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  1. Version 1

    Remember, sssshht! It's a secret! My feeder doesn't have a lot of patience. He has a skinny girlfriend but he likes to call me to enjoy some belly rubs after a good stuffing session, so that's what we did this rainy day. He picked me up and spoiled me with some good weed and soda. There's nothing more relaxing than smoking a joint while you touch a soft, squishy belly. After all, I was not in the mood of wearing thigh leggins no more, so I tried to take them off knowing the very limitated space I had!


  2. Version 1

    Hey guys, I have been away for a little while, but don't worry I haven't stopped stuffing my face like a little piggy. In this video I show you 2 pairs of shorts I bought last year. I haven't tried them in months. Watch me struggle to put on these short on, see my reaction as I find out how fat I have gotten and have outgrown two more pairs of shorts. Spain does not have a lot of plus size clothing stores, so if I continue like this I don't know what i'll do, but that won't stop me, because Next time I wear these shorts, they WILL be even tighter.


  3. Version 1

    Barcelona summer has everything I need, and we all know what that means: Sun, relax, beer, party and siesta. I put on one of my favorite mini dresses (with a bow on my belly) and bought some beers to celebrate the good weather. The truth is that I felt radiant with my huge, round belly shining under the sun. As usual, I do not move too much, so all the photos were sitting or lying in the most comfortable way possible, so I do not get tired at all ! You can see how happy I am to feel all the gas filling my body. At the end of the set, after drinking 6 beers, I felt so bloated that I ended up taking a quiet nap under the sun. Cozy drunk fatty at the sun! El verano ha llegado a Barcelona y todos sabemos lo que eso significa: Sol, relax, cervecitas, fiesta y siesta. Me puse uno de mis mini vestidos favoritos (que tiene un lacito en medio de la barriga) y compré algunas cervezas para celebrar el buen tiempo. La verdad es que me sentía radiante con mi enorme barriga brillando bajo el Sol. Como es usual, no me moví demasiado, así que casi todas las fotos se tomaron mientras estaba tumbada o sentada de las formas más cómodas, ¡así no hay forma de cansarse! Al final del set, después de beber 5 de las 6 cervezas, me sentía tan hinchada que acabé por tomarme una siesta bajo el Sol. ¡Gordita borracha al sol!


  4. So happy to finally have a great fat platform to upload all my content ❤️ I missed so much your love, I realized that I gain more weight when you encourage me to do it, and I'm so excited to start a new year gaining even more! 


    Besitos 💌

    1. Gusto


      Thank you for sharing your weight gain progress with us! I am such a huge fan, I can't get over how beautiful you are. You have such a sweet smile and wholesomeness about you. You radiate a rare combination of innocence and seductiveness, an alluring mix that I find hard to resist :wub:

    2. Carmen Lafox

      Carmen Lafox


      You are the most beautiful mamita linda 💖

  5. Version 1.0.0

    I thought it would be a good idea to include a different idea in my sets. I know some of you enjoy watching some beautiful, fat feet accompanied by a huge BBW body and an angelic face. In this set I dress with a sexy and tight black lingerie, the bra is almost like a corset for me! With this look I feel powerful and dominant, morbid and enormous. Slowly, I'm taking off my socks and showing my size 38 feet. I know you'd love to be under them and feel all my weight pressing on you. I do not even know if you could breathe! Although it seems a sweet and appropriate death for you ...


  6. Version 1.0.0

    One of my favorite nocturnal rituals is to take a shower, put on my little nightgown (which almost does not even cover my huge butt) and warm up some milk in my pink bottle. I thought it would be great to share this moment! I feel particularly adorable with two little ponytails, my bottle of milk and my pink pajamas. I enjoy like a baby filling myself with milk just before I go to sleep, so I feel my stomach swollen and warm to rest even better. Besides, I feel particularly adorable, showing me that I'm vague and gluttonous! I thought you would like to see my weight gain process and keep in track on my increasingly larger curves. XOXO, Amanda


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