suit in particular was definitely several sizes too small at this point, clinging to her average sized bust so tightly that her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric and loosing the battle to contain her thick middle on all fronts. She cupped an average C-Cup breast in one hand and reached down to grasp the thickening slab of belly jelly with the other. In horror she realized that her belly actually jutted out farther than her breasts did now. When had that happened? God, how had she gained 30 pounds in 6 months? At the beginning of the year she had been an attractively normal sized girl. Now she was overweight with an over developed chunky butt and undeniable jelly belly which announced to the whole world that she had an overly developed sweet tooth. Gingerly lifting her brand new belly in her hands, she held it for a moment before letting it drop, jiggling and shaking vigorously as it slapped downwards. She did this a few times, mesmerized by the view of her extra inches as her mind drifted back to Chloe’s similar actions earlier in the day. It had all been so new and strange, yet intensely erotic. She remembered how good it had felt to have Chloe play with her body and scold her for her weight gain. Chloe hadn’t seemed to mind her growing curves, despite her words. Lizzie’s fears began to evaporate as she imagined Chloe’s teasing hands on her soft belly, clutching at her plush ass. She could almost feel the tickle of her roommate's warm breath as their lips came close. She was breathing heavily as she thought about it, growing more and more aroused. She reached slowly down below the soft plush ledge of her belly and began to stroke herself. Come to think of it, wasn’t it Chloe’s food that she had been gorging on all this time to make her gain the last 30 pounds? Yes, it was. You might even say it was Chloe’s fault that Lizzie had plumped up so much this year. She had made Lizzie such a fatty and she kept feeding her more and Lizzie kept eating it. Lizzie thought about the increase in “baking projects” for school. She remembered the week of ice cream a few months ago. Grabbing a handful of fluff from her belly in one hand while pleasuring herself with the other hand, she began to bring herself closer to a mounting climax. Right as she reached the edge of her lustful fantasy, the door to the locker room banged open and the loud chatter of a group of girls echoed back to where Lizzie stood. Lizzie gasped, wiping her blue streaked hair out of her face as she realized where she was. Quickly ducking into a shower stall again, she rinsed off before gathering her things and running home, still in her bathing suit. She had worked up quite the appetite and she knew exactly where she could satiate all of her cravings. Arriving back home around 11:00, Lizzie slipped into the flat quietly, still damp from her hurried escape from the gym showers. She immediately spotted Daniela fast asleep on the couch, her belly stretched out in an epic curve, clearly sleeping off the effects of a huge food binge. Her gentle breathing was drowned out by the sounds of activity in the flat's kitchen where the soft strumming bass guitar of Jack Johnson barely muted the clatter of dishes being washed. Chloe must be cleaning up from a late dinner. Lizzie's imagination conjured the memory of Chloe’s petite hands dancing around around in her panties as she looked in the direction of the sound. Glancing back at the couch for a moment, Lizzie gawked at the firm roundness of Daniela’s stuffed belly. She was surprised to find she was both aroused and jealous of the sight, a swim-fueled hunger raging inside her. What was wrong with her? Since when did she have a thing for bellies? Since when did she have a thing for girls?! Since this morning with Chloe, apparently, she thought. Turning away, Lizzie moved stealthily to the entrance of the kitchen, her tight undersized one-piece still damp and clinging to the ripe curves of her bulging body. She paused for a moment at the entrance to soak in every detail of the short chubby girl whom she had known for so long yet about whom she apparently knew so little. Chloe was wearing garters and long stockings beneath a short pink skirt, and she looked particularly cute tonight. Lizzie took in the common place sight with new eyes, eating up the subtle curves highlighted by Chloe's gothic girly-lolita style of dress. Knowing full well she stood on the brink of a monumental decision, Lizzie balanced on the edge of that precipice and pondered while the track played out on the stereo. She thought about her hunger and the exhaustion that came from swimming. She thought about judgmental looks in public and the things her family would say. Then she thought of soft things, and curves. She thought of red lips and creamy thighs. Reaching down, she felt up her own plump belly and remembered the sweet taste of a week’s worth of ice cream, and the pleasant heft that was left behind after the monumental binge was over. She remembered the distinctly less creamy taste of being in shape. And she recalled the sensation of Chloe's fluttering breath as it danced across her face, their lips inches apart. Lizzie thought about what was expected of her and then she thought about what she really wanted. Pinching her developing belly through the taught fabric of the one-piece, she came to a decision just as the guitar played its final note. “Got anything I can eat?” Lizzie called out quietly into the vacuum left by the record. Chloe whirled around in surprise, her breath catching in her throat as she saw Lizzie standing in her bathing suit at the entrance to the kitchen. Lizzie’s bathing suit clung to her like a second skin, highlighting the months of indulging on every tempting treat Daniela had worked to make. The extra 30 pounds hung juicily from Lizzie's taller frame like fruit waiting to be plucked. Breasts like juicy apples and a belly like a watermelon, sweet and ripe. Chloe's mouth watered at the vision before her. Lizzie walked forward, letting her hips roll seductively with the movement. “I went out to the pool and worked up a fierce appetite." Stopping a foot from Chloe, she paused, unsure of where to go from here. "I couldn't stop thinking about you." she confessed in a daring whisper. Panting, Chloe took a step forward, reuniting with the soft curves of her taller roommate. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about you either." Chloe whispered back shyly, reveling in the feel of the barely contained curves beneath her arms. "I hate to rush this, but I'm starving. Do you think I can get something to eat and we can talk about this, whatever this is, after?" Lizzie asked hopefully. Her stomach growled in agreement and she flushed bright pink in embarrassment. "All I have ready is pasta and that's really fattening, Lizzie." Chloe said hesitantly. "I know you said you wanted to work off the weight and I want to respect that." She looked extremely embarrassed as she looked down. "God knows I haven't respected your choice in this up till now but I really want you to know you can trust me going forward." She looked back up in to her Lizzie's sapphire blue eyes, begging for her trust. Lizzie looked away in embarrassment, her pink cheeks deepening into a scarlet hue. "I was wondering if you uh. If you uh." She trailed off miserably. "If I what?" Chloe asked, raising both eyebrows in curiosity. Lizzie grabbed ahold of her courage and looked Chloe straight in the eyes. "I was wondering if you like me like this, because I might not mind it if you don't." she said desperate to get it out. Chloe froze at the question, her lush brown eyes locked with Lizzie's frosty blues for an unknown amount of time as she processed the question and its implications. She could feel herself dripping as she disengaged and turned, pulling plates from the pile of dishes she had just cleaned. Unable to fully tear her gaze from Lizzie's bulging spandex clad form, she began to clumsily pile a plate high with mounds of butter soaked noodles and pasta. When she was done she pushed Lizzie onto a stool at the kitchen counter and set the heaping pile of pasta covered in cheese and thick fattening sauces, with a side of garlic bread in front of her. "Mind? Darling, I would love to see you even bigger." Chloe stated, bolder than she had ever been before. Licking her lips in anticipation, Lizzie dug in, eating huge mouthfuls at a time as she packed it all in at a rate that suggested she had never encountered Italian food before and might never do so again. All the while though, she only had eyes for the chubby chef who watched her in return. Moaning, she finished the plate. “That was is absolutely sinful Chloe.” Lizzie said around a last mouthful of noodles. "We're so lucky we get to experience your cooking. You’ll make some girl incredibly happy someday Chlo.” She said huskily. "Do I make you happy?” Chloe asked almost in pain at fear of the response. Lizzie looked up, biting her lip nervously as she recognized this final chance to turn back. Abandoning her reservations to the inflamed burning lust building within her she answered, “More than anything." and Chloe practically tackled her off her stool in a tangle soft limbs and lips as the two shared their first kiss. As they fell to the kitchen floor with a muffled thud, Chloe tugged at the drying spandex and lycra, pulling it down over Lizzie's small plump breasts. They bounced out flopping up along Lizzie's chest as she came to rest on her back. Chloe tried to pull the suit down, struggling to pull it around the much thicker, and noodle filled belly. Finally it rolled slickly around her abundant curves before getting stuck on her immense rear. "Oh God, you're so fat. How did you get into this?" Chloe asked, beginning to grind on her friend as she tried to tug on the slick material. "I'm only fat because you keep feeding me pasta and ice cream." Lizzie retorted, flushing in a mixture of elated arousal and shame at how large she had let herself get. Struggling to sit up in order to pull the suit off herself, she was startled by a hand from Chloe pushing her dominantly pushing her back down. "Hold your horses big girl. Getting your clothes off is half the fun, and right now you're all mine." Lizzie's eyes grew wide in anticipation, and she could feel her nethers gush as Chloe smiled and leaned down agonizingly slow, fingers dancing across Lizzie's plush and tender flesh until her head was obscured from view by her bloated belly. She felt a hand tug the swim suit to the side and without further warning Chloe's tongue entered her. Lizzie gasped sharply, trying not to cry out as Chloe began to perform cunnilingus. It was like drowning, she realized as she released a shuddering breath, trying to relax as Chloe's skillful tongue danced within her. But there was no relaxing here. Each new moment brought new and unexperienced pleasure, adding to a mounting wave within her that was steadily building into something so great it threatened to blot out all of existence. Chloe's skillfull navigation between Lizzie's thighs continued like an eager explorer joyful in her discovery, tasting and relishing each new fruit in a foreign land. Lizzie panted and gasped with every lick and probing dart of the tongue, barely able to recall why she needed to keep quiet. Her hands clutched and grabbed at Chloe's head and the stool beside them, desperately trying to ground herself against the growing wave of pleasure at her center. Her moans turned into whimpers as the pleasure crested and peaked, and then with a gasp it all came crashing down through her like a tsunami. The climax was earth shattering, and as she came, reality was blotted out. All she saw was white light and in the distance she heard a screaming cry. Finally, at last, she was calm, adrift on an ocean of bliss. Seconds? Minutes? She had lost track of time when she came to. Chloe was laying half naked on top of her frozen and listening intently. What had happened? Had that screaming been her? Oh god, had Daniela woken up? She froze in mortified fear at the thought of their roommate finding them like this, Lizzie stuffed and half naked on the floor of the kitchen post-coitus and Chloe, hair and face in complete disarray, with Lizzie's juices all over her lips. Seconds ticked by at a snail's pace, both girls sure that at any moment they would be found out. Seconds turned into minutes. Nothing was happening. Finally they heard a snort and a shift from the direction of the living room as Daniela readjusted on the couch. Their mortal fear quickly devolved into near-hysterical giggles at the close call. "Well well, I don't think I've ever gotten such a good reception before. I take it you liked that?" Chloe asked, leaning on Lizzie's exposed soft chest and smiling as wide as the Cheshire cat. "Oh, God yes. Did I pass out?" Lizzie asked, more than a little embarrassed at her dramatic scene that had almost gotten them caught. "Yep." Chloe looked thoughtful and then nodded. "Yep, I'm pretty sure you blacked out there for a second at the end. Biggest compliment I have ever received, I