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  1. Her face actually looks better now. Less boney, looks way more lively/full now. Face definitely doesn’t indicate she’s as thick as she is
  2. She’s actually a really attractive person in general, but the fact she’s thiccccc too….jaw dropping
  3. Clips from today’s broadcast
  4. I think she went on a cruise the past week or so,
  5. I’ve also picked up on this. Personality and Body 10/10 😋
  6. WITHOUT FLAW, truly boggles the mind Red 8/25 White 8/26 Blue 8/27
  7. Does anyone know what happened to the thread “local news and weather babes with more padding” ?
  8. Her face has been plumping up recently too
  9. She literally might weigh as much as the other 2 combined
  10. Face plumping up Her frame could hold 400 easily, really hope she continues
  11. Logan Mello

    Sommer Ray

    10-15 more lbs and she’s one of the baddest on this planet. Her weight going to all the right places 😋
  12. Logan Mello

    Sommer Ray

    Sheesh 🤤 If she’d put on another 10-15 she’d be so fineeee (although she was fine to begin with)
  13. How heavy would yall guess she is now? I know she used to be in the 260 range but sheesh
  14. Her confidence is sexy as fuck
  15. She’s definitely expanding, albeit slowly
  16. Logan Mello

    Sommer Ray

    She just talked on her snap story for like 5 minutes that she’s trying to do a crash diet and lose the extra weight
  17. Weight gain coming back stronger than ever gotta be close to heaviest all time
  18. Thick calves, thick thighs, wide hips, belly bulge 🤤
  19. Someone should let the producers know the fans want a side profile shot like once a week at least
  20. She’s definitely rebounded a little bit
  21. Logan Mello

    Sommer Ray

    Face looking rounder in these 2
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