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  1. You should be in the clear but I'm fairly new here, so it's not from any expert lol
  2. No ma'am, a gentleman like myself would've complimented you if I'd have seen you in Asheville! Then again I probably got used to not lookin playing music every night n that nutty bar scene 😆 

  3. Flat7


    Stuffing let to gettin stuffed led to a baby stuffed belly it seems lol! You're gorgeous, I hope everything is going well and ur feeling great
  4. STUNNING! There is quite no way anyone could say "improve"! The confidence and comfort you are already exuding is only going to grow as you do into WHATEVER size or numbers they wind up to be. I hope one day if you do decide to become a member I don't miss it. Either that or maybe women like you exist in Atlanta and I just don't run into them lol
  5. One would almost think you're a bit wider and fuller in your hips and butt than a year ago 🤔
  6. Sounds interesting, I just spent 5 months losing around 100lbs, & was trying not to lose it... New to the interaction with the community and would love any advice from anybody else too. I'm a 6ft 4 former All American athlete so being all gangly at 175 is not feeling too great. I've never had goals other than weight classes for events or higher amounts to lift so I'm lost on any approach I don't already have. Thanks in advance!
  7. Lol, sounds like you had a nice day on a few levels! I've always been quite curious as to how each person feels about this attraction/turn on. Unfortunately ya get a stale "I don't kno/Tittiees n a$$ gets bigger" which is less descriptive than what ya already typed, so, 🙌👏👏👏👏👏 Stay safe, happy and take care of that cute tummy ur growing for yourself. That's what you're doing after all, never let another male ya think it's for them alone, please. I can't help but wonder if ur message was cut short because your hands sounded like they may be otherwise busy 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Actually I've just gotten back to the Carolina/GA/Tenn area myself. I went back on a spring and summer tour then came back and realized I'd lost 100lbs myself I need to rebuildsome of. A 6ft 4 in athlete shouldn't be only 176 at my build, at least! I have studied nutrition rather extensively in an academic setting as well as 1st hand as an athlete. I'm new to the community, yet very thankful to have found a place to explore this. It'd be nice to talk to ya when ya see this and get a chance. Stay safe, be healthy and NEVER bet on the Gamecocks this year! 🤣🤣🤣 Hope 2 hear back, Much Love! Flat7
  9. Aya! Mi corazon del fuego!

  10. Please do read, it took a ton and so long, years in fact, to finally say just that. I'm always the one people come too, I do not know how to ask for help well. Humor me, if ya could. Much love!
  11. Hi! I'm "B", never have had a chance to devote the proper time to reach out with the amount of attention this deserves, so thank you in advance! I'm 6ft 4, former Gatorade Offensive Player of the Year n 🏈 (for proportion/size reference not anything else) and usually on the road touring, in studios recording or playing/organizing Festivals and shows the past decade or so. I have always been attracted to curvy, voluptuous, "thick/thicc" women my entire life. The confidence, the personality, humor, spending entire weekends at our place while I'm pampering my S.O. so they KNOW they're all I thought about if not on stage/working otherwise. Cooking, massaging, caressing and giving any comfort I could, with a bit of playful flirt that doesn't seem like it's waning lol! I've been told this is basically Soft Feederism as gains are/can usually be a turn on, but I've never ventured into intentional from either angle. Well, an ex did drug me and I put on 40 but that's different totally, done put of trying to make me less desirable to others! So it's been hard to even mention this subject, but I cannot just stay silent and ignorant. I just love a Plush set of hips to hold, nice round booty, thick legs to wrap around me and prevent me from pulling away is SO HOT 🥵!!! I'm very much a snuggler and always hear I'm "great" 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ Sounds so lame to say! However I honestly do not know what to do... My entire life, even if I'm direct and totally open, 9/10 curvy, chubby, plump, BBW women will seem to be on the same page and friend zone themselves or dissapear. I have been told everything imaginable I think. From, they don't believe I'd be interested, they didn't realize I wasn't flirty with everyone (never cheated etc very giving, devoted and loyal person) or that I was intimidating or the girls around me were and even that my hair (modeling years tho) plus my politeness, sensitivity, not talking/acting all "I'm gonna hit that" style and my vocabulary made em think I was gay. I guess I'm here to try to find people to summarize. It's not specifically a woman RIGHT NOW or anything, just people to talk to about this. I have been hosting or guesting on a ton of radio and/or podcasts since my "main careers" were blasted by lockdowns etc. Now that I have the time to get to know people that'd be wonderful! I'm honestly open to whatever life brings, but this once it would be really nice to even just increase the likelihood of meeting a nice young woman OF ANY SIZE, it's the confidence and attitude for me, they just happened to be found in the curvy hourglass or pear bottomed, "bottom heavy" women so far in my area (Atlanta, GA & travels). Any of you that read this, thank you so much! My last 2 long term relationships REALLY went heavy on the guilt/manipulative behavior over this "fetish". Its common to gain OR lose lbs when in a new pattern and happy relationship, but it got turned into "my fault" once I told em I thought it was SUPER hot that they were seemingly enjoying it. Whether it be enjoying or being more adventurous sexually or in public, they thrived, but of course when the idea that they'd have to find a new guy and "had to be skinny" popped back it is treated like something awful or intentional. I really needed to get that off my chest, and I hope at least ONE person will contact me just to talk or message something. I truly have been 100% alone or shamed on this and still openly celebrate it. It's just getting a bit cold and lonely as I hear you exist, but I never meet or even see anybody! And I meet ppl for a career ya know? Is everyone either just closed off or taken, or do I smell funny now?! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ I'm always the one parents love for example, classic "good catch" but it's like I'm coated in radiation and am doing everything alone, be it eating, gym, art, garden literally name it and I'm alone. Which I actually appreciate but also recognize need for balance. ANY communication is so appreciated! Thank you again, yes, I am not top 1% of brevity, but I take my time, hit every important point and intuitively work until a thorough, deep finish is reached. 😉 Yep, that was just me referencing my job as a writer, nothing else of course though! 🤣🤐 much love! B (Lost n ATL, crusin to Curvage for advice) oh here's some digital and analog graphic art I did recently for eye candy and I can send prerelease music if I have to bribe my way into friends lol
  12. You are SUCH an adorable woman, even if you weren't already growing. I wouldnt be able to stop caressing every inch encouraging more then before we know it ur able to roll easily. That's fine, it would make for some interesting new scenarios in the bedroom after all.
  13. Long game is the healthiest as well as sexiest to me Wish you the best in all these areas!
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