think." she said, still glowing in happiness as she played with her new girlfriend's nipples. "Stop that!" Lizzie swatted at her lover's playful fingers halfheartedly. "Well I'd like to continue this but I think we had better retire to the bedroom. As naughty as this is, I really don't want Daniela to find out about us by discovering us fucking on the kitchen floor." Chloe tweaked Lizzie's fully erect nipples one last time before sitting up and replying. "Mm, agreed. I haven't even gotten all your clothes off. There's so much more to do." she traced a longing finger down the curve of Lizzie's belly and out around her ass, a hungry light in her eyes. Lizzie bit her lip as she struggled to sit up too. "Before we continue though, do you have any desert? I'm still a bit peckish." Chloe's eyes grew wide and excited at the question. She stood up, and fetched a plate of a dozen cookies. Lizzie almost drooled as she saw them. "Not yet thunder thighs." Chloe smacked Lizzies ample ass and directed her towards the bedroom. "Get your clothes off and in bed and then we can see if you've been a good enough girl for these cookies." Lizzie scampered off into Chloe's bedroom like a fire had spontaneously come into existence under her bum. Chloe followed quickly behind her, cookies in hand and a lust filled look in her eyes. They shut the door quietly, and Daniela slept on heedless of the tryst in the next room. The next morning, Daniela woke up ravenously hungry. Chloe had seemed unusually happy and offered to make her some real serious diet food if she wanted, which sounded like a terrible idea to Daniela. It wasn't like she was getting fat like Lizzie. She just wanted to cut out a few calories, so she politely declined. "Breakfast is the most important day of the meal, right?" She frowned after she said it. Judging by her roommate's sniggers she hadn't gotten that saying right either. Ugh. "Point being guys, I need to get off to a good start or I won't stick too my diet, so I'll have whatever Lizzie's having." She smiled, hoping she wasn't hurting Chloe's feelings. "No problem." Chloe said, if anything more cheery than she had been before. "I'll get right on it." Turned out, Lizzie was having an absolute avalanche of pancakes. It was definitely wrong to turn down food that was offered to you. There were starving children in Africa, after all, so she powered through the pancakes feeling more like a beached whale than a girl by the end of the meal. "Ugh, I thought you were on a diet Lizzie." Daniela groaned. "I am on a diet." Lizzie said happily, sitting back down with another two pancakes. "It's called a sea food diet." She graced the cook with a wink. What was going on with these two, Daniela wondered. Downing a glass of milk to finish the meal, Daniela stood up and skedaddled out the door and on to work. She really had meant to cut back on the indulging too, after that morning, but she just never really got around to it. Each day at work she never stopped snacking, and even would eat the occasional free meal when presented with the opportunity. Shifts with Jeremy afforded many of those opportunities. Actual dates with Jeremy were even worse, all ending much along the same lines as the first, with her stuffed like a prize turkey with every entree and desert she could order. Time at his house might actually have been worse for her figure as there was no portion control. Instead of measuring ice cream by the scoop, Jeremy measured it by the carton, always having some justification which sounded pretty reasonable to her as to why it made a good addition to whatever meal they were eating. There wasn't any relief at her own apartment either, as Chloe had gotten in the habit of exercising her culinary prowess in a big way each and every day. Breakfasts and Dinners were turning into all you can eat buffets and it turned out that Daniela could eat quite a lot. She was aware that she was putting on weight but when compared to Lizzie who was absolutely blowing up, she didn't really think it was too big a deal. "God, sometimes I swear it looks like you are trying to fatten me up." She had joked with Jeremy one winter evening at his house, as he brought out a pint of ice cream for her to eat after she had polished off an entire pizza. It wasn't like she wasn't going to eat the ice cream, but she was a little concerned about how he would respond to her developing belly. "Oh, what? Why would you say that? I just love to see you satisfied and happy." Jeremy had replied, suave and handsome as the devil himself. "I love to spoil my baby girl." Her fears assuaged, she dug into the pint of ice cream, finishing it by the time the movie they were watching was over. So what were a few pounds? If Jeremy didn't notice, she didn't mind. He was everything she had ever dreamed of in a boyfriend. Tall, strong, and attentive to her every need. He made sure she never wanted for anything and often anticipated her desires before she realized she had them, bringing desert to the table before she had really finished digesting the main entrée, or ordering an extra appetizer to proceed the meal just to keep her happy. She adored the attention and for a time was content. The holidays came and went and winter faded into spring without Daniela ever quite realizing how big she was getting. She remembered the surprise at finding out that Lizzie and Chloe had become an item. She was especially shocked, not just because she had not thought Lizzie swung that way, but because Lizzie had gotten enormous over the past year. Of course, what Daniela did not realize was that for every pound that Lizzie gained, Daniela picked up one as well. As time went by with Daniela comfortably relaxed with her lifestyle, wearing nothing restrictive and her boyfriend buying all her clothes as a courtesy, her weight ticked up pound by pound until an entire year had passed. 180, 190, 195. She passed 200 about the time she realized she was developing a belly, and kept going. As the time when she had first opened her website approached she would have weighed in at 225 pounds if she had stepped onto a scale, a full 100 pounds gained in the past year. Somewhere she was conscious of the massive change to her body, but she went on with her life in willful denial, content with her perfect boobs, her perfect boyfriend, and her perfect life. That denial stubbornly persisted through meal after meal and pound after pound until stumbling into her home one drunken night after restaurant and bar hopping with Jeremy, she glanced at the calendar and realized it was the one year anniversary of her failed modeling website. Giggling, she ran to fetch the camera. Maybe she'd film a sexy video just for fun. It wasn't like anyone was looking at it. To be continued.
  8. Do you SEE this guy? He's a freaking machine! Can I get a round of applause for the genius of those illustrations? simply amazing. And Woodsmont, so happy you are reading this. You're an inspiration to my work and I am continually humbled when you pop in to comment
  9. Chapter 2 - Blossoming Flower Daniela’s eyes dilated in ecstasy as she bit into the large chocolate and raspberry infused scone. Her nostrils flared as she drew in a deep breath, the experience intensifying as the fresh baked smells of the kitchen intermingled with the near-orgasmic taste of the new pastry that Chloe had just invented for her baking class. She had asked Daniela to taste it. Daniela had meant to just take a bite, but as she tried to put the scone down, an uncontrollable shiver began at the base of her spine and rolled through her entire body culminating in a breathy moan as the air she had pulled in escaped. “Chloe!” was all she could manage once she had finished the bite. “Did you hate it?” Chloe looked uncertain at the response. “No, far from it. Chloe, did you make that recipe yourself?” Tugging at her apron nervously, Chloe nodded, unsure what to make of the reception her new desert was receiving. “Wow, I knew you were good, but if that’s you not following the instructions then maybe you should go off the reservation more often.” Daniela went to put the scone back on the tray and paused. “Uh, you don’t mind if I finish this off do you Chloe?” “N-Not at all!” Chloe stuttered, her face flushed in pleasure from the praise. She turned back to her work in the kitchen, leaving the plate of scones within easy reach of her roommate. As Daniela polished off the remainder of the delightful fluffy creation at the dining room table, Lizzie popped her head up from the other side of the room where she was plugging in her photography equipment behind the couch. “We’re ready here. Be a dear and bring me one of those to try before you get yourself dressed. I want these done before you have to go into work tomorrow.” Lizzie had denied Daniela’s pleas to get started on their first photo op until she had secured a job and was on the schedule. She had claimed it would serve as incentive and she was obviously right. Not even two weeks later, and the normally lazy Daniela not only had a job but had been told she could start right away. Granted, it was a McDonalds, but Daniela had wanted to get to work as soon as possible and the fast food joint always seemed to be hiring. Besides, the guy who had interviewed her had been seriously cute. She looked forward to working with him. What was his name again? Jeremy? Right, she’d have to remember that. Daniela snagged another two scones as she skipped over to Lizzie, extending one towards her friend. Lizzie lunged forward though, grabbing both. “Nope, you just had one. Wait until after we take pictures and then you can eat more.” “Aw, you’d better save one for me when we’re done.” Daniela pouted, getting into position and eyeing the remaining pastries lustily. Lizzie moaned in pleasure as she tasted the home made confections for the first time. “Chloe, you are a culinary genius.” Moments later she was licking the last flaky crumbs from her fingertips as she waited for Daniela to get into costume. They had picked out a variety of outfit options for her to pose in for this first shoot. It was a golden day for a photo shoot. Bright sunlight radiated warmth throughout the apartment, offset by the soft hum of the AC in the background. Chloe popped her next set of creations into the oven and propped her elbows on the kitchen counter to watch her two friends pose and snap pictures. “Are you ready? Hold! Right, good. Now pose like, yes! Perfect! And give me that pout, reow! And now innocent virgin. Mmm, yes.” Lizzie was all business, snapping photographs like a machine. She had been giving the speeches about being mature and smart and getting a job but Chloe could see through that adult façade. It was as obvious as the blue streak in her hair; Lizzie was probably more excited about this than anything else this year. Daniela of course, being nothing short of an unabashed narcissist, relished her time under the lens. Things proceeded smoothly for over an hour, Daniela eating up the attention as she posed in alternating outfits with the occasional nude thrown in. Lizzie played the part of a focused professional, putting her training to the test as she worked with Daniela to come up with creative positions and arranged her lighting gear for maximum effect. Chloe kept watch from the kitchen, nonchalantly baking quite a bit more than was necessary for class, while she kept a vigilant eye on the proceedings taking place across the rest of the flat. If nothing else, the prolonged exposure to her flat mate’s attempts to look ravishing, tempting, and nubile made her cook up even more dishes than she had been planning to. The professional atmosphere of the shoot could only last so long though, before things got silly between the old friends. “Got it.” Lizzie called out. “Now hold that pose and give me a smolder. Mhmm, what’s missing here? Try pushing your ass out a little more? No! Not that much, Daniela. Stop! I’m serious, quit it or I’m going to have to come spank you!” At this point Daniela started twerking her ample Latino booty causing the observing Chloe to burst into full on giggles. Unable to keep a smile off her face as the serious atmosphere shattered, Lizzie dropped her camera and darted forward. “Ok! You asked for it!” she yelled as she landed a solid smack on Dani’s scantily clad protruding rear. Daniela squealed and fled as Lizzie proceeded to chase her around the living room for a few minutes, swatting at her behind, screaming out “Professionals don’t twerk!” All the room mates were laughing uproariously by the time the oven started beeping a few minutes later, signaling the completion of Chloe’s latest batch of confections. The decadent scent of melted chocolate and sugar announced an unspoken cease fire between the two girls as they both turned to investigate the incredible smell emanating from the kitchen. Their eyes grew wide as Chloe pulled a huge batch of cookies out from the oven and began laying them out on the counter in a massive pile. “Please tell me you can spare a few of these from your class for your poor hard working roommates.” Lizzie implored, her eyes round as saucers as she took in the rows of perfectly shaped chocolate chip cookies. “Please let us try one! Pretty please with extra sugar and a big fat cherry on top!” Daniela followed up, practically drooling. “These are actually all for you guys!” Chloe responded happily. “I’ve got to run to class now and I won’t be back till dinner, so I made these cookies to keep you fueled and going while I’m away." She went ahead and started getting ready while her two roommates dug into the plate of cookies. This was the latest in a steadily increasing spate of cooking experiments that she was sharing around home. For dinners lately she had been specializing in thick heavy pastas and anything and everything deep fried. She knew she was riding the line between acceptable behavior in living out her personal fantasies and crossing and actually damaging her friend’s waist line. Every meal, whenever she came to a decision about what ingredients to include or what dishes to make, she would hesitate for a second and then pick the most fattening option. What would she do if the real life effects started manifesting around Daniela’s soft and supple middle? If it came to that she’d simply have to help her best friend diet back down to her old size. That’s the only way she could live with herself. After all, she knew enough about cooking to cook lean when she needed to. Until that happened, if that happened, well It didn’t bear thinking about. With that final thought, she made her way out the door to class, mind now busy planning the rest of the week’s meal plans and additional ways she might be able to squeeze some calories into Daniela’s diet. “So what’s next?” Daniela asked as she picked up another of the huge round chocolatey morsels. “Well, we have to get a website going for you and I need to go through all the pictures we took today.” Lizzie replied, musing over the steps they had yet to take while she licked some gooey chocolate off her fingertips. “What do you have planned for the next few days?” “Oh, you know. Starting the job at McDonalds in the morning. I’ll be keeping busy learning how to flip burgers while flirting with my trainer.” She giggled, mouth full of cookie, at the prospect. Lizzie joined in the giggles. “Do you really like him?” “Yeah, he’s really cute. His name is Jeremy. I met him during my interview. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m hot and I have to have something of a hobby to keep myself busy while I’m at work.” “Well, then he doesn’t stand a chance. Tell me when he asks you out.” The following day Daniela waltzed into work with a dynamic energy and excitement that those who knew her would scarcely have believed. It didn’t last, of course. It had taken Daniela 3 years to grow bored of college. Fast food barely managed to keep her engaged for 3 days. Even with the cute trainer Jeremy to flirt with, she found herself drowning in a growing haze of grease and ennui by the end of the first week. Fast food work was certainly not for her, but she was certain it wouldn’t last too long. As soon as her website took off, she’d quit this grease bucket. In the meantime, she flirted not only with Jeremy but with the food available to her, snacking on whatever was at hand when she was bored, which was most of the time. Despite her hopes, the website wasn’t taking off though, and Daniela couldn’t help struggling with apathy as the days spun into weeks, and then the weeks blurred into months. Gradually she fell into a mind numbing rhythm composed of working and laying around the house waiting for something to happen. The lethargic summer sun and freedom from the college scene made it all so easy to just let everything go and relax. Lizzie insisted they update the site with sets whenever they could but the motivation was waning for both of them in the face of such poor results. “Lots of pretty thin beauties looking for a spot light, I guess.” Lizzie had commiserated with Daniela one day, as they each worked their way through a bowl of brownies and ice cream. Chloe was learning to make home-made ice cream at school and claimed she was having trouble getting the consistency right. What followed was a sinfully decadent week of ice cream every night while she perfected the recipe. Both raved about the desert at every sitting but Chloe insisted she hadn’t gotten it quite right yet each time, so there was always a fresh batch waiting for them the following night. “If the instructor doesn’t give you an “A” with this batch, then they must not have taste buds.” Daniela had declared, stuffed to the gills on the final night of the week of soft serve. Her stomach rounded out in a tight convex dome beneath her breasts, struggling to contain the triple helping of hot fudge and cold ice cream she had just finished off. “I think I’m going to have to go on a diet after tonight. Your ice cream is just so good I couldn’t help myself.” “Yeah, diet. Definitely.” Lizzie had echoed after Daniela, looking rather abashedly at her bloated tummy. Daniela felt a flash of sympathy for her roomie as Lizzie poked herself in the middle. There wasn’t really much give at the moment but the girl was making undeniable progress in transforming that soft tummy of hers into a bona fide pot belly, not that Daniela would ever be rude enough to mention it. Daniela was just thankful she hadn’t inherited her Mother’s genes, or she’d never be able to binge eat like this on occasion. “Hey, don’t we have a scale laying around somewhere?” Lizzie piped up after a moment. “No, I uh, I threw it out last month because it wasn’t working.” Chloe responded, looking guilty. “Oh, well probably best I didn’t know.” Lizzie muttered, and got up for seconds. Groaning, Daniela joined her. Daniela had really meant to cut back after that week too, but Chloe was so sweet and supportive about her website’s lack of success that it was hard to say no to the little treats and snacks she would make for her, and there was really nothing better to do at work than snack. “No, I really shouldn’t.” Daniela would say demurely when offered cookies. “Well, since you made them special, maybe just a few.” And a few would turn into a half dozen and later more while she lazed about the house binging TV shows and drawing. And so gradually, softly, and without fanfare, the pounds started accumulating on Daniela’s trim frame. Chloe wasn’t sure if she was in heaven or hell. She wasn’t even sure if she could tell the difference anymore as she felt her judgement was probably fatally compromised at this point. It wasn’t an occasional thing anymore. At this point she regularly layered her dishes with the most fattening ingredients possible before serving them up to her rapidly inflating roommates. It was all supposed to have been a secret fantasy about her friend. There weren’t supposed to be any real life effects, but her grip on the situation had spiraled out of control at approximately the same pace that Daniela’s breasts had ballooned. Each moment she was home from class was another precious moment to observe Daniela’s outrageously curvy form clad in nothing but her underwear and a t-shirt. Each of those perfect moments was another reason more compelling than all the logic in the world as to why she could not stop. The experience was an exquisite mixture of torture and arousal. Each new pound a terrible burden on her conscience, yet divine. Sweet lord, what cup size was she up to now? It made Chloe dizzy to think about. Every bounce and jiggle of those sweet boobs had her flushed and fanning herself, eager to throw another batch of cookies on or lay out another snack tray of crackers and cheese to encourage her goddess’s growth. She almost wished she hadn’t disposed of the scale as a precautionary measure all those months ago. Almost. This was an unsustainable pattern of fattening. It couldn’t last forever. She knew this, but she was going to do everything in her power to keep it moving forward. Chloe was cooking and chatting with Lizzie in the kitchen when Daniela threw open the door and ran inside shouting. “Jeremy asked me out on a date!” Her boobs had gotten absolutely enormous over the last 6 months of fattening fair, and her butt was stretching the seams of her shorts too, when she wore them. “Congratulations!” Lizzie said, enthusiastically, smiling as she looked up from the conversation. “I’m honestly surprised it took this long.” She was leaning against the counter eating a big fluffy muffin and sporting a generous gelatin muffin top of her own. Below the belt, the damage to her figure only got worse, as he hips flared out dramatically, legs enclosed in too-tight jeans stretched across an expansive ass like a second skin. Lizzie’s development in this process, though less intentional, had not escaped Chloe’s eye. Dumping even more guilt onto her overburdened conscience she had started attending to Lizzie’s appetite almost as much as to Daniela’s. “So where is he taking you?” Chloe inquired, trying not to dwell on her poor life choices, even as they bounced around the room in front of her. “The beach, and then he’s taking me out to eat.” Daniela giggled and pushed her boobs together with her shoulders to emphasize the visible cleavage. “I might have hinted to him how good I look in a bikini.” She ran into her bed room and started fishing through her drawers for last year’s hot pink bikini and shouted. “He’ll be here to pick me up in 15 minutes!” Chloe froze, dropping the instruments she had been using to make dinner in a resounding clatter as she realized what was about to happen. Daniela hadn’t tried on any of her old clothes in months. When she put on that bikini, the results of Chloe’s handy work would be undeniable. In the back room, the clatter of moving shelves and the creaking bed told the tale of the plump girl’s struggle to change. Chloe stood still as a statue, brutal anticipation wicking through her in waves both wickedly sharp and delightfully sweet. On one hand, she was about to see the glory of Daniela’s twin mountain peaks in all their unclothed glory for the first time. On the other hand, there was no way in hell her roommate wasn’t going to notice the expansive changes that had taken place to her chest and behind over the past few months once she put on that old bikini. In the quiet minutes proceeding the reveal, she almost forgot to breath as she waited. And there she was, in a rush of dark almond skin crowned by the vibrant hot pink of the suit. There was no question about it. Daniela had definitely gained a lot of weight. The bathing suit had been tight on her before, and if Chloe had to guess, she’d outgrown it some 30 pounds ago. Where would that leave her now? 160 pounds? 170?! It was hard to tell since Daniela was practically exploding out of the minimal material. Her breasts had grown too large to be properly supported by the stringy top and while they were still technically covered it was only by the barest of margins. Chloe’s eyes lingered on the wonderful fullness of her friend’s exposed body, curving down the slope of her bosom to trace the beginnings of a small belly. She noted with satisfaction that the bottom of the bikini, while not as taxed as the upper portion, was also several sizes too small, the pink string digging into the deliciously soft film of plush that had grown over her friend’s wider and more voluptuous hips. Grinning, Daniela did a pirouette to show off the suit and Chloe heard a gasp mirroring her own, from Lizzie as they both waited for Daniela’s boobies to tumble out of their meager cloth prison. The moment passed without disaster, and twin sighs of relief were expelled. Daniela finished the exposition with a pose looking over her shoulder, exposing her ass proudly. Her Latin heritage had not let her down, as it packed all the pounds that had not made their way to that voluminous chest, into a rounded booty that jutted out from her back side. As Daniela spun back around and began to walk, or rather bounce towards them, Chloe almost fainted at the full revelation of her friend’s incredible expansion on display in the too-small suit. Daniela had grown into an hour glass wet dream. “This is a little tighter than I remember.” The voluptuous beauty said, with a puzzled frown, tugging at the straps. Chloe didn’t know what to say, so she just stood there and drooled a little. Lizzie too, normally so vocal and sure of herself was a quiet for some time as well, just staring while Daniela leaned against the counter smiling at them both, waiting for them to speak. Finally she spoke up.“Wow, Daniela, you look fantastic! That was enough to make me reconsider my own orientation, but uh, I wouldn’t play any volley ball while you’re in that suit if you know what I mean.” she gave the barely contained boobs a meaningful look. “What do you mean?” Daniela asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow as she munched on a cookie. After a few moments waiting, she turned to go to the bathroom to look at herself the full length mirror. At that moment a knock came at the door. Forgetting all about Lizzie’s comment, Daniela rushed to the door and threw it open. To be continued.
  10. Come now, this could be none other than former-Big Cutie Aspen. As an eternal fan of bellies, yours is top notch! Those pictures are magnificent!
  11. Hello friends! I am please to present to you the first chapter of a joint project between myself and berserker1133. The idea for the story was all his and he's doing the illustrations while I'm doing the writing. Weight gain stories with illustration are one of my prime pleasures in life, so it's incredibly exciting to be able to be a part of this collaboration. My devart page: http://avacadodo.deviantart.com/ Berserker1133's devart page: http://berserker1133.deviantart.com/ There's a lot more coming. We've got the whole story plotted out, so stick around! Comment! Shout out what your favorite parts were, who your favorite girl is, what you want to see happen, and all that good jazz. I look forward to the journey ahead. So without further ado, Part 1 – The Caged Bird It was mid-morning in Miami and ribbons of golden sunlight streamed through the windows of a modest flat in south central Miami. At the focal point of the room, dusky skinned prima donna Daniela “Pajarita” Garcia lay on the floor in the sunshine, feet comfortably crossed in the air behind her while she worked on a sketch. She was doing her best to focus on the drawing and ignore her flat mates altogether, as she really did not want to talk about what they were here to confront her over. She felt the drawing expressed her feelings more eloquently than words ever could and was content putting her energy into finishing it while she got her feelings in order. If her audience got bored and walked away in the meantime, well, all the better. Daniela was an elegantly formed raven-haired beauty of 22. With Latin blood running thick through her veins, she was a slim but shapely 125 pounds. She sported a prominent bust which curved out in tantalizing perfection and a bottom which, while not as impressive as her top, more than filled up the capris and jean shorts she was partial to. Daniela was a vain pretty little thing with emerald green eyes which were alarming large when framed by mascara, legs that were somehow longer than you would think at only 5’6”, and perfectly manicured pink toes set like pink pearls in her tanned feet. As bespoken by her art, Daniela was a very visual person. Her life’s philosophy could be summed up in three words; “Show, don’t tell.” She firmly believed this approach simplified a complicated world. A casual observer might deduce this just from her mode of dress. Plainly put, Daniela did not have a modest bone in her body. Each morning Daniela would turn her artistic sensibilities on herself, treating her body like a canvas. She was always sure to show as much skin as possible, highlighting her curves and the smattering of intricate tattoos inked across the contours of her body. She also went to great lengths to tastefully display as much cleavage as she could get away with, a controversial decision made out of pure vanity after a particularly bold member of an art class for which she was posing nude, her sophomore year, had likened her bosom to a brush stroke from the legendary hand of Michelangelo himself. She had pretended the comment did not faze her, but it had inflated the already large ego of the young woman considerably. After the required credit hours had been fulfilled she found herself volunteering for the position whenever possible, paid or not, addicted to the thrill of exposure. Getting back to the present, Daniela put the finishing touches on her drawing before pulling herself up to a cross legged position, finally ready to address the self-appointed intervention squad composed of her two best friends and flat mates, Lizzie and Chloe. If they had had waited this long, she wasn’t going to escape their well-meaning concern by trying to ignore it away. “Daniela, you can’t drop out of college.” Lizzie, said in a matter of fact voice. As the de facto leader and momma bear of the group, she could be very no-nonsense when she wanted to. All three attended the Miami Art Institute, pursuing different majors. Lizzie was studying under the department of Photography. She was the tallest of the trio at about 5’9” and probably the heaviest at 190 pounds, but in an athletic sort of way. She had been swimming competitively for a decade, and though it was now more of a hobby than a sport for her, she retained her thicker swimmer’s build, especially in her wide set hips. Though the most business savvy of the trio, she let her artistic anti-establishment colors show with a cobalt blue streak through her long brunette hair. “But Lizzie, I don't need college to pursue art.” Daniela responded. “These past few years have been fun but I haven't learned anything here that I couldn’t have learned on my own.” She turned to look at the other girl in the room. “Chloe, you’re attending Culinary School at the institute. You’re learning practical skills and the degree at the end will get you a job. For me, that paper at the end is all but meaningless. As artists we have to blaze our own trail, regardless of degree or not. If I had known this when I was 18 I wouldn’t be here.” "You could say the same thing about my major." Lizzie retorted, miffed at her friend’s implication. "Yes but you enjoy it Liz. Let it go, college just isn't for me. I'd rather stay at home and be lazy. This day is absolutely beautiful. How can I possibly miss it?" "Every day is beautiful. We live in Miami." Lizzie said, her face deadpan. “Shut up!” Daniela cried, “You know what I meant.” she stuck her tongue out at the taller woman. “I mean, you know, carp are a dime so we should seize the day or whatever and buy some fish.” “Wait, what?” Chloe, who had been quiet up to this point broke in looking confused. “What are you talking about?” “I think she’s trying to say Carpe Diem?” Lizzie said with the correct pronunciation, delighted incredulity breaking through the stern look of concern on her face. “Yes, that.” Daniela replied. “God! This is why I draw. There’s never any confusion with art.” “There’s always confusion when it comes to art Daniela.” Lizzie replied, between giggles. “It’s called interpretation. But back up for a minute. Can we just appreciate the moment for a while longer?” She stood up and threw open her arms before declaring in a faux serious voice ‘Carp are a dime’ so make sure you seize the day!” Upon finishing the declaration, she immediately collapsed back into the couch giggling hysterically. “Buy fish, Oh my God, I can’t believe you just said that. I guess being of Latin descent doesn’t give you an edge on actually speaking Latin.” Seeing the intervention train derailing, Chloe interrupted before Daniela could respond. “Look Daniela, I understand the points you’re trying to make but you only have one year left to go. You have to see the value in finishing when you’re this close to the goal.” Chloe was the shortest and roundest of the three, weighing in at 185 pounds but standing at only 5’2”. She had short strawberry blonde hair done up in pig tails with thick bangs shading her eyes and a pair of stylish glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. She was generally accepted as ‘the cute chubby one’ by her friends for two reasons. First, there was the matter of her chubby belly and thick bosom which proceeded her wherever she went, and then there was her method of dress. Chloe didn’t like to show off skin in the same way that Daniela preferred to, but she was not shy about it either. In fact, rare was the day she was not parading around in a miniskirt and long thigh high stockings of some flavor. Today she was pairing the usual miniskirt and thigh highs with a filmy white dress shirt, stretched tight around her bosom and chubby belly. Several buttons were left undone down her front, displaying a generous portion of tantalizingly creamy cleavage. Happy to shift attention away from herself, Daniela turned to face the other girl. “But Chloe,” she said, with a feigned hint of surprise. “You’re the last person I thought would fight me on this. What about your plans for me to give up this life of study and toil and start a career as a professional model?” Teasing mercilessly, she pursed her full lips and delivered a breath taking pout. “Did you change your mind?” “Wh-what are you talking about?” Chloe stuttered, taken aback. Daniela batted her long thick lashes, heavy with mascara, and projected false innocence and naiveté as she held the confused Chloe pinned to the couch with the intensity of her gaze. “Don’t you remember Chloe? I thought you wanted me to, oh, how did you say it?” Daniela paused and licked her lips as if fondly recalling a particularly delicious meal. “Oh yes, that’s right. You wanted me to ‘Surrender my body to art.’” She said the phrase slowly, lingering on the words ‘surrender’ and ‘body’ as she ran her hands down her curves, gradually transforming her pose from relaxed to slinky and seductive. It was a subtle thing, but the effect was not lost on Chloe, whose eyes drifted down like magnets to rest on her friend’s teasing cleavage. Daniela closed the door to the trap. “Weren’t those your exact words?” Chloe froze like a deer in the headlights, realizing her eyes were in the worst possible location to make any denials. She opened her mouth to protest but words refused to come out as instead she blushed a deep crimson red. Chloe had never hidden her preferences for the fairer sex from her two closest friends, but one drunken night of truth or dare recently she had been a little too forthright about her admiration for Daniela’s Latin heritage, divulging some rather private fantasies. In the morning none of them had spoken about it and she had prayed Daniela had been too drunk to remember. Considering that she had just quoted one of the more memorable lines, apparently that was too much to ask for. After a few moments of silence, Lizzie coughed, drawing Daniela’s attention away from the flustered Chloe. Chloe flashed a grateful look to Lizzie, thankful she was being spared further humiliation. “Daniela, we’re trying to be serious here. We’re concerned you going to make a decision you will regret.” Lizzie began again, attempting to steer the conversation back on course. “The only thing I regret is not thinking of this sooner.” “Dani! Please!” “Okay, all right.” Daniela grumbled. “Look, It’s not like I didn’t think about it a bit before I decided to just up and drop out of the college scene. I know I was just teasing Chloe about it, but I actually find the idea of modeling kind of appealing. I’ve already done a bit of modeling up at the college, for the art classes there, and I really enjoyed it. Besides, how hard can it be with a body like this?” She thrust out her chest at the last comment and looked lovingly down into her cleavage. “Wait, what? You’re not joking?” Lizzie looked dumbstruck. Daniela looked back and nodded sincerely. “Yeah, I’m serious.” Lizzie leaned back into the couch at hearing the firm honest tone in Daniela’s voice. “Wow.” Was all she could muster in response. A few minutes passed while they digested this new development. After about five minutes of silence, Lizzie turned to address the wide-eyed crimson statue that Chloe had become. “This is all your fault Chloe. I hope you’re happy.” Chloe opened her mouth to respond but all that came out was a shrill squeak. She quickly shut it again and did her very best to become completely invisible. “Look Daniela, that’s a big step, but girl we’re in this together. If that’s what you really want, we can do it. You can use the flat as a studio. I assume Chloe won’t mind.” She looked over to Chloe for confirmation. Chloe shook her head vigorously, still not willing to trust herself to speak. “I can work with you to shoot a few sets and help you develop a portfolio. But if I do this, I want you to agree to two conditions.” Growing excited by the prospect Daniela nodded her head for Lizzie to continue. “One, if this doesn’t work out in a year, we sit down again like this and see what it would take to get you to finish your college. Two, you have to get a job in the meantime.” She stated firmly. “I support you going out there and striking out on your own, but if you aren’t going to get your degree you need to know what it’s like to work.” “A job!?” Daniela cried in dismay. “Ugh, isn’t the whole point of quitting college to be able to relax for a change. Don’t you know my favorite activity is laying around doing nothing?” “It’s not negotiable girl. Do we have a deal?” Lizzie asked. “God okay, I’ll get a job.” Daniela said, throwing down her pencil and standing up to walk over to the dining room table and grab one of the chocolate cake pops displayed in the middle. “Ugh, why is life so hard Lizzie? I only ask that my every whim and desire be attended to while I pursue my art. It worked for Marie Antoinette, why not for me? Am I asking too much?” “You know you’re a spoiled little bitch, don’t you?” Lizzie said, grinning at the would be model. “But I’m your spoiled little bitch, Bitch.” Daniela responded with a feline smile. “Yes, now fix Chloe. I think you broke her.” Lizzie commanded. Finishing off her cake pop, Daniela ran over to comfort her mortified flat mate throwing her arms around the back of her neck. “Aw Chloe, don’t be upset. You know I love you. I am actually really flattered that you think so much of me, and I hope you’re pleased that I’m pursuing your idea.” She gave the girl a quick peck on the cheek before lowering her voice into a husky whisper. “Besides, I’m kind of taken with the idea of using my own body as a canvas. It’s kind of sexy, don’t you think.” She purred. Still red as a beat, Chloe clearly thought the idea was the hottest thing she’d ever heard. Or maybe it was just the fact that Daniela was resting her impressive boobs on her shoulders while she hugged her from behind. Regardless, she still had not managed to form a coherent answer when a pillow came flying across the room and smacked Daniela full in the face. “Oh my God, stop teasing her will you? You’re embarrassing me and I’m not even over there.” Lizzie complained, looking somewhat flushed herself. Giggling, Daniela gave up teasing her flat mate in exchange for another cake pop, or two, sitting back down at the table. “Wow these are so good! Mmmf. Did you make these Chloe?” Daniela said around a mouthful of cake and gourmet icing. Chloe nodded, thankful for the topic shift. “Yes they were for my baking class. I experimented a little before coming across something I wanted to submit so I left the others out for everyone to enjoy. Do you really like them?” Daniela grabbed another few cake pops from the bowl. “Mmmf! Yes! I have no self-control when it comes to your treats. I guess we’re lucky you decided to take summer classes without us. What was it Marie Antoinette is famous for saying?” “Let them eat cake?” Lizzie asked quizzically. “Was that it? Well that’s not quite what I had in mind. My motto is closer to ‘Let me eat cake,” or alternatively ‘You can never have enough cake.” “Oh my God, I can’t believe how bad you are at references.” Lizzie moaned. “You’d better be careful though, cake makes you fat you know.” Laughing, Daniela scarfed down another cake pop. “Me, gain weight? Never! Not only am I pretty sure I have a second stomach for desert, but Chloe would never let me get fat! Remember?” She changed her tone of voice to something more slow and sultry and fluttered her eyelashes suggestively. “Chloe wants me to be her personal pin-up model.” “Oh my god Daniela you are incorrigible,” Lizzie said, throwing the other couch pillow at her friend’s head. “Leave the poor girl alone! I hope you get fat so I can tease you as much as you’re teasing poor Chloe! If you want to be spoiled rotten so badly go find a boyfriend and leave poor Chloe alone!” Daniela dodged the second pillow and swallowed the rest of her cake pop in one gulp as she turned her attention to Lizzie, eyes gleaming. “Never! I’ll be skinny and beautiful forever! And it looks like you’re all out of pillows Lizzie. That means you won’t be able to defend yourself when I do this!” On the last syllable, she ran across the room and leapt on her friend tickling her mid-section mercilessly. Lizzie tried in vain to escape the tickle attack, screaming in laughter and smacking Daniele on the behind in an attempt to make let her go. Sitting and observing from the safety of the couch, Chloe watched her two best friends wrestle and scream with laughter on the ground. Despite the embarrassment, the last 15 minutes had been like an erotic fantasy sprung fully formed from her dreams. She felt flush and hot, imagining the lithe girl rolling around on the floor putting on pounds and growing fat from laziness and indulging on treats she herself had baked. Chloe didn’t dare move, lest she give away how aroused she was at the moment. She was immeasurably grateful that the details of her forbidden fantasies hadn’t slipped out during her drunken moment of over-sharing. The teasing today had been bad enough as it was. Composing herself and tucking away the experience for later review, Chloe bit her lip guiltily. Surely it couldn’t hurt to play act her fantasies like this more often. Daniela was greedy and spoiled enough that it wouldn’t take much prodding from Chloe to get her to play along. Yes, she would have to make a point of baking treats more often and ‘accidentally’ leaving them out for Daniela to find. A couple more incidents like this should fuel her fantasies quite nicely for some time. She wouldn’t go overboard and actually make Daniela gain weight or anything. No that would be wrong and immoral. She’d just have a little fun at her friend’s expense. A couple of tempting treats here and a stuffed belly there. That wasn’t so bad was it? After all, Daniela obviously didn’t have any qualms about having fun at Chloe’s expense. Chloe pulled her stockinged feet up to her chest and hugged them tightly to her, eyes memorizing every detail of the events taking place on the living room floor. The tickle fight on the floor gradually devolved into a breathless wrestling match between the two friends. Being generally larger and thicker than her opponent, Lizzie finally managed to flip Daniela on her back and began tickling her in retribution. The tangle of limbs and shouts of “Uncle! Uncle!” lasted a few minutes more before the two of them collapsed laughing and out of breath. Sweaty from all the exertion, both lay panting for several minutes trying to recover their breath. Lizzie finally broke the silence. “So what type of job do you think you are going to get?” Daniela took a moment to respond as she thought about it. “I don’t know. Do you have any suggestions?” Lizzie, turned to prop herself up by her elbow as she responded. “Well, what do you want to do?” “I don’t know. I don’t really want to do anything I guess.” Daniela shrugged. “Well there’s always fast food.” Lizzie said. “If you don’t want any commitments, maybe that’s the route you should take until you figure out what you really do want to do. They’re always hiring.” “Mmm, well hopefully I won’t have to do any of it for long. I’m sure the money will pour in once the modeling business takes off. Speaking of fast food though, I could definitely use a bite.” Daniela said, rubbing her stomach. “Didn’t you just eat like five cake pops?” Lizzie asked, raising an eyebrow. “How are you still hungry.” “Hey now, that was desert. Desert doesn’t count. I still need to eat something substantial before we got out dancing tonight. Besides, I’ll burn off all these calories and more tonight and laying around the house makes me hungry.” “Fair enough. Let’s eat.” Lizzie responded. “Chloe?” Chloe nodded and went to stand up, but then narrowed her eyes. “Hold on, if you guys think I’m going to make you two lunch after that teasing earlier, you’re in for a surprise.” “What? No!” Daniela cried in alarm. “Please forgive me. I’m so sorry. You know I didn’t mean any of it.” “Hey! What did I do?” Lizzie asked indignantly. “Nope! You guys both owe me after this morning.” She closed her eyes and turned her head away. “But Chloe, my lunch won’t be nearly as tasty as yours is. Come on, forgive me, please?” Daniela begged, crawling to her knees and pleading. “Maybe you’ll remember to appreciate my culinary talents next time you decide to make me blush.” Chloe said, letting her flat mate squirm for a few moments longer. “What can I do to make it up for you. Anything, I swear!” Daniela entreated. “Anything?” Chloe opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow, visions of all the fattening things she could serve to her friend for lunch floating through her mind. “Anything!” Daniela swore. “Cross my heart and hope to die.” “Well, ok.” Chloe acquiesced, feeling intensely guilty. Daniela bounced up in delight and the two made their way to the kitchen. Chloe began gathering the fixings to make lunch, while Daniela hovered over her shoulder snagging bites of food from behind her. Chloe only made a few half-hearted attempts to discourage her from snacking before lunch was served. While they worked in the kitchen, Lizzie got up and began to straighten the living room, restoring it to its pre-wrestling match state. As she picked up the couch cushions scattered haphazardly about the floor, she paused seeing the corner of a scrap of paper sticking out from under the couch. Bending down to retrieve the sheet, she realized she was holding the drawing that Daniela had been working on so intently before their talk. It had been slightly crumpled from their tickle fight so she had to straighten it out to see the full picture. It was a shockingly beautiful depiction of a bird resting in an intricate cage. It looked like it might be the same type of bird tattooed on Daniela’s right arm, actually. Quietly, Lizzie slipped out of the living room and into her bedroom, where she pinned the piece to her wall. Daniela might be lazy, spoiled, and vain, she thought, but she was really an ingenious artist.
  12. *faints dead away* You're swelling with joy and utter shyness? Consider me a having died of happiness. In all seriousness, I'm a huge fan of The Sculpting of Kate. You did something special there, that continues to influence the way I think about weight gain fiction. A story about a girl that likes food is nothing new. A girl that likes food and exercise? Didn't know that could work. Regarding your hopeful comment towards future installments patcleburne, I had not thought about doing a second summer but that seems like a good idea. Everyone's been so encouraging that I can confirm I have started working on a follow up piece though, currently set in the fall. Not sure when I'll finish it though. I'm writing at about 100x the speed I ever managed in the past and but it still takes time. Any other writers care to comment on their process for churning these things out? I'll say the weirdest thing I've discovered yet is that I seem to work best with no music. None! It's the strangest thing as I generally listen to music with everything I do, but it seems to hinder the creative process here. I even tried instrumental and classical and it still seems to slow me down.
  13. I'm absolutely blown away by your amazing response riptoryx. I'll keep my response here light since I responded in depth over on DeviantArt but again, Thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you. And you too Hallster. It's an amazing feeling to have people take their time to read what you wrote. You guys are the MVPs
  14. Quick introduction. Hi there. I'm new. Never done this before. Just set up a deviant art page where I wrote and posted my first story. It was nice and quiet over there and I was having a lot of fun but wanted to share it around a couple other places to see what people thought. So yeah. Advice, critique more than welcome. Literally have never... ever... written anything at all about anything ever before.... sooo..... Special thanks to Flaming-Hades for "What does a Champion Feel Like", Woodsmont for the "Sculpting of Kate", and Enumerated_Bob for, well everything he ever posts. All three have been huge inspirations. The main reason I started writing was an inability to find enough stories that were up to the standard I felt was set by them and a very few others. http://avacadodo.deviantart.com/ So on to the story. I hope you like it, but don't spare your real feelings. Chapter 1. A Spring Homecoming Home. Vestiges of the season’s final crisp shower pattered a happy rhythm on the windshield of the moving van as it drove into the small rural town. It had been more than 4 years since Jim Butler had been here, but it was hard not to feel as if the town itself was happy to welcome him back. It was not just the nostalgia of old haunts and good times that made him smile, but a sense that something was coming that filled him with a breathless anticipation. The sun herself broke from behind cloud cover just as they pulled onto the drive of his new street, shining her exuberant round face upon the houses below. Her warm rays cut through the misty spring air like butter, dispersing the damp precipitation and promising a sweet summer to come. No one was out yet and in the stillness of the early summer sun it felt as if the whole world was holding its breath. By the time the movers had begun unloading, not a puddle was in sight. Only the flowers, planted in abundance at the Victorian house next door remembered the rainfall that had brushed their faces as the world came alive and rose to wakefulness. They reached for their round mistress in the sky with a yearning hunger, soaking up her vast munificence, as Jim and the movers heaved brown cardboard boxes full of his memories into the house. Jim was from here and though he had been gone pursuing his dreams for nearly a half decade now, he was happy to be back. Average of height and face with a rather rigid nose and mussed brown hair, he was of passable looks. Despite this, and the various dates, dinner parties, and acquaintances made in his time abroad, he was not romantically involved. After each failed date, he would tell the other person that he was just too busy for a relationship. Later, alone at home, he would find comfort in repeating the same thing to himself. The lack of romantic success however, was alleviated somewhat by a profound success in his profession. After helming a few successful projects at work, he had decided it was time to try something new and used his earnings to form his own company. It was a risky move, but the status quo was boring. Besides, the risk came with its own benefits. It had allowed him to move home and put a deposit down on a house of his own. He had picked out a simple little one story place with a lot of windows and a small yard situated in an upscale neighborhood. Humble, but sturdy and clean, the enclosed space and basement provided him with all the room he needed to work and live in. They were unpacking his van and moving things inside when he heard a feminine voice called out, “Jim? Jim Butler, is that you?” He stood up from the box he was bent over, eyebrows arched in surprise at hearing his name. “Yes?” he asked dumbly. And then he saw her, and the still anticipation of the world broke around him. “Jim, it’s Caroline.” And yes it was her. Caroline Goodwin, an old friend and sometimes crush from summers past. They’d worked the mall food court every summer during their college years. Though they had attended different universities entirely, they always somehow found themselves returning home to live rent free with the parents while working and talking about the future. They had made a pretty good pair. He was 5’6” and she was 5’ 4”, he an introverted thinker and she an extroverted gym addict but both dreamers with grandiose idea about the world that they enjoyed sharing with each other while they shared one another’s time and company. She had been a petite little thing; a dancer and it showed when she moved. She was always so graceful wherever she went, with a bounce to her step and an almost unconscious shimmy to and fro, even when she was standing still. Though, as a previously mentioned gym addict, she was also an unabashed foodie, taking full advantage of her job at the food court to sample any and everything. He vividly recalled her bare midriff from those summer days, tight and tan from dancing and sun. After the first summer working together they were inseparable when together. There was certainly a mutual attraction, but there was work and then college separated them and neither wanted to mess up what they had in the short amount of time they had together. Besides that, they both openly and animatedly discussed their individual dreams and plans for the future and those plans very clearly diverged once college was done and these summer jobs were finished. She had wanted to join a famous dance company like the New York Ballet and travel the world. He wanted to run off and join an engineering firm and build large amazing things. So they flirted, they teased, they held hands, but that was it. Their own fierce respect for the other’s friendship and knowledge that they couldn’t start a relationship without ruining the others dream or giving up their own stopped it from ever going beyond that. When he had received his job offer, she congratulated him, they had celebrated over some cheap champagne. A few weeks later he left town and that was that. He promised her he’d look her up on Broadway one day and she rolled her eyes and said she would be sure to send him tickets to the Ballet when she made it, since he obviously needed some schooling on the differences in the fine arts and would probably never find it himself if he couldn’t tell the difference between ballet and show dancing. It was a chapter in his life he thought was over. Yet here she was, leaning against the fence of the big Victorian next door holding a large watering can and sporting a huge crooked grin, apparently unaware of the rain that morning. Leaning over the fence between their yards, her face the same pixie fine features and blue eyes he remembered. She waved and called out again. “Jim, what are you doing here?” “Caroline!?” Jim hollered in joyful surprise. His face lit up as he recognized her, and he stepped over to talk. “Caroline! Wow, it’s great to see you. What are you doing here? Don’t tell me.” He motioned to the large house behind her with a questioning look in his eyes. “I live here.” She said with a shrug and a smile “I work for the owner and take care of things for her. It’s a big house and has its own dance studio. Besides, you know me, I love the old architecture.” She leaned back, holding onto the fence with one hand and shook her head in wonder. “But my question stands, what are you doing in this area Mr. Butler?” she raised a plucky eyebrow. “I thought you had moved on from your humble beginnings never to lay eye on suburbia again. When did you get back in town?” “Today actually.” Jim admitted. “Believe it or not, this is my new place.” He motioned to the smaller, more compact house to the left of hers. “I believe that makes us neighbors.” Caroline widened her eyes in earnest surprise. “Wow, really?” Her face relaxed into a bemused smirk as Jim scratched his head and offered a sheepish apologetic face.” “I swear I had no idea you lived here.” He said. Caroline laughed at that. “Well you can’t fight serendipity I guess.” She said, and looking over to his truck of things, carried on with “Well I can see you’ve got your hands full right now, and though I’d love to catch up I have to get to work myself. Want to come over for dinner and drinks tonight? You can return the favor once you’ve had time to get settled in.” “Yeah, sure. I’d love to.” He replied, nodding and scratching his head. “I’m sure I’ll need a break from unpacking by this evening.” Caroline turned to walk away and Jim did as well, but not before he noticed a few differences in his old friend’s figure as she moved out from the cover of the fence. Caroline had always been partial to crop tops, and for a moment he thought that’s what she was wearing. After a moment he realized it was not a crop top but a regular tee, and the cotton must have caught on the fence. The sheer size of her abdomen caused the shirt to catch most of the way up, revealing a monster pot belly exposed for all to see, where her old washboard abs used to be. Jim was lucky Caroline wasn’t looking his way anymore. Her attention on the flowers, still basking in the glow of the radiant sun, which prevented her from seeing his jaw drop at the revelation of the unexpected change in girth of his friend. Was she pregnant? No, it couldn’t be. Her belly bounced, jiggled, and danced just like her feet as she moved gracefully through the garden tending to the hungry plants. Pregnant bellies aren’t pliable like that at all. He’d seen enough to know what they looked like. It was definitely not a baby in there, it was just an astonishing amount of concentrated lard. Jim couldn’t move for the next 30 seconds as he took in the foreign sight before him. It was strange. She was completely as he remembered her; thin, delicate, and pixie like in every way except now, beneath her breasts a big fat bouncing belly was hanging over the waistband of her pink yoga pants. She didn’t seem to realize that it was completely exposed now as she went on about her morning chores, and he stood frozen in place watching what felt entirely too much like a confused fever dream. Suddenly recalling the earlier spring shower, Jim jolted back to reality and moved a step back towards the fence and raised his voice, “Oh, Caroline, if you weren’t aware, there was quite a bit of rain this morning. You probably don’t need to water them all that much. I imagine the soil’s pretty wet under the top lair.” Hearing this, she glanced back smiling. “Well thanks for letting me know but its fine. There’s no such thing as too much of what’s good for you, right?” she asked and slapped the side of her clearly overfed gut, proof of the philosophy’s application in her own life. “R-Right.” Jim said, a slight stutter interfering with his speech. His eyes stuck pointed downward to that thunderous slap against bare skin, drawing inexorable attention to the changes in the once self-proclaimed gym rat. If he hadn’t already been red with exertion he would probably be flushed with embarrassment right now. Hearing the crack of the slap much louder than it should have sounded, feeling the unexpected skin on skin contact, and coming to the dawning realization that her t-shirt was not covering her bulging gut nearly as well as she had presumed, Caroline’s own cheeks went bright pink. “On second thought, I’m sure the rain did its job just fine and the flowers are fine. Everything is just fine and,” she trailed off. “Well uh, I had better get inside.” She squeaked finally, abandoning the watering can and beating a hasty retreat indoors. Jim could do nothing but stare in consternation at her exposed pot belly as it jiggled madly during the scramble back into the safety of her house. What had he just seen? Shaking his head to clear it, Jim got back to work. Her shimmying belly bounced and jiggled on repeat in his head the rest of the day. Chapter 2 First Summer’s Night With a last languorous blink across the town, the sun slipped beyond the edge of the horizon allowing evening to flex her waiting arms and embrace the land like a lover. As she departed the sun breathed a parting kiss upon the west wind. The effect was small but profound as the last of spring’s briskness evaporated into memory, melted by the sun-kissed wind as it rustled quietly through the streets. Summer was here in full and you could practically feel the whole world humming in hungry anticipation with the changing of the guard. The moon was full and the memory of day was strong even in the night. The summer breeze carried the memory of the sun in through the window and caressed “Oh wow, what time is it? I was supposed to meet Caroline for dinner.” Jim exclaimed patting his pockets down feeling around for his phone frantically. He had become cognizant of the time for the first time since the movers had left, only just as the light winked away for the last time through the window. Deprived of reason to keep working, his brain cued up the recent memory of this morning’s close encounter of the chubby kind, while he hunted for his time piece. The vision of the mad jiggling mass he had witnessed bouncing above the belt around his neighbor’s waistline continued to dance through his head much longer than it had in reality. After a long moment of vivid memory playback, he shook himself from his reverie and pulled his phone from his pocket. “8:30!?” He shouted, in shock. Swearing under his breath, Jim collapsed onto the sole clutter free chair in the house. He ran his hand through his hair as he considered his rather limited options. He could probably order pizza since Caroline had almost definitely eaten without him by this late hour. “She probably thinks I stood her up on purpose after this morning.” He mourned. That was really unfortunate, as he was really looking forward to catching up with her again. Massive weight gain notwithstanding, he had been thrilled to see her and if they were going to be neighbors he had better at least try to recall their friendship. Did he want to go? That was the real question. He thought of her grossly jiggling bulging stomach and winced. Then he thought of laying in fields three years in a row, watching fire works together and talking about future aspirations. Moments shared, that were precious to him. Especially now after all these years. What had happened to that girl? She must have gained 50 pounds and on her tiny frame and it really showed, especially considering it apparently wasn’t going anywhere but to hide her formerly perfectly toned abs. Whether it made him uncomfortable or not, he couldn’t stand her up or make excuses. She knew him too well for that and whatever was going on, she was still his friend, even if they hadn’t spoken in more than 4 years. Decision made, he stood up and walked next door. The night was cool but comfortable as summer’s first warm breeze drifted lazily through the air. The flowers outside the Victorian house were still. An owl hooted somewhere in the distance. He stood staring up at the house for a few more minutes, then walked up to the door and knocked. At first he thought she might not be home, but finally he heard the sound of feet running towards the front of the house, and the door opened. It was Caroline. This time she was wearing something far less revealing than the too-small t-shirt from this morning. He noted it was a black hopelessly tried to accent her boobs in a more traditional fashion. It was unsuccessful. The black was not slimming and that pot belly was just too vast to disguise. “Jim!” she gushed. “I was afraid you weren’t going to be able to make it after.” She didn’t finish the sentence but the memory of a hand slapping an exposed fat belly went through both their minds at the same time. “Well, I thought you might be too busy.” She finished lamely. “I’m so happy you came though!” she said, bouncing back with a smile before giving a sheepish grin and in an apologetic tone said “I’m afraid I got started without you.” It was dark but even in the dim light, it was easy to see her cheeks were flushed from alcohol. “Ah, yeah it’s been more work than I realized getting moved in.” he laughed “I haven’t even gotten much unpacked yet, and I completely lost track of time. I hope you saved me some dinner though. I’m famished after all the work!” “Yes, of course. Come in! I didn’t have much appetite tonight so there’s still half of the lasagna left. Let me show you to the kitchen. I have a table set up in there.” Jim’s eyebrows climbed as she widened the door to admit him. Did that comment mean she had eaten half a lasagna as a light dinner? The thought fled his head before he could consider it in too much detail though, as he panicked, realizing he was not going to be able to avoid contact with her protruding stomach as he stepped into the house. If Caroline’s cheeks had been flushed from alcohol before, this second infraction from her intruding jelly belly set her face aflame. The two jerked apart and stood awkwardly looking away from each other fumbling for words for several seconds. Caroline violently smoothed her black camisole down, trying to hide the plump underbelly that had shown for a moment as the fabric had caught. She was praying that he hadn’t noticed. He had. Caroline finally broke the silence with a mumble under her breath of “Sorry it, uh, gets in the way sometimes.” “I’m not disturbing the owner by being here so late am I?” Jim interrupted desperately. Like a drowning man being thrown a life preserver, Caroline grabbed onto the question and began reassuring her friend profusely as she broke their awkward silence and she began to usher him through the house. “No, no! Not a chance, I promise. None at all.” She took a deep breath and smiled again. She was beautiful when she smiled. “Mrs. Taylor likes her privacy and sleeps up on the third floor. She won’t be able to hear anything from us once we’re in the kitchen. You couldn’t bother her if you tried. I promise” She turned and led the way towards a large kitchen at the back of the house. Following, Jim tried to compose himself. He had thought it would be easy to act normal, like old times, but he seemed to be hyper aware of her added thickness for some reason and the fact that it kept inserting itself in the middle of their social interactions made it even more difficult to ignore. Coming into the kitchen itself, Caroline motioned to an old thick dark wood table, indicating he should sit down. “Let me go ahead and pull out some food for us. I’ll have to warm up the oven to reheat the food but there’s beer in the fridge you can help yourself to.” He grabbed a beer and then a second and a third as she fired back up the stove and practically made a new meal, chattering happily at him about the wonderfully inconsequential happenings of the town and him responding by speaking about the challenges of moving with her. It was getting late by the time everything was ready but the smell was amazing and the conversation excellent, so he didn’t mind that much. As they dug in, an amiable silence drifted over them and they smiled goofily at one another over mouths busy with consuming food. She had served him a large plate of thick cheesy lasagna surrounded by heaping mounds of mashed potatoes and gravy, along with another beer. More than enough to satisfy the appetite he had worked up over the last seven or so hours since lunch, moving boxes, he noticed she had served herself an equally large plate despite her comment about eating while waiting for him. It was accompanied by a bottle of wine, which she had been working on since before his arrival from the looks of it. Silent chewing went on for some time, interspersed with the occasional small burp or groan of satisfaction. Jim couldn’t get over what a good cook Caroline had become. From the way she acted, neither could Caroline. When at last they were done eating, Jim stretched back in his chair and moaned his appreciation. “I’m stuffed! Where did you learn to cook like that Caroline? I don’t think I’ve ever had a lasagna that good. And the mashed potatoes, next time just give me the potatoes in the gravy boat.” Caroline blushed at the compliments and buried her face in her wine glass after murmuring an embarrassed thank you. Taking the opportunity while she was distracted, Jim’s eyes drifted covertly down to catalogue the changes, or rather singular large change, in his former co-worker. In the wake of the meal, her pot belly was even more defined on her petite little body than before. The thing pooled up and lay thickly across Caroline’s lap. It didn’t just stick out a little but rolled over her waist band to cover a surprising amount of her legs. He noticed that though while she was standing the pot formed one large protruding curve, when she sat it rolled over itself to form an indentation around her belly button. Jim’s imagination involuntarily began to picture just how low her belly might hang between her legs if she were to spread them. Realizing the last thing he wanted to be caught doing was staring at the literal elephant in the room, Jim yanked his gaze away before it could linger too long. There was something inexplicably captivating about the sheer size of her belly when compared to the rest of her pixie like form and he couldn’t yet tell if it was revulsion or attraction that fascinated him so. “To unexpected reunions.” He said, raising his beer for a toast. “And memories of a rather fantastic friendship.” She smiled and raised her glass to the toast as well, tossing back the last of her bottle and leaning back in her chair. He couldn’t help but return the easy smile sprawled on her rouge lips, but at the same time he became keenly aware that her movements had shifted the black shirt she was wearing and it was no longer fully covering her very large and very full tummy, revealing a milky white slice of perfectly shaped blubber. As she placed her glass back down on the table, he realized he had better leave and digest not only the delicious food she had served him but his confusing feelings on the new Caroline too. He opened his mouth to say as much but she spoke first. “You look really good Jim,” she said. Was that a note of wistfulness in her voice? He couldn’t help but notice the tone, even distracted as he was by her stomach sticking out of her over stressed shirt. “Well thanks, I’ve kept up with the workout routine you helped me develop. You might not believe it but I’m actually sporting a six pack these days.” Distracted as he was, he had just responded on auto pilot. His six pack was actually a fairly recent development and he was still very proud of the accomplishment and liked to brag about it when he could. Calling any attention to the abdomen at this point however, was a mistake. He realized this as soon as the words were out of his mouth. Looking down at her own momentous middle, Caroline gave a self-deprecating laugh and said, “Well good for you. I’ve developed the opposite of a six pack. You can probably tell but I’ve replaced the gym habit with a crippling donut habit while you were away.” She looked quite glum as she proceeded to poke a finger into the side of her pot belly as she spoke. Jim had always found Caroline attractive but his general taste in women had never extended past the traditional Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. As her finger disappeared up past the second knuckle, however, he felt a jolt and this time stared fascinated for a few seconds too long before jerking himself back to the present. “I need something else to drink.” Caroline stated abruptly. By this point, the alcohol was sinking in and as she stood up to fetch a bottle of rum, her belly shifted too, bouncing out to its former shape. Recalling his plans to leave futilely, as his attention was caught by the new movement of her unconventional curves, this time he simply couldn’t look away. Caroline moved around the room, fetching a few bottles of pop to serve with the rum before sitting down and pouring them both mixed drinks. “Yes Jim, I got fat.” She sighed. “How are you doing? I know fitness was always such a big deal for you.” He said, demeanor changing from lighthearted to one of concern. “I’m doing fine,’ she responded, sipping her rum and coke. “It’s hard to explain. My plans for joining a dance company didn’t work out. I got a job at a bakery. It didn’t do any favors to my figure. It’s fine.” She didn’t sound fine. She sounded resigned. “Caroline, you were an inspiration to me. I am not exaggerating when I say you taught me everything I know about staying in shape, and I know how passionate you were about dance. Surely you haven’t given up on that dream.” “I was also passionate about food, if you remember.” She smirked at him ironically “It just caught up with me. And no, I didn’t give up dancing, but I couldn’t make the professional cut like I always talked about so I had to find something else to do. I make a good living at the Bakery and make up the rest by taking care of Mrs. Robin here. She even has a dance studio here on the second floor and I don’t pay rent. I thought feeding people was a good way to make a living but I ended up doing a lot of feeding myself along the way. My figure just didn’t seem as important and I was so busy that I dropped my gym habit but I didn’t drop my food habit. In fact it got worse.” Her long tousled brown hair hung curled in ringlets around her face as she looked down into her glass, the idea of tears dancing behind her eyes. Jim’s eyes alit once more, unbidden upon her soft globular gut. Caroline’s shirt had ridden up again on one side and a slice of fair creamy skin showed, like a thickly portioned wedge of fluffy white birthday cake. He tore his gaze away, unsure of his own feelings. This was not the girl he had once known. Life had pulled this wonderful girl down from the aspiring dance professional she had envisioned with him on lazy summer nights like this half a decade ago. Confusing feelings about her unlikely curves aside, he had a responsibility to help here if he could. “Well look, I definitely need some friends again now that I’m back in town. Why don’t we hang out more like this? You could join me at the gym just like I used to with you. You’ll be back in shape in no time.” Caroline looked up, appreciation apparent in her gaze, any threat of tears retreating before his kindness. “Ah but it’s more serious than you think. It’s not just the lack of an exercise buddy that’s made me go to pot,” she wrinkled her nose and leaned forward conspiratorially, mood moving from sad to silly. Jim couldn’t help but notice the way her belly rolls bunched up over themselves as she drew closer, alcohol heavy breath hot on his face as he leaned forward to meet her halfway. “I have a confession to make Jim, but you have to promise not to tell.” Her face became faux serious as she looked him in the eye. A capricious wink gave the act away though. “Your secret’s safe with me. Cross my heart and hope to die.” he swore, smiling and winking back as he made the appropriate cross over his heart. Again she shifted, this time leaning in even closer. Jim caught an eyeful of cleavage as he moved in with her. Internally he remarked to himself in relief that her belly wasn’t the only thing to have softened. It wasn’t much, but she must have gone up at least one cup size in the breasts. It was just so disproportionate from her middle that you couldn’t tell at a glance. He was gibbering to himself. He needed to stop obsessing over her new curves and pay attention to what she was going to say. Her voice was husky and her breath danced hot across his cheek as she whispered in his ear, “Jim, I just love to eat.” Laughing, she leaned back all drunk silliness again as she moaned. “Even if we exercised every day, I’m not sure I could stop eating. You would not believe the amount of donuts I can put away. Really, it’s my own fault I’m so fat. I just can’t say no to a cupcake or a pastry and I’m surrounded by them all day.” She lamented. What was wrong with him? He knew nothing good could come from challenging her but he felt helpless, caught up in an intoxicating whirlwind of alcohol and pent up attraction to not only his old crush’s abrupt new curves but also to Caroline’s casually wanton attitude towards her own gluttony. He felt himself slide over some invisible cliff and into uncharted waters as he responded to her boast, egging her on. “Come now, you exaggerate. You have to have some self-control left.” Jim said. “There’s no way you could eat even a single donut after that dinner.” As if she had been waiting for the challenge, Caroline’s eyes flared in response. “I am not even remotely joking. I’m fat because I can pack it away in here. I can easily drop a dozen of those little cakes a day. Believe me, the calories add up and I am addicted.” She said and stuck out her ridiculously disproportionate jelly belly and slapped it on the side, initiating a wave of jiggles that lasted for some time. Jim neither moved nor spoke until the waves she had caused stopped. This was getting decidedly out of hand, he thought. He knew she was a competitive spirit. Was he really going to push this? “Caroline,” he scoffed. “No offense, but you are tiny. I know you like to eat but I couldn’t eat that many after a good workout and there’s no way you could do that on the daily.” The old competitive glare shone in her eyes as she forgot her woes in light of this new challenge to her eating prowess. “Care to put your money where your mouth is, Mr. Big Shot?” She stood up, a little unsteady as her balance was now very off center and she wasn’t exactly sober, but her graceful feet carried her easily across the kitchen to her cabinets. “I happen to have some pastries from work right here and I think you deserve to see just how serious a problem I have before you make any promises about working out at the gym with me Mr. Butler. So lay your bets.” She turned around and gave him smoldering eyes. Looking into those challenging blue sapphire eyes, Jim realized how much he had missed her and how much he had missed times like this. Abort! Abort! He thought frantically. “No way, you’ve already had a huge meal. It wouldn’t be fair.” He asserted, but it was too late. She wasn’t about to let this go. “I see that look,” Caroline crooned in false sweetness, “but you started this and you are not getting out of it. I’m going to give you an up close view of exactly what this belly can do.” He met her challenging look and narrowing his eyes replied “Okay, I bet you can’t finish the dozen and if I win you have to go on a date with me.” She looked taken aback and then suspicious, “A date? Jim, I… God I wish you’d asked before I blew up like this.” He bit his lip, wondering if he had overstepped his welcome, not daring to mention the fact that he found her over abundant curves rather intriguing. She had pulled out a dozen glazed donuts from her pantry. They looked to still be rather fresh and she stared at them thoughtfully. “We bake these in the morning and they never sell out by nightfall. The fact that I have an unending supply of free fluffy pastries is reflected in the fact that I am now so fluffy myself. If you want a date, Jim you had better witness the real me here tonight.” She said it with a steely determination he had not expected after his confession. “If I win, she said, you still get that date, but instead of the gym you take me out to eat every day, and I get to order as much as I want. Deal?” His eyes widened at the prospect, but he nodded. What was she playing at here with that bet? Did she really not care about regaining her old body? Did she want to get fatter or something? But then he didn’t have time to wonder as he was taken in by her beginning to eat. It was quite the display. She set into them as soon as soon as he nodded his agreement to the terms, eating the thick icing frosted donuts like they were air. None of it went to waste as she bit, licked, and sucked down every single piece of pastry. She wasn’t kidding, he realized. She could really pack it away. Before he knew it all 12 were in her and she sat there licking her candy coated fingers and looking a little exhausted. He was astonished. “Want to make it double or nothing?” Caroline asked, devilishly as she wiped white glaze frosting from the edges of her full mouth. “What? No 2 dozen? That’s not humanly possible.” Jim said automatically. He was enamored by the sight in front of him. There she was, his old dancing crush plush and round beyond his wildest imagination, engorged on donuts and lasagna and like a playful kitten asking for more cream, insinuating that she could handle even more. “Let me be the judge of that.” She said, pulling another box onto the table and grunting quietly as she sat back down. Her poor petite feet struggled to remain graceful under the weight of the dough-filled belly it was trying to support. “What are we betting this time? He asked, stunned beyond any further words. She held up two fingers in response. Around a mouthful of sugared dough she explained, “Two restaurants a day if I win. If I lose, we’ll work all this off at the gym your way. Either way it’s a date.” “Done.” Jim said. Caroline smiled, fox like. She said nothing more as she continued to eat, steadily but at a slower pace now. Jim had nothing left to say either. He could just wait to see how their future was going to turn out. She was on her 18th donut and Jim just sat there stunned and drunk. He could hardly believe this was happening. The night’s events had him incredibly turned on and he couldn’t for the life of himself figure out why. He just went with it. “See,”she said pausing between bites. “There’s a reason I’m so fat. Rethinking your proposal to help me work this off yet?” Jim stood up at the prompting and pulled the box of pastries away from her. “Stop it Caroline. Damnit, you don’t have to do this to yourself. I’m serious about the gym, I can help you through this. You don’t have to eat anymore to prove your point. I understand you have a problem but you’re hurting yourself!” Her eyes hardened as she looked up into his eyes, her taut domed belly, stuck out like a pregnant woman’s, the shirt ridden up leaving it half exposed to the warm night air. Her eyes flashed a challenge at hearing his remarks and she jerked the box of calories back towards herself, grabbing another one defiantly from the tray. Her breathing was becoming labored as she stuffed it into her mouth and wolfed it down. She grabbed another one. “You don’t get it Jim, I’m a fat girl now. I’m obese. I’m huge. I’m a fucking beached whale that just can’t stop eating. I’m a fat girl that can eat 2 dozen donuts in a sitting. No one normal does that. People think I’m pregnant when I go out in public. I have to shop on the maternity isle. My gut has gotten so disproportionately big that I can’t even go to try outs for lower level dance companies anymore, without making a fool of myself.” She turned away from Jim’s steady gaze, and looked back at the remaining donuts, a mad gleam in her eyes. “And I can’t stop eating. I’m not the girl you used to know.” Finishing her rant she proceeded to angrily stuff the last half dozen in her face to prove her point, choking them down in record time. Jim let her finish as they stood, holding one another while she completed her gluttonous ritual. Finally swallowing the last bite, she collapsed her weight into him, panting and flushed. She paused for a moment, before looking up into his face, looking for disgust or pity and ready to deflect that with anger. He was looking at her. “There I won.” She said, completely out of breath. “You see what a pig I’ve become, and I’m not going to stop Jim. Do you still want that date? Do you still want me?” He looked at her tumbling brown hair and delicate cheeks. He took in her rosy cheeks and full pouting lips, dusted with sweet frosted donut glaze. They were standing so close that she couldn’t help but lean her over abundant softness into his lean muscle. He was still holding her up. Her little unchanged pixie face looking up at him defiantly, expecting him to leave, shout, or turn away. She was a disgusting mess. A pig of a woman. But he looked down at her and saw the same girl he had always known. The passionate and adventurous dancer. The friend who loved to listen to his own silly dreams. His dates had never lasted while he was away at school because he had already fallen in love and just hadn’t known it. Here was his love, and what were a couple of pounds? Okay several dozen, and in an odd place, and she sure had an odd fixation here but damn if he didn’t love this woman and he couldn’t ignore that any longer. “I’ve missed you.” He said. And swept her up in his arms and kissed her sugary lips. It was midnight, the dawn of summer. Their kiss seemed to last forever, each hungry with 8 years of unfulfilled appetites. Softness and strength touching and feeling the other, lust shimmering in their sweat and skin. Finally they came up for air. “Yes, I’ll take that date.” Jim breathed out, his breathing ragged. "I can't promise I won't get bigger." Caroline said, slim fingers from one hand running across Jim’s firm abs while the other hand tentatively groped his crotch, confirming a stiff erection through his pants. A smile dawned across her face as she felt him up. "Just so we're crystal clear." "I guess I'll just have to get used to it, then." Jim said, returning her smile and hefting as much of her massive stuffed gut in one hand as he could manage. It was going to be an interesting summer.
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